Audio: The Delightfully Contentious Exchange Between Mike Missanelli and Zac Rinaldo

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Missanelli has always been pretty critical of Zac Rinaldo and his style of play (mostly rightfully). So, Rinaldo, as part of what seemed like a media blitz by the Flyers today, called in to defend himself. The result was about as uncomfortable as you would expect.

Some awkward excerpts. You have to appreciate Zac’s dedication to the craft.

I look at that style as a style that puts you in the penalty box and puts your team in a worse spot. So how would you respond to that?

You don’t know nothing, man.


Have you not taken foolish penalties?

This year?

Have you not taken foolish penalties this year?

No sir.

I’ve taken penalties because the refs don’t think my hit’s clean, but if you dissect it, you know I talked to Shanahan the other day, he said, “We look at every single one of your penalties and every single one of your hits, and all your hits are clean. Sometimes the ref disagrees with the way you hit, but the majority of your hits are clean.”


As that play’s unfolding (the headshot), what are you thinking?

What’s that?

As that’s play’s unfolding, where you clipped the guy in the head, what are you thinking?

Have you ever played hockey?

Yeah. But not obviously at your level. But I’ve played hockey.

Oh OK. Then you should know things happen so fast.


How does that change the way you’re going to play the next time?

It doesn’t. I’m gonna hit him harder. I’m gonna hit him in the shoulder.

But in the playoffs… maybe you got to think twice about something like that. 

No, I’m just going to hit him harder and put it on his shoulder.

Taking penalties in the playoffs is not a good thing.

Who’s taking penalties? I’m not taking penalties.

OK then. Audio here.


  1. Catch a damned pass

    April 9, 2014 at 5:36 pm

    hahahhahahaa FUCK YOU MIKEY PISS

  2. There’s not really anyone on the radio in Philly that knows hockey. Zac hasn’t taken many bad penalties this year. The hit to the head was bad, but he hasn’t been hitting guys like that

    • You’re right. Most guys on the radio see a guy like him and just go, “Look. He hit hard. He must be goon. Me know nothing about hockey.” Al morganti and Jonesy are the only ones who give a damn about hockey, let alone actually know anything about it. People said Macnow was a hockey guy but when he was on he’d ignore a flyers playoff push to talk about a meaningless April Phillies loss or the eagles back up QB sitiation just like everyone else. And when all that nonsensical “CULTURE CHANGE OMG CLAUDE GIROUX SHOULDNT BE CAPTAIN” rabble babble was going on, he was right there in the thick of it like every other reactionary idiot who thought that missing the playoffs twice in upwards of two decades is an awful culture. Jonesy and Al were the only ones telling those people to shut the fuck up.

      • Terry Carkner

        April 9, 2014 at 8:39 pm

        Wish jonesy & Al had their own show. Like a once a week show 97.5 does with jaws

      • lol.. that 3 month period in philadelphia where you could sound like a hockey scholar by dropping 2 words… reminds me of Lois getting applause after saying 9/11. just go on the radio, or write an article and say “culture change” and suddenly you’re a genius.

      • Moron. You don’t know anything about hockey. Rinaldo is pretty-boy, faux tough guy who STILL takes bad penalties, and can’t play defense (see Boston game and game 7 of Rangers series in April, respectively).

        Idiot starf&*ker!

  3. MikeyMissThePoint

    April 9, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    For once, that blowhard asked great things and got down that assholes throat. Rinaldo is a tard and clearly has no IQ.

  4. Candy from the Oak

    April 9, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    He will play one playoff game and be a healthy scratch the rest of the flyers 1st round elimination

    • I’m pretty sure Zac’s been a mainstay of the lineup for almost three seasons now. He was recently bumped up to the 3rd line for a game, too. But, hey, what do I know? I just watch the games rather than reading recaps and posting asinine statements on the internet.

