Jon Heyman Grammatically Smacks Alarmist Howard Eskin

Voila_Capture317It wouldn’t be the holiday season without some loosely-sourced news from Jon Heyman.

Responding to a report from Howard Eskin on FOX 29 last night that the Phillies were on the brink of trading Domonic Brown and unnamed others for 33-year-old and declining Jose Bautista, Heyman wrote the following:


2013, it’s just not Eskin’s year.

He did, however, respond to Heyman:


That’s where it ended, for now. I love the theory from reader Brian, who postulates that Eskin, in a desperate attempt to maintain relevancy in the region, merely needed to report something since WIP colleague Michael Barkann broke the Marlon Byrd news yesterday. So nefarious, that would be.*

*No idea why I’m talking like Yoda today. 


  1. The Yanks are getting Batista. Phils stink

  2. For once I hope that Heyman is right.

  3. Eskin is a joke. I take anything he says with a giant mound of salt.

  4. Fix the times Kyle.

  5. Howard Eskin & Mikey Miss 2 know it all jerks

    November 13, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Just what the Philies need another aging past his prime player in Bautista.

    Thanks Ruinit Amaro

  6. For 20 years I’ve relied on Eskin as the region’s #2 local sports news source, just behind my ferret.

    Why does anyone ever source this loser?

  7. if they’re uncomfortable with Asche as an everyday player why don’t they see what the Cards want for Freese. They want to move him, he’s younger, he makes shit, he has power and he’s in position for a bounc back year. he could platoon with Asche and he’d come cheap and be an asset off the bench.

  8. If your going to trade Dom, package him with a young pitcher and try to swing Matt Kemp, not Joey Bats

  9. Eskin is nothing more than a media whore pining for attention. I hope his pecker rots off and his bunghole grows shut. Even though Heyman is a douche of epic proportions he is still a great guy compared to Eskin.

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