Video: Flyers and Rangers Fans BRAWL in Section 209


  1. I’ve never been more proud.

    • That’s because you’re a fucking loser

      • Agreed. How embarrassing. We deserve our shitty reputation.

        • Wow what tough guys. I’m embarrassed that our fans continue to prove to the world what trash our fans are. Not to mention the kid was 4 foot tall and he didn’t have a scratch on him. Your the type of person that only flaps their lips with 5 friends around. The real tough guys are going to NY tonight wearing orange and black. Are you? Go there and start a fight chump

    • thats pathetic…i bet your one of them ppl who talked a whole bunch of shit to ppl, only when u were around 5 or 6 of ur buddies…i hope a bunch of new yorkers beat the holy hell out of one of ur family members…and im a flyers fan

    • pure wt. Reminds me of a bunch of dudes who love the wing bowl

    • Typical uneducated Philly trash in the 2nd level. There is no reason for any of this. Oh because this is “your team” in “your house” Give me a break. The 2nd level is just pawns for Snyder to create noise for the players and people dropping real money on the flyers in the Club and Suite level. They feel like its a duty to be obnoxious pricks.

  2. Simmonds won that fight too

  3. I wonder if that was that guy Dan Hanratty that posts here and writes in CAPS. He also says he defends HIS TEAM.

  4. Did the Rangers fan that got pulled fine and pummeled ever get back up? I’m watching from my phone but it’s looks like he just disappeared.

  5. Two of the most classless fan bases in all of sports. Although I think the Philadelphia fans take the cake. What’s amazing is that if this happened in another city, that douche kyle would post how the media would be all over this if it happened in Philadelphia. So then it does happen in Philadelphia, and kyle proudly posts it claiming “playoffs baby”. The only thing that would’ve made this better is if kyle was on the receiving end of it. Oh and nice to see a lot of police show up.

    • How about you fucking shove it you little inbred douche nozzle? Go fuck yourself and play in traffic. Die Jersey scum.

    • Tom Gilman get of your high horse! They knife people in San Fran, they beat guys into comas in Dodgerville, a little scrap between NY and Philly!??? Come on you pussy, eat shit!

      • Yea this Cunt Ass Bitch Tom Gillman has no idea what he’s talking about. Im pretty sure theres a SF Giant fan who takes his food through a straw because of some Dodgers fans. In all of sports? There was an angry mob of fans who decapitated and quartered a ref in Brazil…Get your head out of your ass Tom, you bozo, theres far worse than Philly fans.

    • Don’t be a slit, Tom. You might have forgotten about the time a female teenager suffering from brain cancer was beat up by San Jose Sharks fans. That’s one of about 44 terrible stories that I can pull. Look it up pussy boy. Maybe your wife finger blasts you and it prohibits you from seeing situations like a big boy. You see some dudes throwing fists and you lose it. There’s way, way worse shit that happens all over the league.

      “takes the cake” what a nerd.

  6. I’d like to know what exactly started this. Dudes were getting the asshole chant from the beginning of the game. I was in 212 and of the 13,000 people left at this point, 12,000 were watching this fight right as the Boyle and Hall fight broke out

    • I heard someone threw a ketchup packet. Apparently the Rangers fans were asking for it all game by flipping people off and what not. But I think a ketchup packet is what escalated it from verbal to physical

  7. I think that Tom Gillman needs a warm glass of shut the hell up.

  8. Tom Gilman's mother is a fat bitch

    April 30, 2014 at 12:24 am

    Those guys were acting tough all night and got exactly what they deserved

  9. it’s sickening how drunk sports fans treat each other. none of these drunk philly fans would be man enough to face the rangers fans one on one. see how the fat drunk pussy waits until the rangers fan has his back turned before pushing him? what a fat fucking pussy.

  10. This is exactly why I don’t go Flyers games…Douche bag assholes fighting people..Cool camo jacket by the way this isn’t fucking Vietnam, and did someone yell chill out CUZ because that’s embarrassing

  11. I fucked Tom Gillman's Mother Last Night

    April 30, 2014 at 12:32 am

    While his father watched.

  12. Tom Gilman’s mother is a fat bitch

    April 30, 2014 at 12:36 am

    And one of those guys kept trying to fight in the concourse and got the shit kicked out of him

  13. Were from Philly we fight….

    Out of all Philly sport teams, nothing screams out white trash more than flyers fans

  14. Harold Reynolds

    April 30, 2014 at 12:43 am

    Both Flyers and Rangers fans in this video are sub-humans who literally have no fucking life whatsoever. The one guy who is yelling “hes beating the shit out of him!” Like hes cheering on his kid is a jerkoff too.

    Im sure the media will dub this as “classless Philly fans” without getting all the facts but nonetheless these fucking assholes (both sides) should spend a few months in solitary if you ask me.

    I remember my first beer. Amateur hour at its finest.