  5. Candy from the Oak has jumped the shark

    April 9, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    Nice sentence

  6. Mikey Miss is an asshole. I’ve always thought people are too quick to just lump Zac Rinaldo into the scrap heap of goons that provide nothing to their team other than the occasional fight. No, Zac doesn’t score many goals, but he actually does do a lot of things on that 4th line that help the team out. Hes not a Jay rosehill one trick pony who is just there because of his fists. Hes fast to the puck, he provides energy, he can skate with the puck, and of course he can lay a decent hit on someone. And for some reason, people seem to ignore the fact that he seems to draw more stupid penalties than he takes. Until this recent hit, hes never gone headhunting or played dirty hockey like half the players on the penguins do. He doesnt take that many “stupid” or ill-timed penalties for a 4th line energy guy. Hartnell leads this team far and away in that category.

    • Captain Obvious

      April 9, 2014 at 6:58 pm

      Rinaldo has taken more penalties then he has drawn this year, so that’s out.

      You know why Rinaldo is always hitting people out there? Because he never has the fucking puck, because he’s terrible. The Flyers are almost always constantly outshot when he is on the ice, because again he never has the fucking puck.

      He can hit, and he can fight. Big fucking deal. He’s not actually good at hockey.

  7. Candy from the Oak

    April 9, 2014 at 6:14 pm


  8. I’m as big of a Flyers fan as there is, but Zac Rinaldo is a punk, plain and simple. He’s the Flyers’ version of Sean Avery.

    • Every team has that player. Any team would be stupid to not put a player on the ice like that, it generates a ton of energy, and is an intimidating presence on the ice.

    • In terms of being a punk, maybe, but Sean Avery would NOT fight at all, where Rinaldo will. Avery would instigate, taunt, lay a cheap shot, and run his mouth, but when it came time to back it up, he’d back down. He’s the worst kind of pussy, like crosby.

  9. Jeff Carter's former blow dealer

    April 9, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    Nothing worse than hearing mikey miss interview a Caucasian pro athlete. He fucking grills them like he’s a fucking detective trying to solve a case.

  10. Penguins Fan Who Goes To Temple

    April 9, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    What do you flyers fans think, Zac Rinaldo is actually a good player?? The one that makes me laugh the most and stamps you lowlife flyers as the true assholes of PA is the “Coots” reference. It’s hard to even here it gives me and everyone in Pitt douche chills. I guess that’s why Philly people have the reputation for being brainless criminals.
    Making the playoffs is like winning the cup for you bred losers. Welcome to the big league girls. Your short time with us will be surely entertaining.

  11. ^ Hahahaha. Here come the fraud Penguins fans. “Waaaaa, waaaaa, we only care about hockey when we have the best players in the game”. I can’t wait for your 3rd bankruptcy once Crosby retires. Or will your jackoff organization luck out yet again after 10 years of tanking and get the next generational talent. Get out of here loser.

  12. Nah…it’s really not like winning the Cup for us….if it were we would be saying we won the cup 17 out of the last 19 years. Does shitsburgh have consistency like that? Oh no wait…they almost had to be moved to Kansas City TWICE because their bandwagon “fans” wouldn’t buy a F’in ticket when they sucked. They had to take it up the ass by the Flyers for 6 or 7 yrs before they could draft that crybaby homo and become relavant again

  13. After the interview, Rinaldo fucked Mikey Miss’s woman… HARD. Her pussy by the end looked like a 5 car pile up on the Schuylkill Expressway.

  14. Dumb and Dumber

    April 9, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    That interview was a battle of two insecure dimwits.

    If there is any justice, though, someday Rinaldo (who is a total dickhead) will elbow Missanelli’s lights out.

  15. You call THAT a dirty hit?

    Amateurs. There wasn’t even a knee involved.

  16. Rinaldo is a high energy 4th liner who has speed and draws penalties. Yes he sometimes takes penalties but that’s his style of play. I can’t believe Philly fans would be bitching about a hard working, blue collar type of player who can hit and fight.

