Evan Turner Over-Drafts His Bank Account with a $50 Debit, Proactively Gets Mad at Bloggers for Pointing it Out

Kyle Scott —  November 14, 2013 — 22 Comments

Voila_Capture579 Voila_Capture580The premature departure of Shane Victorino did have one lasting impact on the Philly sports community– it cleared the way for Evan Turner to become the dumbest athlete in the city. Congratulations, Beaker.

Voila_Capture581 Voila_Capture582

Evan is in the fourth year of a $21 million contract. Presumably, he has other bank accounts.

UPDATE: Douchebags in the comments point out that Turner’s second Tweet was aimed at Maurice at Barstool, who blogged about it before I did, and obviously I didn’t mention that because I stole the story from them because I steal everything for everyone everywhere.

Kyle Scott

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22 responses to Evan Turner Over-Drafts His Bank Account with a $50 Debit, Proactively Gets Mad at Bloggers for Pointing it Out

  1. Let’s hope so because that is as bad as my poor college student bank account.

  2. Ok, this is a little over the line now with stalking regarding personal privacy.

  3. How did fans find out about the overdraft? I’m confused

    • Turner, in his infinite wisdom, apparently posted that picture on instagram. The available balance at the bottom is -$48.81, hence, he overdrafted his account.

  4. ET tweeted the picture.

    Blogger “mistakenly” forgotten in this article is from Philly Barstool.

    • It’s a Kyle Scott staple…steal the story from Deadspin or somewhere else, then post it to CB and give absolutely zero credit and don’t bother putting a source link. Par for the course.

  5. I imagine he should have aimed his camera a little lower as to remove the card# from the picture

  6. Thanks for the update acknowledging the website you took this from.

    How many times do you think you’ll refresh the deadspin and barstool sites tomorrow?

  7. #banathletesfromtwitter November 14, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    If you don’t want people all in your business then don’t tweet pictures of your bank statement.


  8. Little Mermaid Blu (e[?]) Ray November 14, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    “I steal everything for everyone everywhere”


  9. Also the lame shot at one of the few Phillies from the playoff years who is still actually worth something.

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  11. Doesn’t anyone else think maybe he saw this receipt on top of or next to the ATM machine? Pick up the receipt and take a pic and it’s a twitter thing. I just don’t Beleive that his account is overdrawn. I know maybe he’s swimming in cash prob not overdrawn..

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