There Hath Shall Be No Holy War

Photo credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

St. Joe’s

For a while there I wondered how I was going to reconcile an internal conflict that was developing, how I was going to flip the switch from rooting for St. Joe’s last night to burn them until they’re dead on Saturday. Unfortunately, Phil Martelli and his inability to orchestrate even the most basic of plays to put away UCONN cost the Hawks their lead and pretty much any shot of winning in overtime. The fact that they play five players doesn’t help, either. UCONN looked harder, better, faster, stronger down the stretch and in overtime. That was a winnable game for St. Joe’s and they pissed it into the night. It also demonstrated the difference between A-10 teams and major programs– depth. St. Joe’s and their starting five matched up fine with UCONN, but you can’t have a team with NO BENCH PLAYERS and expect to beat a program like UCONN. St. Joe’s didn’t get a point from a non-starter. Not a single fucking point. I’m sure Neil Hartman is disappointed that there will be no Hanging with the Hawks brought to you by some shitty local business segment this year.



I was never really worried when they were down in the first half and only up four at halftime. They didn’t make a three-pointer until midway through the second half, and they were still winning. Their defense looked quite good. [They were down 10 at halftime to American in the opening round in 2009 and went to the Final Four.] That said, they absolutely can not come out of the gate like that again. Their season will be over the next time they do. All year they took it to lesser opponents, but in the last two games they played down to their level for way too long. I don’t think getting up for UCONN (who looked disinterested for a while last night) will be a problem, and obviously anything after that is a huge game. Villanova will never stop shooting. Make or miss– their motto is shoot ’em up, sleep in the streets (that’s actually their motto). That’s what Jay tells his kids– keep shooting. It’ll take them as far as they can go. If they’re making shots, coupled with their defense, they’re good enough to win the National Championship. Seriously. The problem is all it takes is one off shooting night to send them home quietly. They’re more well-rounded than other teams Jay’s had, but they still rely on the three. They should beat UCONN. They should beat them by a lot. But they should’ve beat Seton Hall by a lot and they should’ve crushed Milwaukee. I’m nervous.


Villanova-UCONN starts at 9:40 p.m. on Saturday.


  1. I knew they would blow it even when the hawks were up by 10. You know the stars aren’t aligned when that big African goof is hitting every foul shot. Fuckkkk what could have been Saturday night, the city would of been insane.
    Kind of feel bad for the philly tap rooms lol jk lol jk

  2. Special guest on the WIP Morning Show will be Andy Reid to break down Phil Martelli’s coaching performance.

  3. Manning Face T-Shirt that Nobody Wants

    March 21, 2014 at 7:53 am

    I am really starting to question your knowledge of sports. You mention depth as the difference between the A-10 and major programs? You are aware that Dayton beat Ohio State (Big Ten) and St. Louis beat NC State (ACC) yesterday? Anyway, I love Nova but you do come off as a very douchey fan. Please reign it in a little.

    • Oh my goodness; a genius has entered the comment section. You are telling me that small schools in the A-10 and other mid-major conferences have in fact beaten big time schools in the NCAA tourney? I never knew such a thing happened………….. Seriously you tool. Do you watch college sports? IT is common knowledge that the difference between big time programs and smaller schools is depth. That is a basic fact of college sports. Holds true in football also. Thanks for being a “douchey” commenter.

      • Actually, after reading these comments, you’re the one who sounds like a giant douchebag.

      • Only One with a Brain

        March 21, 2014 at 12:05 pm

        Uhh, small schools? This is where the perception of the A10 is off. These aren’t small schools. Dayton, UMASS, Saint Louis, VCU…those are large state schools. Yes, Saint Joes is a small school, but they have plenty of history to keep them relevant. If u can’t see the difference between these schools and a North Dakota St, then u should prob stop watching sports, it may not be for you. The A10 was every bit as good if not better than the SEC/AAC/New Big East this year.