    • Zac Rinaldo is absolutely irrelevant to the Flyers winning hockey games. Him being in/out of the lineup literally has NO baring on the teams success.

  17. I admire Rinaldo’s conviction, but if/when he’s on the ice during the playoffs he’s going to be a major liability.

    • Agreed, this team as a whole takes lame penalties late in the game, if they can stay disciplined than they have a good shot to go deep, but its tough when your towards the top of the league in penalties. Love this time of the year, I’m glad the hockey playoffs are so long, can’t get enough.

  18. Rotting corpse

    April 9, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    It really is embarrassing for flyers fans to actually try and use making the PO as some kind of accomplishment. You couldn’t possibly choose that over the 2009 cup Pittsburg has could you?

    Just because The pens had attendance issues and almost moved doesn’t excuse being brainwashed drones either. Yeah, Philly has a better hockey fan base but it also has what, a million more people? And stating that consistent attendance while the team never wins anything is no badge of honor. In reality, it’s the exact reason they haven’t won. Snider has taken full advantage of a fan base that has no expectations and tolerates mediocrity year after year. Flyers fans are enablers of a misguided, overmatched front office and are honestly just a bunch of groupies.

    • Mike Vick's Parole Officer

      April 9, 2014 at 9:49 pm

      Fantastic post. It also sums up the Eagles organization and their fans as well. My hat’s off to you sir.

    • Wow that’s a great point that sums up card carrying flyers fans.
      They are all brainwashed by Ed Snider’s culture and would lick his taint if they had the opportunity. Pathetic

    • Dude we enjoy our hockey. Through the years we’ve suffered horrible playoff disappointments, but we keep behind our hockey team. That makes a good fan base, it’s funny that the Penguins needed a Sidney Crosby or a Mario Lemiex to revive their dead franchise. That I find sad, but if your arguing fan bases and franchises, the number of people in our area really doesn’t mean a whole lot more. The state is devided evenly, just the the Eagles and Steelers.

      • Rotting corpse

        April 10, 2014 at 1:02 am

        And lindros wasn’t that level of player? Come on dude. Nobody is saying don’t support your team, just don’t be a blind fool either.

        At least the pens won cups with their superstars. The flyers drafted mike ricci, the pens drafted jägr! See the difference?

        So many wasted years.

        And Jay snider was the guy who got lindros, not Ed. But he sure as hell benefitted from having the next NHL superstar on his team. Nice new building. New corporate backing from comcast. Tons of excitement around a team who missed the PO 5 years in a row.

        • you are my new favorite commenter on this site. keep it up. Love when someone enlightens (or tries to) the stepfords. Fantastic job

        • Major burns by Rotting corpse here…thank you for your educated responses and realistic view. It is a breath of fresh air to not hear the blind brainwashed flyers fans spew out their typical non-sense. It’s sometimes painful to be a flyers fan and be surrounded by dopes. Also, the Penguins threat to move to Kansas City was mainly used as leverage to work out a new arena deal.

          • It was not a leverage move dude,…they couldn’t fill the fucking arena…Lemieux had to literally say ok instead of paying me sell me the team and that will square it. They had no money because their bandwagon fans bailed on the team…the threat of moving the team was very real

  19. Season ticket holder

    April 9, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    You can’t tell me having a high energy guy doesn’t affect the team in a positive manner. Every team has a player like Zac. There is nothing wrong with the way he plays. I hope he continues to play the way he has all season long. Even with the penalties. With the flyers PK unit playing as good as it has been all season long i’m not afraid of any other teams PP unit. Its fun watching him play the way he does. Mikey Miss thinks hes always right in every aspect of his show on every topic. Its a bore to listen to his show anymore.

