My Perfect Bracket


  1. nova over michigan state? lay off the IPA beer, kyle. it’s clouding your judgment. nova goes down to iowa state.

  2. Didn’t pick nova to win it all???? last interview ill do with you!!!
    #nopride #notarealfan

    • Now you know if Kyle would’ve picked Nova to go all the way,his haters would’ve flooded the comment section accusing him of being a homer.

  3. Kevin Ollie's Whiny Face

    March 20, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    Shabazz Napier is gonna torch SJU and NOVA

  4. Kyle, I will bet you any amount of money you want that Villanova will not make it to the final four.

  5. Kyle, unless Colorado pulls a major comeback you’re not perfect anymore! BYAH!

  6. haha first game and most of the country is no longer perfect.

  7. Warren Buffett

    March 20, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    Better luck next time assholes!

  8. We have the same final 4. Thank you for tanking my bracket.

  9. I’m sure Kyle has a rouge bracket stuffed away on some side pool that has the Cats winning it all. No worries there.

  10. no longer perfect after one game lol…

  11. Exactly why I will never bother to read any of your posts regarding NCAAB, pretty predictable for some of your picks too. Dont take Pitt bc OMG they’re in Pittsburgh, I’m supposed to hate them. Everyone is talking up Louisville? Sure put em in the final. Creighton kicked my teams ass twice? Sure put them in the final four. Nova in the final four? Are you kidding?

  12. ThePhillyFlash

    March 20, 2014 at 2:58 pm

    Villanova? Getting past Michigan State? Jay Wright, beating Tom Izzo? Not in your wildest fantasy, Kyle! In fact, I have the Spartans winning it all.

  13. Good call on Colorado! Getting beat by 40

  14. Lmao at Gonzaga. Not even winning a single game. Let alone beating Arizona.

    • The Zags are gonna kick Okey State’s and Zona’s ass, bay-bee!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Zags to the Final Four. They’re awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nova is where phags go.. And joos

    March 20, 2014 at 9:36 pm

    Mainline big noses. I hope they lose. Joo wright and that Oreo Scottie renolds deserve to get goodified. Chuckholed. Bull here. Sean brace is a widdle. I’d like to tie him up in a onesie and let him watch me have my way with his coal burning gf.

  16. Wow great first half for Nova huh? 10/33 from the field and 0/12 from three point range. All they could manage was 27 points against Milwaukee. This is why they’re overrated. They don’t have a go-to scorer they can count on to get a bucket. They rely too much on hitting jumpshots.

  17. Have you watched College Basketball at all this year?? NM State over San Diego State!!

  18. New Mexico St? Colorado? Stay away from the desert mountain schools numbnuutz. They get B and C level basketball players. Do you even watch college basketball? Who the fuck picks Colorado against Pitt? Unbelievable.

  19. 11-5 when most smart people went 13 wins and up. Brutal kyle.

    550,000 are still alive in the Billion Dollar Bracket after the first day. 11 M entrants.

  20. your bracket is horrible

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