Donovan McNabb is a Huge Asshole

Photo Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Donovan McNabb was on 97.5 today with Harry Mayes, Brian Baldinger and his crazy-ass pinky. Here’s what he (McNabb, not Baldy’s wild pinky) said about Nick Foles:

Does he give you the impression that he’s a franchise quarterback?

“I can’t answer that at this particular point, but if I had to give a take, I would say no. I think what he will do, he won’t do what he did last year, that just won’t happen. 27 touchdowns, 2 interceptions. I see him more being maybe a 25 touchdown, maybe a 8-10 interception guy. [They’re] trying to have in the mind of Nick Foles is you don’t have to take chances all the time. There’s nothing wrong with checking down to the back, utilizing your tight end. You don’t have to take the shots all the time. It’s not one of those type of offenses where we’re going to score on the first play and get off the field. The thing for Nick Foles is, don’t worry about what you did last year. Focus on what’s going on nowThings are going to change. Defenses are game planning for you. They’ll try and eliminate LeSean McCoy but you are their focus, and if they provide pressure to you and get you out of your spot, then they’ve done their job.”

“Nick Foles is not known for his ability to get out of the pocket. When I had him on my show, I told him, Has anyone ever told you you have the speed of a turtle? When he’s running the read option, I’ve never seen a quarterback move so slow.”


Is he joking with this? I can’t answer that… but no. Go. To. Hell. Who in the world is McNabb to tell Foles, whose team led the league in 20+ yard plays and pass plays(!), that he should be “Checkdown Charlie”? What a patronizing son of a bitch. It’s not one of those offenses where we’re going to score on the first play and get off the field? Ummmm, that’s pretty much Chip’s goal, you idiot– score quickly and get off the field. Not only is Five an asshole, his analysis couldn’t be more wrong. And he’s so butthurt that someone is more beloved (read: beloved at all) in Philly. Don’t worry about what you did last year? This coming from the guy who WORRIED ABOUT EVERYTHING. God I hate this man. Five may always love me but I’ll always hate him. I’ll hate him in a house. I’ll hate him with a mouse. I’ll hate him here or there. I’ll hate him everywhere. I hate Donovan McNabb more every day. I hate him more today than I did yesterday, and I’ll hate him more tomorrow than I do today.

Listen to the whole thing here.


  1. Levi from Overbrook Park

    September 2, 2014 at 4:44 pm

    Foles is not a franchise QB. He has not proven anything

    • Fuck off Levi

    • He easily had the most impressive first year as a starter than any qb in the history of the game. Fuck off you are an idiot, when shit like that happens it isn’t a fluke it’s talent dipshit.

    • You,are a hater Levi hear you call radio all the time. Foles is a franchise an get used to it

    • You don’t perform at the level that Foles did last year in the NFL by accident. He has proven that he can perform at a high level. He hasn’t proven that he is an elite quarterback, but that’s impossible to do in a single year. Only time will tell if he is a great QB, but what he did last year cannot be discounted. Stop being a hater.

  2. Best post from Kyle in ages.

  3. Russell Wilson went 26 tds 9 picks last year….and had a QB rating over a 100.

    McNabb is a clown everyone knows Foles isn’t going 27/2 again I can’t stand five

  4. You know, this whole thing with most people in the city hating Donovan to one degree or another is a goddamn shame. Here is a player who is hands down the best QB the Eagles ever had (so far) and should be beloved be everyone. I mean, he was the QB for the Eagles most successful period ever. How can we not love this man? Because he won’t shut the fuck up. He does it to himself with this nonsense, constantly talking shit about the city and the current players on the team. He truly doesn’t fucking get it. If he actually wanted us to like him he would stop being such a whiny crybaby all the time. Is it jealousy or bitterness? Who the fuck knows what goes on in that crazy ass brain of his. I’m starting to think he wants us to hate him, like he gets off on it or it just reinforces his fucked up beliefs about this city that started when we drafted him. It should be sad really and at one time it was but at this point, fuck McNabb. They ought to just tear down that banner with his number on it and give to some no name asshole that won’t even make the team. If he’s going to constantly disrespect us, its time we disrespected him right back.

    • Jim you suck donkey balls

    • 5 is less than 9

      September 2, 2014 at 7:12 pm

      It’s jealousy and bitterness. McNabb’s problem is that there is always something spewing out of his mouth. Yes, he has been the Eagles most talented QB so far but he was total loss as a leader.

