DeSean Jackson, Who Denies Gang Affiliations, Won’t Type the Letters “C” and “K” Next to Each Other

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I told you. I told you DeSean Jackson’s Instagram would one day be the key to the universe. All that slang was just fun and games until… it pointed toward possible gang affiliations.

One secondary element of the DeSean Jackson-Crip story is the accusation – by LAPD detective Eric Crosson – that D-Jacc used two C’s in Jaccpot Records to avoid putting the letters “C” and “K” together, a practice which, in some circles, stands for “Crip Killer.” DeSean denied that claim:

Even the name of Jackson’s music label, Jaccpot Records, has not gone unnoticed by authorities. Police brought it up to Jackson, Crosson said, when he was interviewed in the investigation of the Watson homicide.

The two C’s in Jaccpot, cops believed, were symbolic. Crips avoid putting a “C” next to a “K” because in gangspeak, that stands for “Crip Killer.” Crosson said Jackson explained the spelling by saying the Internet domain name for Jackpot “was taken.”

Indeed it is taken. But that sounds like a whole lot ‘o BS, especially when you consider the following email from reader Brian:

I briefly scrolled through Jackson’s twitter account yesterday.  After hearing the suspected reasoning for his use of the work “Jaccpot” to name his record label (lack of use of “CK” in jackpot) I searched through DeSean’s a twitter account.  Known crips refuse to use the letters CK.  Immediately I noticed a few tweets lacking the use of a CK when it was to be properly used. Ex.  just landed bac in Cali.  Take a look through his tweets and take some screen shots.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and talks like a duck it’s probably a duck.

Digging back three months (which, believe me, takes some time), here are instances where those letters should have gone together:


Nothin will Knocc me off !!

Clic Link in Bio #phillmatic @rech100 #jaccpot

My big bro thru the thic & thin !! 7-10

Shit Jus Shook me Up SmH !! Was Roccin 4.7 Sheeeeeesh

The homie @kortamfnt Came Thru & Did his Stuff !! Follow the Movement he Sic !!

Only 1 Snake I fuc wit the Rest can Fall off a cliff …. HaterProof

Jus Touch bac Down In my city #Lax

West 2 East in 1 day >> Now Bac 2 da West Out lik Dat >>

Tonight come chec my boy party out @_youngchris #Philly Whaddup

@rech100 Got some new music for the People Go support it !! CHECC Bio Link !! #jaccpot

On this Pool table tho @gdox6 & @tfont7 takin These L’s Racc up

Checc my young Cousin out Training The Youth !!

Sittin bac watchin these games knowing We gonna b bac there soon ‘ eagle gang #10mode #10

#TBT Wit Da homies bac Stage 2chainz & Jadakiss

Jus finished shooting new show Ballers Mark walberg & The Roc acouple my league patnas made appearance with me MiamiLyfe

[As for his own name? He refers to himself as Jaccpot, Djacc, and 10 mode.]

So, yeah, DeSean didn’t give his record label a certain naming convention because of a gang. He isn’t in a gang. He has no gang affiliations. But he hangs around guys who are in a gang, flashes gang signs on and off the football field, and won’t write two commonly used letters bacc-to-bacc because of a quirky gang thing.

Voila_Capture 2014-03-30_05-42-01_PM Voila_Capture 2014-03-30_05-42-10_PM

As Brian said in his email: If it looks like a ducc, quaccs like a ducc, and talks like a ducc, it’s probably a duccYa digg ??


  1. OK so this mental midget has JaCKson on his back and all his contracts show the same name. He is down with this? Maybe a Crip banger need to talk to this moron.

  2. Stick Stickley

    March 30, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck….

  3. Chiddy Chiddy bang bang nothin but a crip thang

  4. Maybe they just didn’t want him in the loccer room knowing chip likes to spread it around. Going into yet another contract year next since since nothing would be guaranteed, djacc would probably just bitch and be a distracction bc he wasn’t getting enough touches to inflate his numbers so he can get paid again in 2015.

  5. Interesting on the Url too, Jackpot-Records is owned by some record store in Portland. It’s no major store, so if he wanted the URL he may have been able to buy it from the store. Granted they may be too hipster to sell it off. In which case Jackpot-Records is available. But, as should be obvious by now-the record label was never going to be Jackpot Records.

  6. I guess being a blood would’ve saved him a whole lot of trouble.

  7. Guess what my initials stand for?

  8. What the Fucc does this prove?

    March 30, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    Alright maybe his URL reseasoning is a complete load of bullshit. How do all these examples prove he’s involved in any gang activity??? Desean came from a Fuccing Crip neighborhood. Is it that far fetched to believe he’s just respecting the rules of that lifestyle. Famous people like Snoop and Desean aren’t banging but they know better than to disrespect those from the neighborhood. It’s probably not as easy to distance yourself from that life as you think. It sounds ridiculous to most us because we aren’t from Compton or Crenshaw. Ricky from Boyz N The Hood may have done the same but well you know.. (Watch that fucking movie if you haven’t!! It gives you a background to where Desean is from). It’s no joke out there between the Mexicans, bloods, and crips.

