The Flyers Have Signed Frozen Four MVP Shayne Gostisbehere to an Entry-Level Contract

The Flyers have signed 2012 third round draft pick defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere (I’m never going to be able to spell that, so Ghost it is) to an entry-level contract. Ghost, who is 20, was the MVP of the Frozen Four, which was played in Philadelphia this weekend. He led his Union team to their first ever National Championship, scoring one goal and two assists in the championship game.

Ghost, an offensive defenseman, will play the final few games this season with the Phantoms.

I’ve watched him play exactly zero times, but hardcore OBs seem to be pretty excited about him. So now I am excited, too… mostly because the Flyers have a guy called Ghost. Our t-shirt printer is just shaking his damn head right now at the thought of making Casper-inspired shirts. Boooooooooooooooooooo.

UPDATE: Ghost will also be among the Flyers’ Black Aces (minor leaguers who practice – and in some cases play – with team during playoffs). He won’t be eligible to play in a game, though, since his contract doesn’t kick in until next season. But still… now we have a Black Ace named Ghost. Yes. I’m giddy.


  1. kids gonna be a player….

    terrible nickname though. should be goose

  2. Father Son & Holy Gost shirts better be a thing soon. Question is who the father and son will be….

  3. Kid is a fucking beast! plus 7 in championship game!

  4. Simmonds Skinny Calves

    April 15, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    real excited to watch this guy progress, I think he looks like a future Yandle or Oliver Ekman-Larsson type.

    Kyle- haven’t read much into this deal yet, but whats the difference with this and when the Rangers got Kreider to play a few years ago? I’d love to dress him as a 7th d-man one game and give him a couple minutes

    • Not Signed by End of Regular Season

      April 15, 2014 at 2:47 pm

      Basically there is a specific date that these college players need to sign to be eligible to play in end of regular season (NHL) or postseason. Since he made it all the way to the championship the date passed and he is not eligible to play on the flyers this season. Although I don’t know the specific date, I don’t believe its the last game or regular season. Could be though.

      • Good looks, but still confused

        April 15, 2014 at 3:06 pm

        I thought the same thing, which is why I brought up the case of Kreider in 2012. BC went to/won the Frozen Four, and I know for a fact Kreider’s first pro game was a playoff game. I’m just curious as to what loophole the Rangers used that year that we can’t this year

      • So actually it doesn’t matter if he signed, there is an sheet of reserve players that have to be put out prior to the trade deadline. Ghost, was on the list supposedly, so in fact he could play in the playoffs. Actually will be practicing with the flyers, however he will play the final games of the Phantoms season. If he plays any playoff games it automatically takes one year off his entry level contract. Which, for example is the reason Scott Laughton has not played more then the beginning five games of the season, or whatever, because it would deduct a year off his contract. When you have a player of this caliber, you don’t wanna waste a year of paying a lower salary.

        • wow, good work by you. sounds like you did more research than Panotch has done his entire career. you’re right, smart move on their part financially and developmentally.

          I’m excited for playoffs and I’ll be going stir crazy until they start, but can’t help but be stoked four Laughts and Ghost next year. and Akeson if he steps up this post season and weighs more than 150lbs by camp

        • Exactly. I’m sure the Flyers had Ghostbear on their reserve list. He’s got three games to play with the Phantoms. He could play Sunday if the Flyers wanted him to, but I doubt that would happen.

          After his five games, Laughton was sent to the OHL (Juniors) so the Flyers can’t call him up until his season with Oshawa is over. And, like you said, that would burn a year off of his ELC.

      • There’s no deadline for college players to be signed for playoff eligibility. He can participate with the Flyers in the playoffs this year after his ATO with the Phantoms, but it would burn an entire season off of his ELC with the Flyers. I highly doubt the Flyers would want to burn that year unless they desperately need him.

        • Calm Down There Buddy

          April 15, 2014 at 3:32 pm

          Did you see the edit???? Technically, it would be a deadline considering if we was not on the reserve list by the trade deadline this year he wouldn’t be eligible. Jesus Christ I correct myself and then get corrected again! At least I wasn’t Kyle saying he wasn’t eligible at all, at least I knew there was a stipulation. Fraud says he likes hockey!

          • No, because I started to respond, but was pulled away from the computer before you posted the edit. Relax. I wasn’t condescending or even mildly dickish in my response.

  5. YES! I was REALLY worried when I read he said if he stayed in school he had the choice of other teams to go to.

    Also, Kyle, his nickname is Ghostbear. Get with it.

  6. fuck hockey.

    I’ll be back to this site once this fucking bullshit league’s season ends.


    • ^$20 this whiney bitch is 1 of 13 Americans stoked for the World Cup^

      • Nope, don’t give a FUCK about the world cup either. However, I bet if you compare the Stanley Cup Finals ratings to Team USA soccer ratings during the World Cup, hockey would LOSE

        Fuck this white trash shitty ass sport.

        • hope on your skateboard bro and let the men talk about real sports you dimwitted punk ass

          “I’ll be back to this site once this fucking bullshit league’s season ends.”

          You mad?

    • Walter Sobchak

      April 15, 2014 at 2:50 pm

      Go home sheckler, you’re drunk.

    • Let me guess… Your a football meathead? Fuck you jerkoff

  7. Would you offer Ghost up as part of a package to get Weber?

  8. Ghost stories!

    In a few years they’ll be calling the arena the haunted house.

    Please give the kid a single digit (4) or a double number (11).

  9. Stupid Kyle Comment

    April 15, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    Gos-tis-be-here. Not that fucking hard to spell. He literally has got tis be here.

  10. is the cap magically going up an additional 15 million AS?

  11. Dude how did you not see the Frozen Four Championship game? This kid is an absolute beast. Every time he is on the ice he makes somthing happen. He is the exact D-man the flyers need. Offensive minded, fast as hell, and he can single-handedly take over the game

  12. Walter Sobchak

    April 15, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    My dirty undies dude…the WHITES…

    • Sheena's Parveen

      April 16, 2014 at 6:09 am

      ^^Easily my favorite commentor. I got buddies who died face down in the muck so we could comment on this site all day! Keep it up, Walter.

  13. Dude is a certifiable badass, snaked through accomplished Frozen-Four defenders last week like they were tombstones. Can’t wait to see this kid develop, single best thing we have to look forward to.

  14. Gost-is-be-here. Not that hard.

  15. Candy from the Oak

    April 15, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    I bet the black aces don’t hold the door while coming off the ice

  16. Don’t worry, I’ll get frustrated with him and trade him next year for a 35-year-old left wing.

    And then say it was Homer’s decision.

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