      • Where is this “total loss as a leader” thing coming from? Did you play for the Eagles while McNabb was quarterback? Do me a favor, as everyone’s leader Brian Dawkins who he thought was the real leader of the Eagles. The answer might surprise you.

  5. Snuffles the clown

    September 2, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Dick Tracy, stick to playing Dance Dance Revolution in your moms basement because trolling isn’t for you faggot.

  6. Im trying to figure out why you disagree with McNabb so much. He usually says really dumb things but I actually agree with him. Foles isnt gonna go 27 and 2. its not possible again, especially against better teams than last year and with a year of film for a team to study. He could get like 30 and 10 but McNabb saying 25 and 8-10 isnt a slight on Foles. Its just realistic. And yes the team probably wants to limit Foles taking to any chances down field bc they dont have the threat of Jackson anymore. Im all for an offense that consists of screens to McCoy and Sproles, and passes to the two TEs that can do very well in this offense. Its just typical overreaction to McNabb bc for some reason people cant over the fact he didnt ‘win the big one”. Just like everyones favorite Jaws

    • Its not what he says…its the way he says it. The whoa is me…passive aggressive bs is tired. No one wants to hear it. If his attitude was different…people would love him..he’s not disliked bc he didn’t win the Superbowl….its the other shit around him.

      • Kyle Scott Impression

        September 3, 2014 at 8:47 am

        Yeah, I hate how passive aggressive McNabb is and how he always got shots in at the fans and was snippy with the media. Guy wasn’t a true leader. Now excuse me while I go worship my Mike Richards shrine….Oohh wait…

    • I’ll take 25 TDs and 8 Interceptions every year for the next 5 years. If you can do that, you’re a franchise quarterback. McNabb is just talking shit.

  7. Wait. Kyle Scott hates Donovan McNabb? You wouldn’t be able to tell from this site.

    What McNabb said about Foles is nothing that many, many national pundits haven’t said. But, Kyle Scott hates McNabb so McNabb gives the failry valid opinion that Foles has not proven anything and that hey, chances are he’s going to throw less TDs and more INTs than that incredible TD/INT ratio last year and Kyle Scott goes on a whiny little CAPITAL LETTER infused bitch fest.


  9. For a change, I agree with every word Kyle said.

    I need a shower.

    McNabb is a passive aggressive twat. It isn’t the “25-8″ part of the statement, it was the rest of the blabbering that that discreetly ran down Foles and Kelly.

    And fuck Baldinger and Mayes for not asking him to expand on the nonsense that followed the 25-8 part fo the statement.

  10. I knew a guy worked for the Eagles. sidelines etc. After the playoff loss to Tampa, he told his brother, ” I shouldn’t be telling you this, but all during the game Childress kept telling Andy Reid ‘ I CANT BELIEVE HE MISSED THE OPEN GUY ”

    McNabb stayed with his primary TOO LONG. Also, he couldn’t put touch on the ball ( like Rothlisberger did to win that SB).

    When Jeff Garcia was in the huddle, the players saw him as one of them. McNabb was a “company guy”

  11. You and your readers are angry because, in your heart of hearts, you know this is accurate.

  12. McNabb never had the mechanics to win a SB. under throw, overthrow 5 yd passes at 90MPH.

    ps: I don’t hate #5 He just couldn’t get it done.

  13. Funny, a guy who makes his living being a smartass and talking shit on people from behind a keyboard calls someone else out for being passive aggressive. Right

    For every dumb thing McNabb has said hes gotten 5 times worth the negative press over it. What the fuck is the problem with this statement? If you said this quote was from some random average joe calling a talk show, half the city would agree, because there is still a very real chance that last year was a fluke. (I dont think it was, but I still live in reality). But Donovan says it, so we have to sift through every fucking syllable and try to extract some contrived bullshit controversy over it. Donovan says foles should check down a little more instead of trying to replicate last years performance…How exactly is that being condescending and how does that equate to McNabb trashing him as a checkdown QB? He says he doesnt know if foles will be the real deal, but if he had to guess, he thinks not. The guy still gives Foles the benefit of the doubt by saying he doesnt know, so that obviously indicates that McNabb is a mean spirited asshole whos talking down to Foles. Got it.