    • ^^^^ this

      • Its the truth when u from compton you are either a blood or crip there is no choice its either that or you die at some point. And if you not bangin than you still gotta respect the code. just cause u not bangin and u live in a blood area dont mean u can walk around with blue shoes and a hat. It will get your head blown off by those who dont know u are sometimes even those that do know u. So this is something that is embedded in him from birth and was dependant on his survival. Now i can understand why some would want to know why he still has the habits of not putting c and k together but think of it like this. U got alot of simple minded dudes where he from. Alot of dudes who are jealous of his position in life. Lets say he did make it Jackpot records. And he goes back to LA to visit his old highschool or his mom or grandmother or child hood frieind etc etc. Him putting that c next to the K can give that simple jealous ass dude who just looking for a reason to do something to him or rob him the perfect excuse. No matter how dumb it sounds to me or you thats the reality . i can hear it now “that ni**a got c and k together you know he disrespecting the set cuz that ni**a from the set he know better cuz”. I hate when people judge people when they have not walked a mile in there shoes. Take your kids today and move to compton and give them no other option but to live there. And either they gonna put on a blue or red rag and stop putting that C next to the K or they gonna be a victim. My cousin is from brooklyn and they gang bang out there to. He not into that gang ish but he started blooding because some crips slashed his face. When he went back around where he lived around the corner with his face slashed the bloods in his building told him straight up. We will go and take care of this by anymeans but u cant walk around here not wanting to be down but want people to take up for you when ish happens. Because same way we gonna go and take up for you , if someone cuts or shoots me you need to take up for me. Thats just how it goes

    • Wow. You know a lot about thug life. How’d you get to be so down?

    • I have a feeling Djax is more of a Malibu’s Most Wanted kind of thug.

    • “Is it that far fetched to believe he’s just respecting the rules of that lifestyle. ”

      It’s like how Anthony Gargano talks like an extra from Goodfellas.

      • He not wrong though out there either you get with the program or you get left. And not left behind but left on the curb with half your head leaking out. You cant survive out there alone its a warzone and you cant live in a crip neighborhood and not either bang crip or at least respect the code. My homeboy from jersey he lived in newark out there and then he lived in dc in the 80’s when it was terrible out there and has lived in b-more as well as ny . All dangerous ass cities to this day. LOL man he told me he went out crenshaw for one night when he was 22 to visit his family and called his mom to come get him after 5 hours of being there. He said you have to sleep on the floor and put cement blocks lined up three high in the houses all around the insides of the walls cause bullets be flying so much. he said listening to the gunfire all night made him feel like he was living in beruit or something lmao

        • This guy makes millions and you’re sayin he goes back to the ghetto, to see friends and family? Most millionaires take care of their friends and family and get them out of places like that! Doesnt make sense to me as to why you put yourself back in them surrounding.

  9. He is going to kill you.

  10. D-Jacc be wacc! Woof!

  11. Fuck em

  12. Good digging. Gotta give you props on this one! D Jack is a cancer. Can’t kill the Eagles on this one. I don’t want to root for known dog killers and probable gang members. Both Vick and D Jack are gone. The Eagles are becoming likable again. Something they haven’t been for quite some time. I still blame the Pig aka Andy Reid!

    • Yay! They’ll miss the playoffs, but at least they’ll be likable!

      • Bare Essentials Ad on 95 South

        March 30, 2014 at 6:56 pm

        A lot of the old white ethnics in this town wouldn’t have traded places with the early-’90s Cowboys. We’re the city of losers for a reason.

        And we’re getting worse. 10 years ago, to be a cancer, you had fight Hugh Douglas and call your quarterback a fat puker who lost the team the Superbowl. Now you have to …what? Get tattoos and act gangsta?

        News flash: blacks pretend to be gangsta, especially when they’re young, rich, and stupid. Just like young rich stupid whites hunt and do dumbass extreme shit. If you’re going to demand that your wide receivers be model athletes, you’re going to suck and you deserve to suck.

      • What do you get from them making the playoffs, nitwit? Do you get a playoff checc…a ring if they win the SB, a float to ride on during the parade?
        Likeability matters, you fucctard.

  13. I think DeSean is an obvious wankster, not a real Cripp. Going by this logic every fat guy with a robe at a Star Wars convention could in reality be a jedi.

    • What is a “wankster”? Do you mean “wanker”, as in the British slur?

      • Na man wankster is a wanna be gangster… I made that term up a few years back before I went main stream. 10 mode is a punk bitch… He ain’t even been shot. What a pussy

  14. This came out in other reports on Friday. A little late, Kyle. Don’t pat yourself on the back too hard.

  15. Anal Warts Is The Real Crip Killa

    March 30, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    DeSean should take a lap around K&A with all that bling to prove how hard he is.

  16. Angelo's Inner Voice

    March 30, 2014 at 6:51 pm

    How is he going to play for the Chiefs, when they have KC as heir logo?


  17. …and DeSean avoids Louis C.K. shows like the plague!

