Mo’ne Davis Autographs Are Going for $500 on Ebay

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This is about where I’d sing Lee Greenwood’s God Bless The USA, because right now, a Mo’ne Davis signed Little League baseball is going for (with 12 hours remaining) $510!

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The listing even comes complete with a horribly-lit picture of Mo’ne (allegedly) signing the ball:

Voila_Capture 2014-08-20_11-05-28_AM

A few things:

1) Assuming this thing is real, I must say, I love Mo’ne’s signature. When I was 31 13, I used to practice my autograph in a black and white composition notebook, trying out all sorts of crazy, swirly designs just in case I ever became a famous athlete. God help the world if I had. I would’ve been such a prick with an obnoxious autograph to match it. But not Mo’ne. Like everything else she does, she’s just a kid, signing shit with bad handwriting like she’s writing her name on the attendance slip for science class.

2) Mo’ne. If this doesn’t solidify her reaching one-name status, I don’t know what does.

3) Don’t pay $510 for this. I’m not an autograph guy, so I’d probably only pay $500 for signatures from, in this order: Babe Ruth, Steve Jobs, John Hancock and Jesus (and his would require a verifying face-stamp). But if you really want Mo’ne’s signature, just hire a kid to steal her spelling homework or something. Don’t buy this.

Anyway, weird times right now. In 12 years, we’re going to look back on 2014 as the year a 13-year-old girl was the most famous athlete, people dumped water on their heads, cops terrorized citizens in Missouri, and the 777 magic trick began.

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  1. what loser would buy that?

  2. The fuck is this shit?

  3. Steve Jobs?…seriously?

  4. This chick is going to fall hard when she returns to reality. But then again maybe we shouldn’t be making stars out of 13 year olds whose only skill involves throwing a ball pass 12 year olds. Its not like she can sustain this fame.

    • Why is she going to fall hard when she returns to reality? Why does she need to sustain this fame? Let her enjoy the moment and what happens after that is up to her.

      • Right…13 year old kids are well equipped to handle being a media darling for two weeks (to ridiculous and unjustified lengths mind you) to being complete nobodies three weeks later.

      • Watch the 30 for 30 documentary on Cody Webster. DS has a good point

  5. Kyle Scott's Total Lack of Originality

    August 20, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Meh, who cares? Let the 13 yearold enjoy her 15minutes of fame. No ones gonna give two shits about her in a month anyway. Quite frankly, I find it pretty sad we have to resort to little league baseball as the only sport worth talking about here in Philly. Hasn’t Chase done anything else shirtless you can post about?

    Step it up Kyle.

  6. This little girls gonna end up like Cody Webster with all this media coverage on her she’s gonna end failing. Just like DS said we shouldn’t make 13 year olds into stars. Articles about her becoming an actual major leaguer, si cover, espn coverage now this? A ball being sold for 500 on eBay? Vegas is gonna silence this team but I can bet my money that they’ll still center the story around mone Davis

    • Please tell me you’re kidding. No one actually wrote a serious article speculating that Davis could one day play in the Majors, right?

      • I read an article on time magazine talking about how this girl should aspire to be a MLB player cause you’ll get paid more compared to the wnba. I lost it from there the fuck are people thinking

  7. She looked really good tonight. First girl to ever lose a Little League World Series and she cried like a baby as she looked at strke three in the last inning. Class act all the way.

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