    Also, we Philly fans tout our toughness, intrlligence, blue collar mentality bla bla bla, yet everyone gets their fuckin panties in a twist over someone saying completely inocuous things– someone who they already labeled as a diva years ago and hasnt been actually relevant in this town for years and cant fucking get over.

  14. Who gives a fuck he’s just giving his opinion. Philly fans are so sensitive

  15. Hoagiefest is Back

    September 2, 2014 at 6:48 pm

    #5 will always be a turd.

  16. “[They’re] trying to have in the mind of Nick Foles is you don’t have to take chances all the time. There’s nothing wrong with checking down to the back, utilizing your tight end. You don’t have to take the shots all the time.”

    I don’t understand. When does Foles “take chances all the time”? Isn’t the beef with Foles that he holds on to the ball too long? Does a QB who “takes shots all the time” have 2 interceptions throughout the course of a season?

    McNabb is dead wrong.

  17. Haystacks Calhoun

    September 2, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    McChoke, the self anointed “captain of the ship” who compared himself to Elway and Favre! What a fuckin’ real asshole! He really worked hard at getting everyone to hate his fuckin’ guts. Then says, why do people hate me? Waaa!!!

  18. The Real Jeff from Camden

    September 2, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    Eagles fans are racist. If Foles was an African American you wouldn’t be saying he’s the real deal

    • Haystacks Calhoun

      September 3, 2014 at 1:37 pm

      Boy, that really narrows it down. Everyone who likes the Eagles is a racist. You sound like a whining ass nigga that just loves to play the race card! Also, I would be embarrassed to say I live in a shit hole like Camden! Which intersection do you “work” at?


    September 3, 2014 at 5:40 am


  20. Introducing Mr Roman Gabriel

    September 3, 2014 at 6:13 am

    I’m the real five. For those of you who don’t remember me, I’m the best and baddest QB in Eagles history. They used to flag me for roughing the pass rusher when I kicked them in the balls. Once we were playing the Rams and Deacon Jones hit me late from the blind side. I ripped off his helmet and stomped him in the head until he started crying, then I got a magic marker and drew a picture of me beating the crap out of his mother on his helmet and gave it back to him, what a hoot.

    • We don’t tolerate your type in our league anymore you brute. We don’t like violence of any kind sir. So shut up and fade into history old timer. We here at the new NFL disassociate ourself from bullies like you and Dick Butkus and anyone else who’s violent tendencies infringe on our other players. You need to follow the fine example of modern day players like Ray Lewis!

  21. Well luckily he plays in a city where if he starts 0-3 with 2 tds and 5 ints the city will stand by him 100% and not in the end agreeing with mcnabb……………………………………………………..

  22. Yes, McNabb is a major douchenozzle. The stats he thinks Foles is capable of totally contradict his opening statement though in which he says Foles is not franchise QB mat’l.

    Which one is it Douchenozzle, 25-8 td/int or is he not a franchise QB?

  23. I can see it now ” Donovan, Stephen Smith on line one….Al Sharpton on line two….and Jesse Jackson is in the foyer.

    Roman Gabriel stiffed me for an autograph at Widener Univ when i was 16.

  24. I hate him more every fucking day. He is a diva, a douche and a petty a-hole. Die in a fire McNuggets.

  25. McNabb is a racist. If Foles were black, he would be praising him.

  26. I love Foles but 1 year doesn’t make a franchise QB. Mcnabb is absolutely right about that but of course the idiotic media completely overreacts to everything he says. Pathetic. He could cure cancer and people like Kyle Scott would complain that he is hurting the medical industry.

  27. Wow. I can’t believe they let racists write articles for this website.

  28. Haystacks Calhoun

    September 4, 2014 at 10:50 am

    Get over it, asshole! EVERYONE is a little race biased! The ones who say their not are liars!

  29. Haystacks Calhoun

    September 4, 2014 at 10:58 am

    The article is about how big an asshole McNabb is!!!

  30. I have to agree the writer seems like a racist. His hatred for the best QB we’ve had is bizarre….something else must be driving it. Besides the fact that the writer seems to be the asshole here.

  31. Haystacks Calhoun

    September 4, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    Please tell us all what the writer wrote that was racist.

  32. Haystacks Calhoun

    September 4, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Fifty two comments on here and only three idiots are trying to say it’s racist.