  15. I go to my share of games home and away. I’ve been on enemy ice when we’ve lost a cup. I know what bleeding for this team means. You can try to call me trashy but you’d swing and miss. That has nothing to do with this. Those kids were standing up the whole game in peoples faces. In the 3rd they literally were confrontational with females. The females (Flyers fans) left. They were the heroes of the night and displayed the most class. This ensued after a long night of trash talk. Not proud. Wasn’t a fair shot. Not innocent. Not event pleased. I know for certain, however, this was FAR FAR FAHHHHHHHHHHH from unprovoked

    • Every cities fans fight! It’s a flat circle man, it will happen again… Long live the orange and black attack!!!

    • While this is sickening on both accounts this guys account is accurate. These guys were screaming in the face of female Flyers fans. Giving the finger within two inches of everyone’s face around them. Grown men should never be fighting but these guys did as much as they could to provoke the fight.

  16. Really. So all of that is going to be worth fines, court fees, and a possibility of never being allowed to step foot into WFC?

    Look, I’m all for rowdiness. I’m happy about trash talking. What I’m not happy about? Seeing that this will go viral and yet again, we’re going to be blasted as bad fans. Few bad apples happen to keep this shit up again.

    For those involved with the fight, I really HOPE it was worth it. Your behavior sometimes makes it harder to be a fan of the Orange and the Black.

    • LT Clueless…. Nobody cares about your feelings. Go lay on a couch and talk to somebody. It was a little, harmless beer fight, quit crying.

      • You are talking to someone who has had their share of good fights. Thankfully, I was able to get my way out of them before the cops and security got involved.

        All I have to say, and anyone who is old enough to remember this will understand. 700 level had NOTHING on the 500 level, and what you thought was wet…. well it wasn’t water or beer. Let THAT sink in. *throws a snowball at anyone who thinks I’m being soft, oh wait.. that’s an iceball*

        Now that I’m done throwing snowballs at haters, who are gonna hate, harmless or not, no opposing teams’ fans are worth losing your ability to go see events live over. If you want to sit at Xfinity Live, where you will also be kicked out for starting said same incident, then go for it. But when you’re not allowed in the events and your buddies are, then don’t come bitching at anyone, and make sure you youtube your fight. YOU WILL BE CAUGHT. Take it from someone who knows.

  17. Oh no people fought at a game… Oh no… Waaaasa waaaaa shut up man! Bunch of pussies… GMAB

  18. Dude, you^ are so self absorbed! When did guys become chicks? Your feelings can go pound sand! You’re a bitch shut up!

  19. Rusty loves fights, pussy and beer! Let’s not forget, the orange and black BAYBAY!!!!


  21. Adam from Warminster is a moron

    April 30, 2014 at 1:13 am

    Boo hoo hoo,fuck those Ranger fans,should’ve kept their traps shut.

    Next time those dickheads will learn never write a check, they ass can’t cash.

  22. Catch a damned pass

    April 30, 2014 at 1:21 am

    Every Rainjizz fan I saw was talking shit and trying to rile up the crowd. Toolbags all of them, I joined the mob mentality and cheered for that loud-yapped NY clown getting clobbered. They were in everyone from the row in front’s faces and shaking their jerseys and talking shit, security was there to monitor the situation and those d’bags thought they were there to protect them. Wrong.

  23. Cmon people, this was obviously not unprovoked. These guys were asking for it all game and got the beating they deserved. Most rag fans are pathetic as ny is not a real hockey town. They just show up for a playoff run. They make up for their lack in hockey knowledge by just acting like dbags. Nothing to see here, it happens everywhere. No one comes into our barn and gets away with harassing women and everyone around them.

  24. teddy from Whitehall

    April 30, 2014 at 3:54 am

    here is a link to a better angle. it shows what really happens to the guy who was pummeled. he only took a shot or two to the face. most of it was blocked by other people falling and his hands covering his face. I watched another video that then shows the guy running from stands by himself.

  25. cous big hairy butt

    April 30, 2014 at 6:15 am

    yo cous, I can’t even comment, they looked like 15yr olds, notice how 20 people started swinging after the guy went down, lol, whadup?

  26. Dave The Hammer

    April 30, 2014 at 7:45 am

    Anyone that doesn’t like this is a fucking pussy! These fucking assholes got exactly what they deserved! I just wish I was there! Man, it brings a tear to my eye. Brings back fond memories of the good old days!

    • So you would been like the 10 other fans who waited until the guy was down to start punching him… Real cool.

    • it seems like your the FUCKING ASS HOLE here ..bunch of low life pieces of SHIT..Grow the Fuck up .. and play the game the way its should be .. FLYERS ALWAYS WILL BE DIRTY PLAYERS ..

  27. This happens with all teams not just philly teams . I was born here in philly but grew up in cali . I live in philly now and get yelled at phillies games when I go in my Angels gear but I am never drunk and argue back I just laugh at them. Philly fans do get a bad rap but all sports fans do this

  28. Oooh! A fight let me pull out my phone…nation of pussies.

  29. I would love a pounding in the ass right now

  30. I haven’t seen or heard someone call another person a dork in years… Nicole fighting is a necessary evil, just like pussy!!! Long live Philly fans whether you’re from Jersey or the city!!! Keeping it real!!! Oh and last time I checked nobody died, just a little scrap.

