Overhyped Cuban Defector Not Signing with Phillies, Reportedly Going to Red Sox

Jay-Z has won.

Rusney Castillo, the projected-to-be-slightly-above-medicore free-swinging Cuban defector utility player represented by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, will reportedly sign with the Red Sox for an OBSCENE amount of money despite not having played in a formal game in a year and a half. The bow tie man, little baby Ken Rosenthal, brings you this report:

Voila_Capture 2014-08-22_11-25-27_AM

GAH! Reports had Castillo signing for anywhere between $30-$60 million. AND HE’S GETTING 72. Jay-Z FTMFW. All that for a guy with this scouting report.



  1. This kid should be sending Puig a nice present for helping get this kind of contract. 2 years ago this kid would be seeing no more than 25 million.

  2. I can’t wait for the Cuz to tell Robby E Castillo is the MAN! Then I can call in, kiss his ass, and agree with everything he says. Fellas in the Afternoon!

  3. Ok so a Raji Davis with power. I’d take that over Revere and Dom any day. Probably Marlon too. Ease on overhyped at least til we see the dude. Sure it’s 6 years 12 mil per but it’s not my money.

    I’d take Keith Laws opinion over BA any day too. Haven’t seen his comments about Rusney.

    Side note. This raises the price for that Tomas guy the Phils were interested in. So that stinks but again not my money.

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