FiveThirtyEight’s New Bracket is the Best Bracket

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Nate Silver’s stats-heavy FiveThirtyEight launched today. It’s owned by ESPN, but Silver, who is known for his political predictions, and his team will go well beyond sports. They picked a good day to launch and did so with a brand new NCAA Tournament bracket that gives you the probability of specific teams winning it all. It basically takes a dump on some selection committee choices, as evidenced by four-seed Louisville having a 15% chance of winning the National Championship– which is higher than any other team in the tournament.

Very cool and worth checking out.


  1. Not happy that Silver’s work is being more heavily publicized. His bracket analysis has helped me immensely in winning pools the last few years.

  2. Same can be said for Sparty, a 4 seed with a 6% chance. The sort-able table view is really slick too

  3. Totally failed with the Villanova pick/article.

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