  31. The Romans had the Collosseum. 30-60 days straight with Bloodsport……”ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED”?
    Now every city has a collosseum.

    Best series ever: Flyers vs Rangers 1974….seven games Bernie was a Ninja with pads.
    I love how mason is getting nasty….GM Hextall showed him what the paddle is really for.

  32. Atleast nobody got stabbed.

    On a real note… bunch of bitches in that video who wouldn’t dare throw a punch until the guy was defenseless and on his back.

    If you’re gonna stick up for the City at least do it like a man.

  33. one cares

    April 30, 2014 at 9:25 am

    How you can be so ignorant to try and Generalize an entire fan base based on actions of people who represent not ever 1 percent of an entire fan base. If thats what you want to do then lets do that for the rags fans who have been Yelling out the word N****R to Simmonds and Razor. Because if we were to generalize your fan base based on that, then you SHOULD be dubbed the biggest peice of shit fans in all of sports. OR we can accept that there are bad fans in EVERY fan base in EVERY sport in EVERY CITY. Just saying. And for anyone who reads this and only responds in a way to try an correct a petty grammar error then you can eat a dick. Im addressing an issue not writing a manuscript.

  34. ThisISNonsense

    April 30, 2014 at 9:32 am

    I’m embarrassed for everyone involved in this. For the idiots throwing punches, for the blogger who posts their idiocy and for the ‘fans’ who excuse this. These twits should be banned for life from the arena.

    Just because there are worse-behaved fans of other teams doesn’t excuse this nonsense.

    Grow up, people.

    • “Grow up.” LOL

      • Sterling Not Silver

        April 30, 2014 at 9:58 am

        Banned for life the new catch phrase now? How original. I already heard that one! Stay embarrassed you pussy!

    • Ihatepeoplewhothinktheyaresportswriters….no one cares

      April 30, 2014 at 10:19 am

      Never said I was excusing these actions, just stating that a reputation of an entire fanbase shouldn’t be tarnished because of the actions of a few.

  35. This is one thing that annoys me about sports…Fans that think their team is actually a reflection of them as a person. “My team is better than your team!…Oh yeah, I’ll fight you!” Settle down, you delinquents…this is just a game and you’re not a part of it. The athletes aren’t playing for your benefit…they’re playing for personal accomplishments and money.

  36. Cantstandstupid

    April 30, 2014 at 9:42 am

    I was at the game and not condoning what happened at all, but I heard on the radio this morning from a fan who was also at the game sitting in this section said one for the DRUNK Ranger’s fan started chanting “Flyers Suck” and when the ushers were trying to calm him down he pushed a few Flyer’s fans which set everything off. Boneheads on both sides. After the Rangers scored their first goal, a few Rangers fans near me started cheering which got the Flyers starting to chant “a$$hole”. There were 3 Rangers fans in my row and they joined in on the a$$hole chant. I thought that was funny and I can appreciate fans like that with a sense of humor. My biggest problem with the fans is that the first chant you hear of the night is “Rangers Suck” instead of “Let’s Go Flyers” why not cheer on your team instead of trying to insult the opponent? There weren’t die hard Flyers fans last night considering most of the crowd left after Giroux scored. Just typical fake bandwagon jumpers. Don’t hate the Philly fans, but I understand it’s hard when sh*t like this comes out.

    • When the flyers win, most fans care more about rubbing it in the other fans’ faces than the actual victory itself.

  37. my God you Flyer fans and players are FUCKIN TRASH…

  38. I’m a Flyers fan in New York, and this is just stupid. Makes me less excited about last night.

  39. Worthless trash on both sides. Fights like this don’t start one sided. I consider myself a huge fan, but the only things I would take or throw a punch over is protecting my family. Seems like a whole section of uneducated dirt bags either joining in or filming it like its some kind of show. Makes me happy I worked hard enough in school that I can afford not to sit up there with the trash.

    • Dave The Hammer

      April 30, 2014 at 11:56 am

      Listen to the asshole stuffed shirt talking down to the peasants from his fucking high horse! Probably one of the highlight hoodie assholes! Look at me! I’m smarter than you are! FUCK YOU!!!

  40. …..Love the Flyers
    …………Love our Fans
    ……………….LETS FINISH ‘EM 2nite

    ….RANGERS SUCK!!!!
    …….Carcillo is a piece of shit
    ………..So is St Louie

  41. I was in section 209 and I was there from beginning to end and have footage of what happened. The kid from N.Y. kept yelling at a group of kids below me. I even have footage of him screaming and yelling and saying some thing’s that wasn’t cool. Then him and 3 other of his (N.Y. BOYZ) decided to start throwing change down at them. The ushers came and told them that they had to leave they told them know so he called back up. When back up came they decided to fight with the ushers that is when all hell broke out. I am from philly and we do have tough fans and fans that can become out of control but this young punk got what he asked for.

  42. that guy at the end pushing the dude from BEHIND…typical philly coward punk

  43. Wow! That was impressive. Did you see how tough those 900 Flyers fans were on those FOUR guys. Hats off, especially, to the old/fat guy who keeps his beer steady while nailing the kid from behind. You can tell what team they take after.

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