And Now, Tony Romo’s Text Messages


  1. the Bret Favre text made me chuckle

  2. Are there enough fucking watermarks on that?

  3. whats the deal with Favre text? Dont get it.

  4. Rapid fire Dallas sucks articles. Standard. The real issue should be why a 3rd string RB & QB went HAM against the defense. Romo did the birds a favor but it was expected that he would blow it.

    Instead of deflecting on the real issues why not get an article together on how the defense just got torched by Cassel and Jennings. I mean Christ, Jennings topped 100 yards for the first time this year. Too bad it can’t snow in a dome.

    Bottom line is the NFC East doesn’t stand a chance in the playoffs.

  5. Dude your slacking. This post doesnt have any ads for your gay sweater jammed in it. Why not make a “the week after snow bowl where we got ass raped by a 3-9 team sweater?

    • WOOOOOOW BO! That’s an AWWWWWEESOME idea man! I LOVE it! Hey man how’s tha family? You looking for any gift ideas for the holidays? I’m hocking a ton of shit! How bout some GET THE FUNK OFF screen wipes?! I Sent a box down to Chip Kelly cause he’s got more jizz on him from a purple helmet than Casey McDonnell at the combine!

      • aaaaannnnndddd we’re done with this…..

      • Fake Glen Macnow

        December 16, 2013 at 1:50 pm

        Anthony, if me and my pompous attitude could cut in here for a second. On the line with us right now is the Great Ray Didinger. Ray, thanks so much for for joining us. Listen, being the almighty football genius that you are could you please tell us and our cult-like listeners why the Birds lost yesterday.

        RAY: Well guys, the Eagles lost because they simply couldn’t keep the Vikings out of the end zone while not scoring enough points themselves.

        Wow Ray, that is some in-depth stuff right there. You have such an amazing eye when it comes to football. As always….great, great, great stuff from you. Could you check back in with us again tomorrow. I want to talk about food now and remind everyone I am from Buffalo and how cold it is there.

  6. I’m Aaron Murray’s boy at Georgia & let me just say kacie looks amazing naked. Aaron was showing us the nude selfies she sends him. He won ‘t send them to us via text though. Her fake boobs are amazing

    • Can you ask Aaron what was up with those red pants Kacie was wearing on one of the pics she posted with him on Twitter?
      She had them hiked up to her chest like my grandfather and it looks like she was wearing diapers.
      Priceless look.

  7. Tom Brady's a Bitch

    December 16, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    Anyone else catch Brady throwing a hissy fit on the sidelines when his team lost? Or his terse little pouting press conference after the game? I fucking hate this guy more than anyone else in the NFL. Sorest loser there is. Without Adam Vinatieri…he would have never won a Super Bowl.

  8. obsessed with romo bro?

  9. He hasn’t updated to iOS7 yet?

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