    • He didn’t say “because of a difference in depth, no A-10 school could ever beat a major conference school.” If you don’t think the difference in that game was depth, I really don’t know what you were watching. Sure, some A-10 teams are better than big schools. I’m sure Dayton could handle Purdue easily. But to try to deny that Big Conference teams has an advantage in depth over an A-10 team just is a lack of knowledge on your part. It’s just the simple fact of recruiting. Players are more willing to be bench/role players for a couple years on a team that plays at the top level until it’s their turn to start.

  4. Guess the only positive of st joes losing is that we don’t have to see Martelli’s annoying mini me anymore. You know that little punk will be in the one shining moment video though

  5. I was happy it went in to OT & I got the cover by uconn. Thanks phil

  6. St Joe’s lacks depth because Martelli can’t recruit (Galloway was somebody’s relative). You also correctly pointed out that Martelli has no clue how to design a play. However you are still a NOVA douche.

  7. Brace's imaginary gf

    March 21, 2014 at 8:15 am

    It’s extremely dissappointing to not have this match up. Always love to see the city rivalry go at it on the big stage. Just route for Villanova all the way now.

  8. Kyle on St Joes:
    Martelli, who coached his team into the tourney, is a stone cold loser and fully to blame because he personally couldn’t design “even the most basic play” to prevail.

    Kyle on Nova:
    All they need to do is shoot. And play defense. If they shoot alot and MAKE the shots, I’m confident. If they MISS the shots, they’ll lose. Setting up next week’s THERE, I CALLED IT!!! ME ME EVERYONE LOOK AT ME!!! post.

    I respect but didn’t go to either school, however your total douchery will have me smiling when Nova loses. Just don’t forget to use your “coach couldn’t design one simple play” line, that always sounds well-reasoned and competent at this level.

    • As a St. Joe’s alum, I can honestly say his assessment of Martelli’s inability to draw up plays in clutch situations is fairly accurate. I can also say that Kyle is a prototypical Villanova “We’re better than you” snobby douche when it comes to his beloved main line school. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Nova alum that didn’t look down their noses at every other school in the city. Most people that go there are elitist pricks. I don’t know if elitist pricks go to Nova, or Nova makes people into elitist pricks. It’s one of life’s great mysteries.

    • On an unrelated note, F Sean Brace and Jon Marks. Worst sports talk show on Philly radio by far!

  9. Delonte West's Herpes

    March 21, 2014 at 8:25 am

    The city hoops would of been the talk of the nation. Shame couldn’t get the holy war on the big stage

  10. Levi from Overbrook Park

    March 21, 2014 at 8:29 am

    Joes didn’t have the horses to finish the race last night. The lose should be put solely on coach phil Martelli & his grandson. Horrible coaching job.

    BTW: Fuck the Jon & Sean Show

  11. Shit on Debra's Desk

    March 21, 2014 at 8:49 am

    If they hit their 3’s and play good defense they can win the championship. Wow that’s some sick insight there….

  12. SJU has had trouble closing out games all season. Big leads turned into nail-bitters more times then I’d like to remember.

    Regardless, thanks for the Philly Love Kyle, Go Nova, beat the shit out of those dogs!
    – SJU Graduate

  13. Hey you guys hear that the upenn women’s team is pretty good this year???

    Yay women!!!

  14. Kyle gets ripped for being a soft fan, so now he writes the easiest article of all time, pretending to be a hardo, “yea, yea, St. Joe’s couldn’t execute the easiest play.” Way to try and redeem yourself to your “nova faithful….If Kyle were an objective source, he’d be writing something on how douchey Jay Wright is for doing a Dove commercial.

  15. 4 OT games and plenty of good upsets and King Douchebag Skip Bayless calls yesterday an okay opening day. Sorry this is completely irrelevant to thsi article but his ugly mug is on my TV and I couldnt help myself. Yesterday was a great day of Madness


      That’s the reason he does this shit. Because it causes people to talk about him. That’s why ESPN continues to employ him.

      If you ignore him, he’ll go away.

  16. Is typing in hack writing device of typing in all caps taught at Malvern and Villanova or just Malvern?

  17. Oooo ooooo Kyle's Crying

    March 23, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    Amazing that there has not been an article about the nova choke job. How about instead of ripping every local sports writer, you look in the mirror and take the loss like a man?


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