  20. 1975

  21. Mikey Miss is the biggest troll, he feeds off this attention.

  22. I remember before the season began reading several playoff predictions…always had Pens number 1, and the Flyers were never in the convo. Not saying it should be a huge accomplishment, and yeah I really like this team, but it’s nice to get something nobody thought you would. The Pens, whether we like it or not, have the most stacked team in the league (save Boston, perhaps), but the Flyers have pounded them this year with a team that at the beginning of the season was rated mediocre. So damn right I’ll be excited about the playoffs.

    • The Flyers having to face the Penguins in the playoffs doesn’t worry me. The Rangers and Bruins on the other hand…

  23. Local sports fans that mercilessly trash the Flyers are the hipsters of the Philadelphia sports scene.

  24. this was a fantastic interview. Heard it on the way home last night. Missanelli was great and dead on about hockey as usual. He made rinaldo look like the dope that he is. It’s maddening that Rinaldo cant see how his actions put his team shorthanded, which can be devastating if you are trying to make a playoff run. But, this is the kind of attitude and philosophy that has prevented the flyers from winning a cup in the last 40 years. “HIT HIM!!!” “SHOOOOOT” let the clueless fans eat up what Rinaldo is dishing out as they fork over hundreds of dollars for every home game to watch a team with zero shot to win a cup.

  25. “Missanelli was great and dead on about hockey as usual.”

    Wow, I hope you didn’t strain your neck trying to blow Miss’s tiny cock there. Dead on about hockey? Dude, come on. Mike Miss doesn’t know shit about hockey. Regardless of whether or not you like Rinaldo as a player, the fact that Mike has to defer to that dumbass Myrtetus for all things hockey tells you all you need to know about Mike’s hockey knowledge.

    • Sad but True Yinzers

      April 10, 2014 at 9:27 am

      Tr is a troll. Don’t feed the trolls. Clearly, if you look at the 2 franchises right now the flyers are trending up and on the rise, They have more balanced scoring, they’re much younger. Most of their stars are at the beginning of their prime years. Many of the younger players like coots and schenn and Raffl have made strides and been consistent performers this year. They also have the better prospects on the horizon in Laughton, Moran, Folin etc… The window is rapidly closing for the pens. They are going to have a difficult time resigning some key free agents. They don’t have enough cap room as it is. Letting Staal go killed them. Letting kennedy the pig face flyer killer go didn’t help. Letang is a huge question mark! As they age thay lose more and more games to injury. They are unsettled in goal and their coach has been unable to adjust in series to get them over the hump. The fact that they didn’t have the chips at the deadline to make any moves is very telling. They’ve rushed guys who should be playing in the minors onto the roster at low salary numbers and ruined them. Knowing they have a shaky fanbase, they can’t make a blockbuster trade and move one of the stars or the building will be empty. They have difficulty selling out early round playoff games. They have the pressure of several early round playoff exits hanging over their heads. Whats to like about their situation? They fly outta the gate every year and win the regular season only to be banged up and out of gas around playoff time. Given the luck they had in getting the players they got, winning only one cup is a huge dissapointment.

      • Winning only one Cup a major disappointment? Really? Trending up? Keep drinkin’ it dude. But first, please tell me, how many years of NOT winning a Cup will be enough for you to say “Hey, we need a change here.” 50 years? 60 years? I don’t give a rats ass about the Pens but winning the Cup is the ONLY thing that should matter to any Flyers fan. And if you think this team has that in them this season – or even next given the stupid no-trade contracts given to barely talented players – you are nuts.

        • Sad but True Yinzers

          April 10, 2014 at 10:35 am

          Malkin, Crosby, Staal, Fleury, Letang in their prime,… 1 cup = major dissapointment. Just like Howard, Hamels, Utley, Rollins, in their prime… 1 world series = dissapointment. Actually you could argue that having Malkin and Crosby minus the other players mentioned above fall into your lap in their prime and only winning 1 cup is more of a dissapointment.
          Who said the Flyers were winning the cup this year? Getting back to the original point, if you’re arguing that the pens are in a better position going forward as a franchise then the flyers you are fucking delusional.

