Media Rumblings: Colleen Wolfe Is Heading to the NFL Network, CSN Gets New Football Show

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Earlier this year, the NFL announced NFL Now, a streaming, mobile, over-the-top-service that brings you in-game highlights, original content, and for a small fee, access to the NFL Films library. The service won’t show live games (yet?), but it’s the NFL’s first step toward cutting the cord, and it’s something they’ve been pushing a lot lately. It’s available online, on IOS and Android, Apple TV, and PS4 and Xbox One. Anyway, hearing that Colleen Wolfe is leaving FOX 29 for the network, which is based in LA. She’ll be its lead female anchor. Scott Hanson is already sort of a big deal over there, obviously as the host of RedZone, so this makes two former CSN-ers with prominent NFL Network roles.

CSN is adding another pun-y-titled show. From a press release:

Comcast SportsNet expands its robust football programming with a new 30-minute show “Quick Slants,” featuring Comcast SportsNet’s Derrick Gunn and columnist Reuben Frank. “Quick Slants” will air weekdays at 6 p.m., and will feature discussions on the top stories around the league, centering on the NFC and the Philadelphia Eagles. “Quick Slants” will also feature national football experts from NBC Sports and “ProFootball Talk,” as well as social media integration through Facebook and Twitter.

While writing this post, Molly Eichel of the Daily News also reported that Wolfe is leaving FOX and will be replaced by Keith Russell, formerly of 6 ABC.

Starting this fall, I’ll be a regular contributor on FOX’s weekend morning show. Have breakfast in bed with me, please.


  1. Odds Kyle has requested K@cie’s seat / changing room?


  3. awaiting moderation?!?!?!?! I thought this was the USA

  4. Collen Wolfe, worst nose job in broadcasting.

  5. Loves me some c. wolfe

  6. Wait, so who will be Gonzo’s beard now?

  7. Didn’t she marry someone from a lower caste?

  8. Professor Libfool

    August 28, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    I a liberal girlieman and words hurt me. So keep your nasty words to yourself you brutes.

  9. Since we’re making up banging media chics,I was in a 3-way with cbs3’s Lesley Van Arsdall,and the beautiful beautiful nbc10’s Nefertiti Jacquez.

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