Hindsight is 20/20, So Let’s Look at the Ridiculous Things People Said about Chip Kelly

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Look, I’m not here to point at all of these writers and talking heads and say “HAHA LOOK HOW WRONG YOU WERE.” Well, not only. We’re right on the brink of Chip Kelly’s sophomore season — arguably more important than his first — and blog Southern/Philly thought it’d be funny too look back at what was being said about Kelly from before he was hired up to his first few games. And you know what? It is funny, if only for the reckless abandon these writers use when tossing around hyperbole. Like the always rational Stephen A. Smith above, or Tony Bruno:

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And Bleacher Report’s Michael Schottey:

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Hey, Mark Sanchez! He’s here now! And this guy:

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 9.41.55 AM

And the best part is, if Chip strings together three losses this year in a short span of time, you’ll see all of those same tweets. Well, maybe not the best part, because one good-close-to-great year is fun, but it really isn’t an indication of future success. Oh no, that’s something that can be copy-pasted to laugh at us later.

You can see more of those tweets, and you really should, over here.


  1. My personal favorite was notorious ass hat Phil Simms. He ripped Kelly and his scheme. Good times.

  2. 1 win against raiders 1 against cowboys with Orton 1 against Matt Flynn 2 against the redskins. 50 percent of wins came against teams anybody could have beat. Stop jerking this guy off with two hands. You guys didn’t beat a good team last year. Not one. Kelly got exposed by the saints and scored 24 against the cowboys in week 17.

    Eagle fans: least educated fan base in all of sports. Period.

    • Matt Flynn did not play against the Eagles last year.

    • You gonna post the same thing in every Eagles thread until the season starts?
      As you were told yesterday, The Saints didn’t “Expose” anything. Chip Kelly’s offense did just fine against them (they had the lead at the end of the game, the defense is what cost them that game).

      • The offense was garbage till the saints corner went out. Fact.

        Saints d dominated the line of scrimmage and dared nick foles and those sorry ass wideouts to beat them and they couldn’t. Fact.

        You are a typical dip shit eagle fan with the iq of 17. Fact.

        • Complete bullshit. Score at halftime was 7-6. Neither team could do much on offense. It was a closely contested playoff game. You make it seem like the Saints beat the piss out of them. They won on a walk off field goal. Stop insulting people’s knowledge and spouting of opinions and calling them facts.

          We get it. You don’t like Chip. You don’t like the Eagles. I’m sure you’re hoping they go 3-13 so you can get up on your soap box and say, “I TOLD YOU SO!!!” The problem is that they are a good team, in a largely mediocre division, and they will be successful in the near future. The entire league is jumping on the Chip Kelly bandwagon. It’s not just here. Deal with it and shut the fuck up.

          • Kyle Orton, skins twice, raiders, Scott tolzien lolllolllol

            Eagles didn’t beat a good team and got exposed by rob Ryan.

            Eagle fans least educated in sports. Period.

            One last note. I pissed on the plaque that notes where the vet stadium end zone was. Woooooooooo

          • Slider in the dirt

            August 15, 2014 at 12:49 pm

            Matt, trust me I understand what you are saying.

            So go fuck yourself you troll bitch.

    • I don’t care who they played, (they didn’t play against Matt Flynn either so stop saying that), they won the division and they had the second highest scoring offense in the NFL. You like to repeat the same nonsensical shit over and over again and it’s garbage. Let’s look at this from the correct perspective.

      Last year we had a first year coach, dealing with an inherited roster and a makeshift shit defense, who had THREE different QB’s start games throughout the season. If you told me week 1 last year that Barkley, Vick and Foles would all start games and the defense would be complete trash to the point that they were statistically, I would’ve told you they win 5 games. They won ten. FUCKING TEN!

      The guy is a great coach. They probably won’t contend for a title this year, but that’s not the point. The point is he gives them a better tomorrow. They’re WAY ahead of schedule.

      Take your bullshit trolling somewhere else.

      • Slider in the dirt, I just came in your moms whore mouth

        Oh yea, raiders skins twice Orton and Tolzein. 50 percent of your wins. You also beat the giants the bears and the lions who are an indoor throwing team in the snow lolllol 80 percent of your wins are fraud. Lollllollllollllollllolllol

    • I feel like a smacked ass. I said Flynn beat them. Obviously I don’t know sports. There goes a few hours of my life. I will be back soon. I have nothing better to do.

  3. And what about that time you were wrong about Ruben Amaro???? Just suckin his D like you’re K@cie and then you turn out to be dead wrong. How come you never talk about that????? You are a mental midget.

  4. Anyone got a link to 2011 CB articles about Amaro?

    I love Kelly. But let’s get a playoff win before we declare victory.

  5. NickFromGermantown

    August 15, 2014 at 10:01 am

    Kyle Scott (2010):
    “Now, Ruben is at the helm, and since taking over he has been nothing short of shrewd.

    In the last nine months, he has traded for THREE former Cy Young Award winners in Cliff Lee, Pedro Martinez, and Roy Halladay. He reloaded the third base position by acquiring Placido Polanco, the only other member of that 2004 team who could have been considered a winner, and now he has outdone himself by signing Ryan Howard to a $25 million a year contract. Only Alex Rodriguez has ever made that much playing this game, in like, the history of the world.