          • Read my post. I said I don’t care about the Pens. Your definition of disappointment is the same as Ed Snider’s. May you sleep well together.

      • (ed snider nods in approval) – get your head out of your ass, bud. And im not a troll. I’m simply pointing out that a culture change is needed based on 40 years of non success. and Rinaldo is one of the many poster children of that culture of losing. What stars are you talking about? the flyers have one, Giroux. Have you heard of Mat Niskanen, oli Maata? Those young defensemen on the pens are better than anyone that the flyers D corps has. Maata is a rookie.

        To say that the flyers, who have a rich history of drafting terribly, signing non impact free agents and making brutal trades are trending up compared to anyone, not just the pens just shows how blind you truly are. How many years of this will it take for your eyes to open up? Another 40?

        • Sad but True Yinzers

          April 10, 2014 at 11:48 am

          culture change entails what in your mind? What is this great awakening? Do they lose Rosehill and Rinaldo and suddenly win a cup?
          On the Pens D (who you’re weirdly fond of for a flyers fan) niskanen, is a UFA and maa’ta meh… we’ll see. This year they also have orpik UFA and as well as the letang situation. Would you rather have orpik and letang or niskanen and maa’ta? Paul Martin is also in the last year of his deal next year. I’d say both teams are pretty fucked dmen wise in the short term. The flyers have some pretty decent prospects in Ghost and Moran, Haag, Folin. How exactly have the flyers drafts sucked lately? They seem to be commiting themselves as an organization to accumulating young talent in any way possible and that’s not enough of a culture change for you? Where do you hide your pens jersey?

          • The culture change is simple: get the former goons out of the front office – Holmgren, Dave Brown – and remove Snider from any player or coach or front office influence. Done.

  26. ” ok, you should know things happen really fast.” M.Miss can’t appreciate or respect his hockey sense that’s made RInaldo a full time/ Coach’s player at under 6′ tall and a buck 80. His job is to run around, line up and hit people and MikeMiss actually watched more than 5 games a year, he would see that he is one of the most effective checkers in the league. Sure He risks penalties and has a target on his back, but guys go into corners very soft & head on a swivel when they know he’s running around the ice. He draws penalties too. That never was and never will be a BAD thing unless you can find a way to pay a Cap full team of ALL STARS or Olympic team. Rosehill on the other hand….Pug

  27. I got to hand it to both of them. I hate Mikey Miss but at least he didn’t try to get TOO chummy and was upfront about his stance against Rinaldo. I’ll give it to Rinaldo for being an ass to Mikey Miss.

    I will say though I find it hilarious Mikey Miss said he played hockey before. Maybe floor hockey in gym class you dweeb.

  28. I love the Bob “The Hound” Kelly 2014 model….Zach Rino.

    Kyle Corleone whacked all five hack writers in one day.

    Fuck You Raff

  29. I don’t understand how having a guy like Rinaldo in the lineup is such a bad thing. Yes, when you carry a reputation like Zac does, you’re going to get called for every little thing you do. Refs look for certain players to do certain things. (Ex: A lot of G’s penalties are slashing minors) When they see Zac on the ice, they are almost waiting for him to get involved. But from a coaching standpoint, with such a solid PK the Flyers have had recently, why not have him take a regular shift? His game has been trending upward and his last game was a rarity in a lot of ways with not only 4 penalties, but a goal too. He had a lot of chances because he isn’t afraid to battle in front of the net. When you have an “energy role player” type guy in the lineup that can pot a goal every once and awhile, that is an advantage that very few teams in the NHL can say they have. Usually your 4th is with filled with those “energy” guys but when you have Vinny centering that line, players like Zac and Hallsy, who give Vinny room, will get scoring chances. It even brought out the best in Rosehill.

  30. Zac has been a good fit for the Flyers.

    He is basically the player that Dan Carcillo was supposed to be (but never was).

