LeSean McCoy was Updating Teammates and Chip Kelly on the Cowboys Game on the Plane

Not the actual plane the Eagles fly on

Not the actual plane the Eagles fly on

The image of LeSean McCoy laughing and announcing to his team on their flight home from Minnesota that Tony Romo threw yet another pick and did his best to help the Eagles’ chances is one I’d like to roll around with in the snow whilst giggling. It’s just so delightful, and much better than the one of him kicking a whore off a party bus.

Last night, McCoy told Anthony Gargano and Ike Reese on WIP that he was the only player on the plane checking the score on his phone as Tony Romo urinated victory into the (Packer) hands of defeat:

“Hey, bud what’s that score? Hey, buddy what’s that score?,” McCoy said laughing, doing his best Howie Roseman impression.

“I said, ‘yeah [Tony] Romo he threw a 37 yard pass, touchdown’. They’re like, ‘really?’ I’m like ‘na, he threw a pick actually’. Because nobody had knew except for me, so whatever I said they had to believe,” McCoy said. “I was just joking with some of the players. When I was talking to Chip [Kelly] and Howie [Roseman] I was serious.”

Listen to the audio here. Bonus audio of Gargano explaining to McCoy possible scenarios.

via CBS Philly


  1. I may listen to the audio of it again. Between Gargano’s God-awful laugh and his usual slurping of ant guest, I could barely hear Shady.

  2. McCoy’s a disgrace.

  3. I want my Macnow, waaaaaah. Daddy, where’s my Macnow.

  4. that’s some bad radio bo

  5. where is phony cuz at????

    • Daddy’s up in the bathroom, cleaning up the upper deck that some douchebag left there.

      Also, at 1:40 and 1:41, Mommy was giving us a bath, so we weren’t posting here, but apparently our imposters were.

    • I’m here BROTHA!.. I was getting ready for the big show today! We got the ruling on the bubbler today!! You know the guy that’s like 35 and wants to jump on the eagles bandwagon!… The ruling is coming up at 5:00 don’t miss it. It’s sponsored by SLINGBOOOOX! Just in time for the holidays, just plug it in to your tv and where ever you have the internet you can watch tv! Pick one up for grandma! Just what she always wanted!

      • Angelo's Inner Voice

        December 17, 2013 at 3:45 pm

        My grandma can’t even set her alarm clock.

        • Come on bro!.. Cuz gotta eat.. It’s the thought that counts. I’m trying to put the kids through acting school! Man… With all these commercials I have to read, I do more lines than lindsy lohan at a Miley Cirus concert!

          • Angelo's Inner Voice

            December 17, 2013 at 4:01 pm

            Hey Cuz,

            Whatcha gotta do is get a trained sidekick to do most of the reading for you. I’ve got the lovely Rhea, so that frees me up to work on my patter with the strippers, er, ladies that parade through the studio every day.

            You’ve deep-sixed the uncooperative Glen, now all you got to do is find a chippee, and rename your show so that YOU get the full sponsorship credit, while others do the work.

  6. This reminds me of the movie soul plane

  7. “Not the actual plane the Eagles fly on”

    Thank you for the clarification, haha.

  8. Wait McCoy was on a radio show Monday night and still didn’t know his playoff scenario? WTF is that about.

  9. Kinda hard to believe that he has was ever in school

  10. Man BO my lips always hurt on a Tuesday morning… From trying to fit Howie and Shadys dicks in my mouth on Monday night… I gotta start getting Suzie and Julie down to Chickies for back up.

    • I’m open next Monday.

      • That’s great babe! That would be AWWWWWESOME! What ever you do don’t tell the Goose.. He always weasels in on the free spread Pete tha Crab puts out.. Even if he’s not on the air. He has a thermal insulated duffle bag he fills up with crab fries and lobster nuggets!

  11. Unemployed Glen Macnow

    December 17, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    Cuz why ya gotta give my secrets away. Anyway, I’ll be by to stuff more of Pete the Fag .. I mean Crab’s overrated food into my bag next remote. 10 large Lobster Pizzas to go please. Goose gotta eat.

  12. I saw Uncle Al driving his 5-series BMW. Daddy, are we poor?

    • No lil Ant we got tons of dough! Everything we have my sponsors pay for!.. Besides didn’t you hear me when I said the 2014 Jeep Cherokee is often compared to the expensive Euopean SUVs but is built like the shitty Japanese ones except the Jeep is built in the USA by underpaid illegal immigrants taking more jobs away from hard working Americans.. I better call Bob means Jobs! Did I mention the 2014 Jeep Cherokee has a 9 speed transmission?!

  13. hahahaha can’t stop loling in work at these comments

  14. Unemployed Glen Macnow

    December 17, 2013 at 5:23 pm


    I lined up a gig this weekend. Its a meet and greet at the Havertown Acme. They will double the appearance fee (to $500) if can get you to show up. Whaddya say? Reunite the dynamic duo for a good cause? Goose gotta eat!

    • He can’t. Daddy’s coming to my dance recital.


    • Sorry Goose, I already promised Michael B that I would go to the shop rite if Williamstown… He promised me all the coke I could snort (have you ever seen the size of my nose?) and it’s right around the corner from my house… Oh yeah and he said if I show up he’s gonna put me in the hopper!

      • I wish someone would put the real Cuz,goose,bubbler,silent bro,hipster dave,tk3,cousin joey on a one way rocket to Pluto. Get this clown off the airalready . Christ, Macnow and eskin would be better than hearing this clown laugh and scream like a buffoon for 5 hours a day.

        Notice how he doesn’t have macnow to kick around anymore he tries to pull in one of his phone screeners so he has someone to shout down and bully.

  15. Kacie McDonnell's Selfies

    December 17, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    Wip reminds me of a nba team with bad guaranteed contracts

  16. Don’t forget silent bro, turtle and my best friend jimmy head aka the boo’ologist! Can’t leave them off the rocket BO! You guys notice how I deflect any love for the goose by the callers.. Talk about awkward.. And hey man what’s wrong with bringing in the call screeners to be on air? Mikey Miss does it all the time Johnny marks, Sean Brace and now Martinez… No body’s breakin his stones, you guys are tough dude!

    • Daddy, the rocket ride sounds like fun. After all, Pluto is at Disney World. Can we go Daddy? Can we? Can we?

      I want to go on the Small World ride too, to see the colorful variety of dress that people from countries all over the world wear. Fashion just excites me so!

      • LOL.

        I don’t understand how a talk show host would put his/her family out there like Gargano and Rhea Hughes do. My family especially kids would be off limits, not a word about them. They are nobody’s business.

        I had to laugh when Gargano would talk up how his sons were going to be these big tough successful athletes. The whole while I’m thinking karma is a bitch. These 2 are probably going to grow up and be flaming pansies. He wants it too bad.

  17. A rhea Hughes queef

    December 17, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    C’mon guys let’s talk sports here.

  18. I asked Rhea to stop talking about little Clark and me on the radio but she said “Ney”.

  19. I wish Cuz would talk about my kids on the radio. Call me Ray Diddy.

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