Billy King Has Singlehandedly Ruined the Brooklyn Nets

Kyle Scott —  December 6, 2013 — 7 Comments

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 3.12.18 PMThe Nets are 5-14. From Business Insider:

The Nets expected to be the second best team in the East, largely because of the blockbuster trade with the Boston Celtics that sent two future hall of famers to Brooklyn.

Here’s that trade, to refresh:

Nets got: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry

Celtics got: Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, three future first-round picks

The trade was the type of aggressive, win-now move that we see from big-spending franchises from time to time.

But the Nets didn’t just sacrifice young talent a year or two down the round, the sacrificed the ENTIRE FUTURE of the franchise. They currently have no draft picks until 2019, and no cap room until 2017.


I truly have no idea how Billy King got hired again after a decade with the Sixers. He lucked into GM’ing a team with Allen Iverson and wasted several years of his existence in the process. If you’ll recall, that Finals team in 2001 was filled with a bunch of defensive-minded has-beens and slugs that were mostly picked out by Larry Brown to get the hell out of Iveron’s way and go get rebounds. I give King little, if any, credit for that. And then he just saddled the Sixers with bad contracts, given to mediocre players, and the net result was the hastened demise of Iverson’s prime. He borderline should’ve been jailed for the Matt Geiger and Samuel Dalembert contracts alone. Now his blockbuster deal to bring 702-year-olds Pierce, Garnett and Terry to Brooklyn – which was quickly becoming a cool franchise – has, predictably, backfired and left the Nets without their own first round draft pick (which will likely be a good one) UNTIL 2019!


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7 responses to Billy King Has Singlehandedly Ruined the Brooklyn Nets

  1. How bout that Team USA draw for World Cup Group? No shot in hell. Royally screwed getting Germany and Portugal. Pretty sure Ghana whooped them too back in either 2006 or 2010 when they were in the same group.

    Prediction: USA gets 1 pt as they draw with Ghana and get killed by Germany and Portugal.

    • it really is a shame…Klinsi may pull something off to advance, but not looking good at all..the worst draw ever (although they have beat portugal in a world cup before).

    • it’s a blessing we avoided the south-american giants…..i’d much rather play Portugal in a jungle than play Uruguay in their back yard. Portugal isn’t that great, but still better than USA (and I do think Ronaldo is better than Messi). Germany will beat us by 5. We should be able to beat Ghana..but we probably wont.

      We are fucked, but it’s only fair considering we had the easiest group in the world in which the best team in the group scored our only goal. Is Robert Green still alive?.

      But shit, even if we don’t get out of the group stage…i’ll feel better about it compared to being AWFUL against England and Algeria last year and then having Ghana dominate us. If we can pull a draw against Portland and still dont qualify, i’ll be more satisfied then winning that shit group last time around.

      • I’m not looking it up but curious if USA has faced Germany(with their full team) since we’ve had Klinsman. Maybe he can put together some scheme to shock them. Would love to see them take down Portugal too. Who knows what can happen. Just a real bad draw regardless.

        Remember picking Germany in FIFA 97ish or so. Klinsman and Bierhoff were unstoppable lol.

  2. This is truly astounding. I think he got a shot because he did, you know, help build the Sixers into a contender. Maybe he convinced the Nets that the Sixers’ subsequent downfall was to due with an overbearing coach and needy star. I don’t know. But the Nets are SCREWED.

  3. That article is wrong and you repeat their error. They have a draft pick in 2017–the Celtics just have the right to swap 1st round picks with them. In other words, if the Nets pick is better than the Celtics pick in 2017, then they swap 1st round picks.

  4. Billy King could destroy The Garden of Eden.

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