    If the rest of the Flyers played with half of Rinaldo’s energy & effort on a regular basis, this team would be the better for it.

    • Except Dan Carcillo could actually score goals.

      • Dan Carcillo was the sorriest excuse for a hockey player that I have seen on the Flyers roster in my adult life. Even Rosehill looks like a legit player compared with him.

        Carcillo scored exactly one noteworthy goal for the Flyers (playoffs against the Devils), and even that was a complete fluke.

  31. Mike Miss is a dumbass. Nothing more to see here.

  32. Titles Are Easy

    April 10, 2014 at 10:29 am

    Mike Missanelli is an ass. The guy hates nicknames yet his is Mikey Miss. The guy never made it as a ball player so he feels the need to be a total ass to those he interviews like he’s the CIA interrogating a terrorist. It’s sports for christ sake is your life really going to be altered if Chase Utley doesn’t hit 20 home runs. The dude is the biggest clown on the radio and treats guests like punching bags and then brags about how tough he is that he doesn’t take it easy on people. What a troll. BTW Rinaldo is a solid 4th line guy and he is still young. His role is to stir the pot, keep players honest and not get scored on. When the games over and he is an even in the box score than he did his job.

  33. Mike Miss is a egomanic middle-aged liberal lawyer who thinks his top 40 alt-rock knowledge makes him cool. He has white guilt too.

  34. I honestly don’t mind rinaldo. Terrible hit the other night but he is an energy guy on the 4th line. Bums like brashear are worthless.

  35. let’s be real here… Rinaldo is most likely in his last year or two on the roster. You have to appreciate the fact that he’s improved defensively and done a nice job of being “the nudge”, every team in the NHL has one. It’d be nice to have a nudge that can score a bit (10 goals) and play the PK. The Flyers have done a great job over the last couple years of accumulating talent through other channels besides the draft, college FA’s, Europe. They’ve also done a nice job of reigning in Homer and not trading these guys away. Berube has turned out to be a pretty good move as well. For the first time ever they are committed to a process. The NTC’s are a way of life in todays NHL.Trending up is a good way to put it.

    • Every team has a ‘nudge’ – how many do the Flyers need? Downie, Rosehill? etc.

      • Exactly…I don’t understand why almost every guy on this team feels like they need to add the “nudge” aspect to their game. Think about it…Rinaldo, Rosehill, Downie, Hartnell, Simmonds, B.Schenn….all have that contrived tough guy attitude. There’s no Broad Street Bullies reputation to live up to anymore! (unless of course Pop-pop Eddie is demanding they act that way…)

        • You’re right. Simmonds’ play this year has been unacceptable. Too many dumb penalties. What a goon! He is totally ineffective!

          • Never said they aren’t good players…and never called them goons. Just said I don’t understand the attitude. Get a clue. Stick to Karate.

      • In theory you’re right too many, except, Rosehill Downie and Rinaldo don’t all play on the same night. I think Downie has issues that go beyond the rink, he’s cooked. Can you name a team beyond the Bruins that can roll 12 top forwards? Do the Bruins?
        It’s really hard to argue that they are a team with forward issues man. D-men? absolutely…they have some guys who can move the puck up ice, make some good long range passes but they have nobody who can get a shot through from the point and they have trouble handling big forwards with their current size. Once again, a process, no one snaps their fingers and wins a cup. i like the track they’re on, call me o.b. if that makes you feel better.

        • I don’t want to call you anything. The fact they soooo many guys on the roster like that is indicative of their style of play which always puts the Flyers in the top 5 of penalties at the end of the season. Teams that are winning the Cup are not in the top 5 of penalties. Flyers currently ‘lead’ the league in PIM per game. And when you say ‘what other teams besides the bruins can roll out 12 top forwards’ – why can’t the Flyers do that? I’ll tell you why – because Ed doesn’t want that kind of team and that is the culture change a lot of fans are saying is needed.

