Thank You for All of Your Measured and Reasoned Villanova Responses Today

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Reader Brian:

Although Nova fucking sucks, you should actually be rooting for them to go down today.  My reasoning…a real fan would rather see them as a 4 seed fall to a 12, instead of them going in as a 2 getting whooped up on by a 15.

Reader Mark:

Think Seton Hall read your article from Monday?!

Why do you give a shit what the other big 5 schools think of Nova?  Are they good this year?  Damn right!  Are they gonna be a #1 seed FUCK YEAH!  Are they fun to watch play? YUP!  Theres your pat on the back, now let me get back to cheering my team on and regularly rooting against whoever you are playing, and you can get back to wiping those tears.



  1. Thats enough about Villanova Kyle, no one cares (especially the people that claim to be fans of that team, some of the biggest bunch of bandwagon posers in college sports).

  2. Disappointed not one tweet from a St Joe’s fan. I was waiting for…… THE HAWK WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!

  3. Chance- VP of the GnA Falcons

    March 13, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    Can see the girls at nova having their panties on lockdown tonight with the :( loss

  4. ThePhillyFlash

    March 13, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    Well, Kyle, that loss probably cost the Wildcats a #1 seed in the tournament. Sorry about you luck, chum. By the by, I’m a grown-up and don’t have any of the senseless hate for Villanova that most people here do.

  5. Kylesmomsabitch

    March 13, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Hilarious. After all the excuses made this year about nova, like when they got butt raped by a real team in Creighton.

    Fact is they haven’t beaten a legit
    Tourney team since November… They are not good. Should be a popular upset pick if they get matched up vs a Harvard or North Dakota State type of team.

  6. Kyle, you can try to spin this all you want and talk about how everyone else is a “hater,” but the main point is, just like I’ve said all along, the fact that you accuse other people of not being able to objectively analyze Villanova basketball is a fucking joke. Any third party who has watched their games and seen their schedule can tell they’re overrated from a just a purely basketball standpoint. It has absolutely nothing to do with people being “jealous” or preceiving Nova as a non-Philly or preppie school. You can pretend that all you want if it makes you feel better, but plain and simple the baksetball team is not as good as you think it is.

    The fact that you said they “crushed the rest of their opponents” when they won nine games by single digits tells me all I need to know about your ability to objectively analyze them.

  7. The hawk will never die

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  9. Way to crush your latest opponent Nova.

  10. 4 seeds play 13 seeds, not 12, genius emailer.
    I’ve still got Nova as a #1 seed come Sunday night.

  11. Kyle,

    I will say it again. Your lovefest with Nova keeps this blog from being great. Everytime you have a long string of good work, you roll out some weak ass Nova story. Do you ever see other bloggers or journalists routinely waving pompoms for the alma mater ?

    just sayin……

  12. As a Nova grad I hate my own fan base sometimes, especially after the aftermath today. I attribute this to a lot of fair weather fanhood. For example, 99% of the fans of La Salle, Temple, Drexel, St Joes, Penn all attended those schools so they live and die with them and that’s cool. But, everyone else living in the Delaware Valley that didn’t go to school around here just roots for Villanova because they have been the most successful in recent memory. When we’re good the place is sold out, when we’re not so good the place is empty. I am actually envious when I go to road games and see not 1 empty seat in another Big 5 arena. It’s like the Phillies 2008 postseason when people showed up who had never watched a baseball game in their life and acted like a diehard.

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