Sources: Howard Eskin Had a Scare When He was Taken to the Hospital During Super Bowl Week

Eskin seen here on game day

Eskin seen here on game day

Sources tell me that Howard Eskin passed out and was taken to the hospital while in New York and New Jersey covering the Super Bowl a few weeks back.

It happened mid-week before the big game. Eskin was setting up for a remote with FOX when he collapsed, I’m told. He was apparently taken in an ambulance to a local hospital, where he spent the night.

No word on exactly what happened, but it’s believed that he passed out from some combination of exhaustion and dehydration. He was back on the air by the Friday before the game and appears to be fine now.

Good thing nobody prematurely reported that he was dead.


  1. Stop wasting my time with write-ups; just tell me when the commemorative $25 t-shirt goes on sale already!!

  2. Senior Citizens Bank Park

    February 19, 2014 at 11:22 am

    Howard heard one of his lead pike locks actually won.

  3. Eskin's future divorce attorney

    February 19, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    Curious about Eskin.. he has to have made millions throughout his career, he’s now in his early 60’s, yet the guy still works like he’s a 30 yr old trying to break into the media market. Is he trying to kill himself? Does he hate his wife/can’t stand being home? Has anyone ever seen Mrs. Eskin? Something very strange going on, he’s like the Jay Leno of Philly sports media… he refuses to rest, chill out… guy! Chill out! Find some other hobby, passion in life, covering sports ain’t all there is to life.

    • Nothing strange about it. He needs to be in the limelight. Why is David Letterman still working into his sixties. He’s only made about $30 million+ a year for several decades.

    • It could be because no one respects him. He has one of the worst legacies in the history of Philly sports journalism. 95% of the people who have heard him cant stand him and he is constantly wrong and over reactive. So he’s probably working as hard as he is to try to change that legacy. I for one think he lost that cause a decade ago. Hell the only reason I checked out the comment section is because I thought I was going to read dozens of “Damn I wish he didnt wake up” comments. He’s trying though and hasn’t allowed himself to be ran out of town yet. If there’s anything he deserves credit for its that.

  4. Sheneille Jones would get it. Underrated-hot Philly news gal.

  5. Soooooooooo there might be a job opening?

  6. Mommy says Howard beard tickles

  7. You guys are delusional regarding money. Howard has made good money, and seems like he’s invested wisely. Highly doubt he has millions in the bank. Stop believing the democratic bullshit about the have and have nots.

    I think he has 5+kids. Expensive. Regarding his wife, I give Eskin credit. His private life is private, respect his/her choice. I’m shocked WIP hasn’t put him back in a regular spot, bad move…

  8. Spike should open a Sports Bar and display
    the family treasures.
    Knock-off Chickie and Pete’s downtown.
    The City wasn’t ready for Schmidt/Eskin 30 years ago.
    The Gallery is hot for new tenants.

  9. You think those fur coats and gold cuff links pay for themselves? Little Howie needs the money.

  10. Eskin is a Predatory Crocidillan who doth bestride the Philadelphia sport scene like a

    Colossous and the sports peeps walk under his shadow.

    He is a multi media jock sniffer who does not understand that the man makes the clothes

    not the opposite which applies to him.

    Idiots like him are only relevant to the moronic people who hire him.

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