    Maybe shrewd is not even the right word. A couple years ago the Phillies were shrewd, making clever acquisitions of under the radar players like Blanton and Werth.

    Now they’re bullies.

    They want the best pitcher on the planet. Can’t get him? That’s fine, borrow Cliff Lee for one of the best postseason performances of all-time and then trade him away to acquire the aforementioned first option. Then they pulled Pedro Martinez, the self proclaimed most influential player to ever play in Yankee Stadium, out from under a mango tree to pitch in the World Series. Our window is closing? Here, let Ruben open it by signing “The Big Piece” to a $125 million contract.

    The Phillies are starting to rival the Yankees and the Red Sox in terms of “f you, rest of the league” type moves. The World Championship wasn’t a fluke, it was calculated. The next? Well, that will be part calculated, part purchased. Either way, it will come.

    Yeah, shrewd isn’t the word. Maybe the word is gangsta. And you know what? I like it.”

  6. Hey Matt… how does my ass taste? Why don’t you get out of here, fuck boy. If you aren’t an Eagles fan, why are you even here? You legitimately are like the dirt underneath my fingernail, that’s how insignificant you are to me, your parents, your friends and the planet. Just remember to gargle when the balls are in your mouth. It’s funny how you’re talking about beating the teams they played… because that’s all you can do. No one is annointing Kelly yet, you dipshit. His one year track record is pretty successful and what he does in terms of sports science is proving to be revolutionary… there’s nothing wrong with either of those statements. How about you educate yourself before throwing out the term “uneducated” you Bisquick drinking bum.

    • Q,
      Wow how educated you are, keep up the
      Intelligent feedback and comments. Remember use your right hand.

    • You jerk chip Kelly off with two hands and you told me to suck your balls. That’s pretty gay.

      Once again. Kyle Orton, Matt Flynn, skins twice, the raiders. Lol woooooooo

      No one over rates their team and players like eagle fans. Noooooo bodyyyyyyyy. Losers dopes nitwits dipshits and apparently faggots.

      Let me guess you are one of those dudes who would fight someone over wearing a different jersey at the linc. Lmao get a life you loser.

  7. How bout that obnoxious uninformed douche nozzle Heath Evans and his whole article about how chip won’t last a year. I really hate him on NFL Network.

  8. The 100lbs mole on sue serio's ass

    August 15, 2014 at 10:06 am

    Teeth is leaving good day for Kansas City. Hope Aaron Murray gets cut

  9. These types of articles used to be written by Crossing Broad, now it just links directly to another website?

    What the fuck happened?

  10. Chip Kelly is a success? Because he monitors his players sleep?

  11. Dumb traffic bitch

    August 15, 2014 at 10:24 am

    So the dumb traffic bitch has a steady job, but she’s leaving it to go live in KC (get it? KC haha) to live with the guy she twitter stalked.
    Is she even aware that he was a low round draft pick and there’s a pretty good chance that he won’t even make the team?

  12. K@cieMcFuckHole

    August 15, 2014 at 10:24 am

    And they are wrong? He lost a playoff game. Such a sad state when success is getting to the playoffs in a weak ass division.

    • Guy was a rookie head coach that inherited a team that just went 4 and fucking 12. Our expectations for the season were, “Hey if we go 7-9 or 8-8 with the new coach and scheme and get something to build on, we’ll be happy.” They won the fucking division. Kick rocks dude.

  13. I’m sorry, what has Chip Kelly done so far? He remains unproven.

  14. Wake me up when the Eagles win a playoff game under Chip,until then I’m going back to sleep.

  15. Um….what exactly has Kelly won? He won ten games against a soft schedule where he played the Packers without Aaron Rodgers and the Lions in a foot of snow where Calvin Johson was basically taken out of the game by the elements.

    Loss to the awful Vikings, barely beat the Cowboys with Kyle Orton at QB and then lost a home playoff game to the Saints.

    Stop annointing him as some NFL success story.

  16. Professional sports: You win the championship or you do not. There is no trophy for second place–and, no, a conference or division championship DOES NOT COUNT.
    That is all.

    • So we’re supposed to NOT be optimistic after expecting a losing season last year, but winning the division instead?

      Can’t we be optimistic for once? Or is that not allowed in the greater Philadelphia area?

  17. He has been in the league for 1 fucking season.

    Everyone needs to stop anointing him as anything.

  18. Crossing broad: where the tough guy eagle fans talk about other guys dicks

    Gotta be proud of this site kyle

    • Crossing Broad. Where I go to spend hours a day because I have no life. Sometime I hate myself. Think about how meaningless my life is. I just spent 2 hours repeating myself and trying to piss people off only to get pissed off. Now I have to keep checking back. Fact.

      • I really am the biggest Eagles fan.

        I also would like to apologize for everything I have said so far.

        Chip Kelly is an outstanding coach and deserves recognition as such.

  19. Hi I’m Matt I’m the guy that showed up at HBO’s Bunny Ranch with his Mom.

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