          • Bob, with all due respect, I don’t think the flyers penalty minutes are what stands between them and a cup. I think it’s a #1 dman and a 30 goal playmaking winger to play with G. I also don’t think singling out and removing Dave Brown from the equation is even a factor. I have no knowledge of what Dave Brown does or doesn’t do on a daily basis and neither do you. Pre 2011 i’d be with you on Homer. He’s made the effort to sign some guys to offer sheets and has done what he could through free agency. The Vinny signing is up for debate. Draft wise, the flyers have done well lately. Regarding this year, i’m hard pressed to think of a game this year under Berube where it wasn’t about the 2 points, the Emery/brawl game being the exception to the rule. If you’re going to seriously challenge the Bruins in the near future you will need a certain amount of toughness like a simminds, schenn. You can hang bryz on Snider for sure and he certainly has mucked up the works for quite some time. I like this team, i like where they are headed.

  36. PlanosGotLoveForYaMikeyMess!!

    April 10, 2014 at 11:23 am

    Find it HILARIOUS that he’s been talking about how he’s “not mad” that Chip Kelly won’t speak to him but he’s upset for the fans because we deserve to know about the team.

    BULLSHIT or should I say, “YOUR SISTER”!

    It’s all ego with MM, he doesn’t give a rats ass what the fans know. Obviously the way he’s spoken to that one caller last week on-air and emailed that one dude that led to his suspension, shows he doesn’t care about his fans.

    He just doesn’t like that someone doesn’t want to speak to the “almighty “of Philly Sports Talk.

  37. 700 level has some posts today. js

  38. Remember it’s entertainment. They want ratings. That’s what brings people in. Remember Howard sterns movie when they were going over the listener surveys? The people who hated him listened longer!

  39. Notorious Dick Sucker

    April 10, 2014 at 11:43 am

    Man, I’m drooling over the idea of sucking on Rinaldo’s fat cock. Him just making “Mikey Miss” look like a giant pussy has me all sorts of moist in the mouth!

    • The guy who stole missanellis wife 20 years ago

      April 10, 2014 at 12:38 pm

      If you really want to get under missanellis skin, ask him how his ex wife and her illegitimate kid are doing these days…

  40. I like Mikey Miss for the most part, but he doesn’t know the first thing about hockey (or doesn’t care to know). He wouldn’t know a checking line or an energy line from fishing line.

    The closest thing I have heard to him giving any real respect to the Flyers (or fans) is when he used to chum it up with Lavy once in a while. But even that was probably mandated by the station.

    He shows far more love to a Sixers team that hasn’t been relevant in over a decade

  41. This hate on Rinaldo has to stop… When he first came into the league yes he was very raw and took stupid penalties…but he has taken major steps towards not being that player anymore…anybody who knows anything about hockey knows every team needs a player like him…he hustles his ass off every shift …he hits like he is 6’3 when he is only 5’10 and they are CLEAN hits…I know he is currently suspended for a hit to the head…but again if you’ve ever played any kind of competitive hockey (which I think a lot ppl who post these comments have never skated more than once or twice at friends b-day party when they were 9) u know it’s an extremely fast sport especially at the NHL level… He didn’t do it on purpose, the guy slumped down as Rinaldo was challenging him and that was the result…unfortunate but accidental….he is not paid to score goals he is paid to do exactly what he does create energy and draw penalties and he does that every shift every game….and it’s not “flyers culture” …every team in the league has at least 1 player on their roster just like Rinaldo ….pittsburgh fans what was Matt Cooke? A skill player? Not even close…you guys talk about flyers culture…the penguins have had some of the biggest cheap shots in the game in recent years….Cooke, Neal…I know he is a skill player but is also a dickhead who won’t think twice about a headshot….just because he doesn’t score goals doesn’t mean he sucks…he plays his role…and when he gets out there early in a game and knocks everybody on their asses the flyers get energized….and they are a better team all around when Rinaldo intimidates the shit out of an opposing team

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