Reader Jeff checks in with video of Mitch Williams confronting Lenny Dykstra at an autograph signing in the Granite Run Mall on Saturday.

Jeff picked up recording after Mitch had already knocked Lenny’s hand out of the way with a few choice words. But Jeff explains that the whole ordeal was a bit blown out of proportion by previous accounts:

Daulton did not have to step between the two and escort Mitch out. If you look at the video, Mitch turned around and left on his own. Daulton stayed a few minutes longer and continued to talk to Lenny. Williams was also not yelling at Lenny the whole time. He came in to see Daulton. When Lenny tried to greet him, he brushed him away with some curses (not yelling though) and continued to talk to Dutch. In fact if you were not within earshot of Williams, you would not know anything had happened. No yelling. Not Dutch escorting him out or holding him back.

That being said, Williams clearly lacked professionalism. He doesn’t have to buy Lenny roses but he could have at least just ignored him totally rather than make an ass of himself.

On Twitter, Mitch said he didn’t curse. But he did. As you can hear in the video, he told Lenny: “Dude, it’s on camera. All you did was run your fucking [mouth?].”