Lehigh Valley Sportscaster Punches Asshole In Chest on Live TV

GIF via Jack Cotter

GIF via Jack Cotter

Alternate headline: An asshole in a cowboy hat got punched by a wily veteran sportscaster for being a dick.

During some on-location Musikfest coverage up in Bethlehem, Service Electric TV2 Sports Director Mike Zambelli laid a slow motion Dusty Rhodes punch on an idiot who tried to interrupt his newscast by attempting (and failing) at the fake “Fuck her right in the pussy” meme. The dude actually yelled “fuck her in the pussy” twice before he was on the receiving end of a nice hard mic to the sternum, delivered relatively calmly.

According to McCall, “Bethlehem police Chief Mark Diluzio said the video, while ‘hilarious,’ did not result in a report to police.” The station’s GM Jack Capparell told McCall that he’s “seen the video, [but] I’d rather not talk about it.” Sure, yeah, but we wanna talk about it. The best part of all of it is the death stare Zambelli gives this dude after he’s already sprinting away from security (aka the long-haired dude chasing him). Like “Okay, so you yelled ‘fuck her in the pussy’ twice on my live shot, but don’t you dare try to do it a third time.”

Video after the jump.


  1. Trying to decide which flatbrim lid to wear to Fantasy Fest this weekend. Holla!

  2. I would have dropped the hammer on that old fuck if he ever put his hands on me like that

  3. Assholes do a live shot in a bar surrounded by booze consumption and they are shocked when a patron tries to get some camera time. WTF!!!

  4. Battery Definition

    August 12, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    “At common law, an intentional unpermitted act causing harmful or offensive contact with the “person” of another.

    Battery is concerned with the right to have one’s body left alone by others.”

    Could be construed as self defense and IMO should be legal.

  5. Video is down….

  6. UglyFox29TrafficSlut

    August 12, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    Nice video, Jim. You fucking asshat!

  7. Michael Barkann

    August 12, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    I’m putting the newsguy in the hopper!

  8. Down goes Frazier. Down goes Frazier.

  9. Nice right hook – notice how he does a little double-pump on the backswing, loading up. Must do some heavy-bag work…

  10. Anyone taking sides with the drunk loser is the typical illiterate crossing broad commenter. It all comes together so nicely. Now just include your home address so we can find and deport you.

    • you are a sports reporter doing a live shot in a bar at a festival where people are expected to get drunk. you don’t have the foresight to expect one of the drunks will interrupt your live shot? station idiots. and if that old man would have put his hands on me he would have been on hospital food for a month.

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