  18. Eazy-E's Ghost

    March 30, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    DeSean’s mouth gave me AIDS

  19. I wonder what Marcus Vicc thinks about all this?

  20. Maybe he is just a bad speller?

  21. Commander Zero

    March 30, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    When this retard with alligator arms signs with Jay-Z, and gets on board
    his train wreck, the truth will be apparent.

  22. Senile Citizens Bank Park

    March 30, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    Well I guess D Jac Records will not be signing to a record label K.C. and the Sunshine Band

  23. Still a niccer

  24. I think DeSean wants people to believe he’s black even more than I do.

  25. Don't know nuttin

    March 30, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    Snoop isn’t banging? Snoop was a crip – that’s a fact. Comparing him to DeSean is foolish.

  26. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, huh? Then maybe we should just have Riley just come out with the pillow case.. But I guess apologizing made it all good..

  27. Why isn’t his song “Diamonds on my Necc”???

  28. He ain’t blacc he’s high yellow ( auto-correcc wouldn’t let me type y-e-l-l-a)

    good comments on this thread. Philly has always had a great sarcastic comedy feel.

    Tru story: My brother and his buddy were fishing in Delco and this guy was bustin their balls….the guys ears were burned off in a house fire….he had artificial ears on…and he was wearing a “D.A.R.E” t shirt…my brothers buddy said to him “whatever your smoking you better stop” the guy says “Whaydda think this shirt stands for?” and my brothers buddy says ” Dose Ain’t Real Ears?”

    • Hey Al, is the government utilizing HAARP to keep the downpours over the Philly/NYC area? Which ultimately causes massive floods and deaths to control the population.

      Just want to know if I should call out sick tomorrow.

  29. Wouldn’t shock me if d jacc has killed before

    • Wouldn’t shock me if he’s sucked a few Asian tranny dicks.

      • Swiss Missanelli

        March 31, 2014 at 12:00 am

        And bit their backs, because he thought they were pizzas. Which he quickly found out wasn’t true. Because usually when he’s biting into a pizza he doesn’t have a FULL ERECTION.

  30. What else has k and c?

    March 30, 2014 at 11:59 pm

    Hmm chip Kelly’s initials are CK. Not meant to be.

  31. Djacc is no real gangster he has been athlete his whole life and therefore treated differently than most of his peers

  32. He was at such a high level that at a young age he was already being looked at and sheltered from that lifestyle then he became famous and wanted to glorify what he saw when he was a child

  33. Jaccson Family Rep

    March 31, 2014 at 12:11 am

    – It’s the way he was brought up.
    – He doesn’t know what a normal life is.
    – He had no parents.
    – He didn’t know it was illegal.
    – He ain’t done nothing wrong.

    Did I cover all of the bases?

  34. Brian Startare & Phil from mt Airy Hate each other

    March 31, 2014 at 12:35 am

    In less than 24hrs DeSean Jackson will be a Redskin.

    BOOK IT!

  35. I do agree with said argument and accusations. In fact its extremely apparent 10mode is gang related. But one thing I can’t stand is when someone calls someone else out on social media outlets and can’t even correctly state a commonly used saying to use as an insult. It’s “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck ,and quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck” c’mon folks we all know ducks don’t talk. I know this rant was absurd in nature but I very rarely comment on threads like this and just had to get this off my chest. My apologies to anyone I’ve possibly insulted or upset but I’m actually just looking out for ya. On another note touché on the Twitter research man it really is concrete evidence towards the accusations being made. That is all and thank you for wasting your time reading this. #215 #EaglesPride.

  36. This site is gay like a Villanova student on the line who won’t you pass on his lane.Villanova sucks ass like this site

  37. Kyle blocks comment like a socialist Obama asshole. Fuck you and your lame ass third rate sight

  38. “If it looks like a ducc, quaccs like a ducc and talks like a ducc it’s probably a ducc.”

    I fixed that for ya yo.

  39. Walter Sobchak

    March 31, 2014 at 9:06 am

    Well how bout that…I always just assumed it was because he was illiterate…Learn something new everyday.

  40. What if Calvin Klein had approached DJack with a lucrative endorsement deal worth millions… what would he have done?

  41. Me and my Boyz took in a very funny comedian the other night. Louis SeeKay. I think I’ve seen him on HBO.

  42. Hahhahaha this whole thing made me laugh… He is affiliated in some way shape or form to the gang. I grew up in Philly and I owe no “respect” to any gangs in Philadelphia. Especially not through intentionally misspelling words and making myself look like an illiterate bastard. It’s soooo much cooler to look bad ass than intelligent. Right. He was my favorite player and I wish this never surfaced but now, I’m glad his thug ass is gone. Go “rep your hood” somewhere else, bruh!

  43. haha grew up in Trenton……I get it….I still dont wear blue……still kick my phitted to the right nd buy red-trimmed nikes…..I was disappointed to hear D-jax was leavin, but fk it , we’ll b aiight without his crab ass …..jk jk….i could care less …..he was a beast on the field and hopefully we’ll b alright without him ….

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