Photo: Harry Styles of One Direction is Running Roughshod at the NovaCare Complex

Voila_Capture 2014-08-14_01-50-46_PM Voila_Capture 2014-08-14_01-50-57_PM

Not gonna lie– I had to Google “Harry Styles.” Turns out he’s a famous bloke from One Direction, which is playing at the Linc tonight. Anyway, here he is holding a LeSean McCoy jersey, because there’s a reasonable chance the SEO in this post will have an incredible residual effect from 14-year-old females on their Google machines. Hashtag fanfiction.

UPDATE: Headline originally said the Linc. It’s the NovaCare Complex.


  1. Kyle I have defended many of your posts before. I really never had a real issue with anything that you have posted before. But this…

    Really dude.

    These kinds of posts is what make me lose interest and stop following. Not because I dislike this kind of crap, but rather it is useless clutter that I would rather not even see.

    If you think this is in anyway news, interesting, funny or even worth being mentioned then you have a clear disconnect with the priorities of your readers.

    And sure, who cares what one person writes on a blog that is making YOU money. I’m sure you get the last laugh right? I just hope you realize this kind of crap is a slippery slope to losing people who tune in to your site.

  2. What he said. ^

  3. “Not gonna lie– I had to Google ‘Harry Styles.'”

    Bull. Shit.

  4. Shady should throw that 45 LB weight through this kids skull.

  5. eskin swallows cataldi's spunk

    August 14, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    We should run a seamen pool, it terms of who wants to guess who swallowed the most cum after they got off the stage. I’ll say that dude in the picture.

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