Mike Vick and Bow Wow Want… to SET YOUR CITY ON FIRE

Voila_Capture 2014-02-17_03-31-03_PMHold up, Sherman. What’s going on here?

It’s “the next big thing.” It’s “ingeniously brought to you by Bow Wow and Mike Vick.” It… has a Z in its name.

Wavemasterz. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.



It’s not immediately obvious what it is. The Twitter (@WaveMasterz) description is “setting your city on fire!” The website’s slogan is “we’re gonna set ya city on fire!”* On Instagram it just says “the best thing since Air Jordans.”** The only giveaway is the non-clickable website links: brushes, pomade, durags and skull caps. Michael Vick and Bow Wow are selling hair product and headwear. Cool. But not sure if the fire imagery works:

Voila_Capture 2014-02-17_03-38-14_PM

*I feel like there should be some brand consistency here. But what do I know? I approved the worst logo ever.

**I doubt it.


  1. 2 animals

  2. Not sure if I trust Bow Wow with anything fire-related…

  3. This would have been a nice idea 10 years ago,when their popularity was at its Zenith,but since Vick and Bow Wow are both has beens,this will jump the shark immediately.

  4. Vick and a guy named bow wow? Ironic

  5. I don’t care if he burns Philly to the ground, just please don’t kill my dog.

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