Flyers Beat Writers Vomit Inaccuracy

Kyle Scott —  November 26, 2013 — 37 Comments

When Flyers beat writers aren’t complaining about the team’s use of social media or organizing their quote transcription sharing service to bring you widely varied and unique takes, they are tweeting out facts. Tweeting, like beats. But what happens when #tweetlikeabeat goes astray and one reporter retweets a random account and then another reporter trumpets it as fact and yet another, the most notable of the group, retweets him?

Clusterfuck, you have.

It’s a mundane news bit, but it’s also a mundane news day. So we bring you this tale:

It all started at 12:12 a.m., when Delco Times reporter Rob Parent retweeted an unknown account, which claimed that Ilya Bryzgalov got destroyed by the Blackhawks in his Oilers debut (Blackhawks won 5-1):

Only… he didn’t. He gave up one goal in relief and actually played quite well, stopping 12 of 13 shots. But never mind fact-checking. Since this group is so anti-social media but so fond of masturbating themselves to the same inverted pyramid climax, they just went with it.



Carchidi was then retweeted by Tim Panaccio.

The backlash – quite a bit for 12:30 in the a.m. – came quickly, like beat writers ejaculating inaccurate commodity to the masses:

Carchidi (commendably) apologized and then confessed his love for Bryzgalov because, obviously, that has something to do with something:

I wasn’t throwing him under the bus, I love that man!

I’m legitimately thinking about hiring trained monkeys and getting them Flyers credentials for a month to see if they’ll be able to fling as much shit into the ether as their colleagues. The odds will be stacked against them.

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37 responses to Flyers Beat Writers Vomit Inaccuracy

  1. yo sir are terrible at what you do

  2. I am so glad someone is writing about this –you’re so right here I agree 100%, these creature writers only hurt & divide the team year after year. How do they still have jobs? It’s not even second rate writing, it’s 3rd rate. Sitting here recollecting all of the players who refused to talk to these goons..

  3. dude you write a sports blog and you havent written about sports at all….you are writing about evan turner saying someone’s mom has DSL’s and Flyers beat writers are inaccurately retweeting

    The flyers did play a game last night….where is the analysis on that….im sure the sixers have played lately as well…yet no sports blog

    get off your fucking high horse and do something worthwhile you scumbag

  4. I don’t think there’s a story in the entire Delaware Valley that is less important than the endless attempt to take the temperature of the relationship between the Flyers and their beat writers. While I’m all for examining the nuances and nooks and crannies of the Philly sports scene but this circumstance just takes the cake.

  5. Max Von Harrybush November 26, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    That group looks like they would tip a waitress 5% and ask for no ice in their sodas.

  6. i bet they would have left the Evan Turner story up

  7. That pic gets me every time. Biggest group of losers. SMH at their clothing choices

  8. Panotch is too cheap to buy a name brand polo shirt so he wears the free Comcast polo

  9. Dumb ass comment- this is a blog that is different than all the typical horseshit…He’s basic exposing the Flyers “writers” as order takers and sloppy- and not at all journalists…

    How these guys collect a paycheck is beyond me…What value do they bring to the table?

  10. I’d like to see a blog post if Rob Parent has ever gotten laid….That dude is like the 47 year old virgin…does he live with his mother?

  11. Ha ha ha – that is terrific Evan Turner…..None of these guys can break a trade, or tell you about trade rumors, the Talbot-Downie trade was a complete surprise and they just retweet horseshit….then they bitch that no one wants to read the horseshit they write…what a bunch of losers

  12. I was thinking the same thing about the fashion sense of that group. 4 out of 4 people dressed rediculously from head to toe.

    • Meh. What are they gonna where? They’re a bunch of overweight middle aged guys. The one that kills me is the one in the jorts. Is he wearing suede Crocs?

  13. Complains about site. Complains about site operator. Visits site every day. Comments on site. Keeps site going. Keeps site operator in business. Repeat.

  14. suggested headline for this piece..

    “Flyers beat writers fan on shots at Bryz like i fanned on the ET vs Gavin thing.”

  15. Ive laid lots of times, I have a girlfriend but you wouldnt know her, shes from Niagra Falls

  16. Haters gonna hate

  17. Breaking tanking news:
    The Sixers have moved up from 15th in the draft to 9th in the draft after the Wizards beat the Lakers.

    Go team go town go 76ERS!

  18. That pic always brings a smile to my mug

  19. Kyle you should seriously become a Flyers beat writer(/tweeter?) and show up those old school hags with a breath of fresh air that is your unique and informative coverage style.

    Not saying forget CB (because I wouldn’t be able to get through my work days), but us Flyers Faithful finally deserve better “inside coverage” than guys who base facts on their twitter followers and press releases

    Oh so Panotch are the Flyers still interested in Jordan Eberle? No, you’re an idiot that needed some twitter recognition. #Eskining

  20. “gave him bad info”


    NHL Net did a live look-in the instant Bryz was put in. Everyone knew about this besides the guy whose job it is to know this stuff. Idiot.

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