    • I’m not saying that he specifically wrote something that was racist. It’s just easy to see that this guy doesn’t like black people. I’ve never seen such vitriol in a writing before, except when people are talking about race or politics. McNabb is a football player – no football player should be subject to these rants. You have to admit that there is some underlying disdain for McNabb that the author has.

  33. That’s exactly right. To have that kind of hatred for a guy who gave us the best 10 years of football we’ve ever had and was a good guy, there’s something else there. And people wonder why Philly fans get made fun of. It’s because a lot of them are idiots that follow the 610 types who don’t know a thing about sports.

  34. Haystacks Calhoun

    September 4, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    It has nothing to do with race. It’s what he says. If he kept his fuckin’ mouth shut he would be a nice guy!

    • McNabb’s a commentator and analyst – how is he supposed to keep his mouth shut? They asked him a question – is he supposed to say “no comment”? He gave his opinion, and it’s an opinion that is probably shared by 90% of reasonable people as of right now. Foles hasn’t even played a full season yet – how can anyone consider him a franchise QB? Obviously Chip Kelly and the Eagles don’t yet either because they would have signed him to a franchise-type contract.

  35. Haystacks Calhoun

    September 4, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    I’m talking about all the dumb shit he said when he was a player. The self proclaimed “captain of the ship”. It was always about look at me. Me this. Me that. And the badmouthing everyone when he was traded. It was all pussy ass whining!!! THAT’S why people hate him. The stupid commentary shit just fuels the fire!

  36. He was the captain of the ship. Ask Dawkins, ask Westbrook. You’re telling if Matt Ryan said the same thing people would find it an issue? And the blaming others thing is 610 hype. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning calls out his line and is called a leader. If mcnabb did that he’d be crucified.

  37. Haystacks Calhoun

    September 5, 2014 at 8:01 am

    It may be 610 hype, but it was all true! He compared himself to Elway and Favre! Are you shittin’ me? When the Redskins dumped him, he badmouthed the coaches. Shanahan was an excellent coach and McNabb flat out sucked when he was there. Then he told RGIII to look out that they would ruin him. It goes on and on! Mr. Sour Grapes himself!!!
    Also, that #5 HOF monicker is a fuckin’ joke! No way he gets in!! Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    • Considering Griffin despises Shanahan and the Redskins fired him, I think McNabb was right. And do you mean Favre, the guy I saw McNabb completely outplay in the playoffs at the Linc in a game that ended with Favre throwing quite possibly the worst pass ever that Dawkins could have fair caught for an interception? And Elway didn’t win a ring until Terrell Davis came along. He was overrated. Had an 1:1 TD to Interception ration throughout most of his career.
      I’m not saying McNabb is the greatest ever but the amount of hate he gets in a town where he is the best we’ve had and gave us the 10 best years we’ve had is absurd. NFL.COM had him ranked #3 only behind Manning and Brady about 5 years ago when they ranked the active QB’s in terms of accomplishments, winning, stats, etc.

    • It seems to me that Shanahan ruined RG III.

  38. Haystacks Calhoun

    September 5, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    All these little stats are besides the point here. The point is, is that McNabb is a fuckin’ ASSHOLE!!! Always WAS. Always WILL be!!!

    • I still don’t know where the ASSHOLE thing is coming from. Ask all his teammates what they think of him – wouldn’t you agree that would be the people to ask? Instead of taking the word of a bitter racist who writes articles on a little-known website?

  39. So I guess any analyst or commentator who is asked a question and gives a response is an asshole if the answer isn’t what you want it to be? Makes sense

  40. Haystacks Calhoun

    September 5, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    I’m sorry. I can’t help a blind man see. I don’t take anyone’s word. I’ve witnessed it myself through the years. He’s an asshole. End of story!!!

    • I’ll write it again – why don’t you ask his teammates if they think he is an asshole. They know him better than you or racist Kyle do.

  41. McNabb has always been known to be a great guy and teammate so the fact that you say that crap proves you don’t have your own opinion and just follow the idiotic local media who are clueless.

  42. Great guy? Donavans’s remarks are negative toward white people and always positive toward black people! If he was white and made negative remarks toward black people, the media would label him a racist! Since he is black, he gets a free pass!

  43. Nancy, you sound really ignorant.

  44. And while I’m here….anyone care to admit that McNabb sure is looking like he was right about Foles?

  45. Mcnabb is the best thing to ever happen to the eagles

  46. He’s a pompous asshole nigga who likes blowing himself!

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