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The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona has released Donovan McNabb’s mugshot– without an explanation. Yet.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 1: He was issued a criminal traffic citation in January in that county. May be related to that.

UPDATE 2: TMZ reports it was a DUI arrest:

Law enforcement tells us the mug shot stems from a DUI arrest in January.

We’re told McNabb hashed out a plea deal with prosecutors and was sentenced to 1 day in an Arizona jail.

One law enforcement source tell us McNabb has already served his time … though it’s unclear when that happened.

We’ve made multiple calls to McNabb’s people — so far, no word back.

Weird that it’s released now.

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First told you last year that DeSean Jaccson reportedly owed Drew Rosenhaus nearly half a mil. From Yahoo (June, 2013):

NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus has filed a grievance against Philadelphia Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson, alleging the former client owes him more than $400,000 in unpaid loans.

Rosenhaus is alleging that Jackson took multiple loans from him, beginning when Jackson hired Rosenhaus to represent him in November 2009 and continuing through March 2012, a source told Yahoo! Sports.

Rosenhaus has filed a grievance with the NFL Players Association over the loans, multiple sources confirmed. Jackson severed ties with Rosenhaus in late May.

Well indeed he does owe Rosenhaus money.

Yahoo! legal reporter Rand Getlin Tweets that the NFL has ruled and decided that DeSean owes exactly… carry the 2… multiply by 3… divide by Lil Terrio… $516,415. Or, as it was explained to DeSean: Staccs on staccs on staccs.

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Back in 2011, Rosenhaus was overheard at Dave & Busters trash-talking DeSean as a client. Around the same time, Howard Eskin reported that Jaccson was broke and using Rosenhaus’ credit card. So… credit to Eskin, he appears to have been right.

Side note: Love how Rosenhaus tacked on, like, 50% interest. Shark, that man.

Voila_Capture 2014-04-12_09-39-24_PM Voila_Capture 2014-04-12_09-39-32_PMDeSean Jadoublecson, back from his private island (and still not at OTAs), is in Miami with his old friend Nataagataa, repping the local team. What a dumb man.

H/T to reader Mike

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You gotta love Philly area politics!

As you may know, G Cobb is running for congress, because obviously a former football player with no political experience using his pseudo-celebrity from sports talk radio and car cam vids is what this country needs.* Cobb, a former Eagle, is wrapped up in a, apparently fierce, Republican primary race in South Jersey, and that’s where his opposition, Flyers defenseman Claire Gustafson, resorted to the lowest of low blows against her rival.

From Jonathan Tamari:

Things are getting real in a South Jersey House race.

Ex-Eagle Garry Cobb is being called out … for being a former Dallas Cowboy.

The swipe, from fellow Republican Claire Gustafson, came in a press release otherwise focused on some of Cobb’s comments about how he was affected by concussions from his playing days.

But it opens with perhaps the most damaging (yet accurate) charge of all: “Responding to statements made by former Dallas Cowboy Garry Cobb …”


Shit… just got real in the South Jersey congressional primary.

*Nothing against G. He’s a nice man. Just not a fan of people running for office based solely on their name. Then again, that’s most people in office.

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The Eagles have let go (“eliminated his position,” according to a source) of Leonard Bonacci, their now former VP of event operations and event services.

Most of you have probably never heard of Bonacci, but he’s listed as an executive level employee. His bio, still available on the Eagles’ website, describes his former role thusly:

Leonard Bonacci has served as the Vice President of Event Operations and Event Services for the Philadelphia Eagles since 2003. In this role, Bonacci is responsible for overseeing and directing the game day and special event operations at Lincoln Financial Field, the NovaCare Complex and associated parking venues.

Some of the events that Bonacci has overseen during his time in Philadelphia include all Eagles home games, sold-out concerts, international soccer matches, the Army/Navy game, and a variety of community, corporate, and private functions.

Bonacci is regarded as a progressive and results-oriented facility management executive with proven success in the creation and diversification of event policy and procedure. He is recognized for the development of initiatives adopted by the NFL as Best Practices in areas of training, fan safety and crowd management. He is a metrics and analytics-driven operator with ability to partner with ticketing, sponsorship and game entertainment for a seamless game-day atmosphere.

You may recall Bonacci from a 2009 story about a game-day employee, Dan Leone, who was fired after he took to Facebook to vent his frustrations when Brian Dawkins signed with the Broncos. Bonacci had called Leone to discuss the post and, two days later, Leone was fired, unfairly, most believe.

As for Bonacci– no word on why he was let go.

Carry on.

While taking his lumps in the media for letting go of an insubordinate jackass, Chip Kelly is traveling the country visiting more pro days than, like, anyone ever. His travels took him to Annapolis last Saturday, where he stopped by a Navy football practice. While there, Chip made Will McKamey, a Navy football player who recently passed away after collapsing at practice, an honory Philadelphia Eagle.

From the Capital Gazette, via Bleeding Green Nation:

The highlight of the visit came at the end when Kelly announced that he was making Will McKamey an honorary member of the Philadelphia Eagles. McKamey, a the freshman slotback, died on March 26, three days after collapsing during a Navy spring practice.

Kelly presented Niumatalolo with a No. 41 Philadelphia Eagle jersey that had the name McKamey stenciled in bold letters on the back. The Tennessee native, who never came out of a coma after undergoing cranial surgery to relieve swelling and bleeding on the brain, wore No. 41 during during his short time as a member of the Navy football team.

“It really means a lot that someone of Chip Kelly’s stature would take the time to come to Annapolis and honor Will in that way,” said Niumatalolo, adding that the jersey would be shipped to the Knoxville home of Randy and Kara McKamey. “That Coach Kelly wanted to do something special on behalf of Will, something to uplift his family, shows what a class act he is.”

More notably, it appears there wasn’t any sort of PR push around this. Just Chip doing an unconventional and nice thing.

Warm that heart, Chip.

Photo credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The other thing that stands out, to me, is the absence of Hillary and the three blondes within arm’s length of Bill. It’s a shame college basketball games don’t have a fourth quarter, because then we could’ve witnessed Romo literally throwing his wife into Willy’s awaiting lap. But we’ll have to settle for the implicit cuckolding.

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The Redskins are one of the few teams holding early official team workouts, which began today. As one of the teams with a new coach, they’re allowed to hold their Phase 1 workout program about two weeks early. No big deal. It’s not mandatory (most players, including RGIII, are there, however) and it’s basically a routine workout session where coaches can’t even be present for the on-field portion. But. But being the new guy on the team, trying to repair a rightfully or wrongfully destroyed image, it would probably be in DeSean Jaccson’s and the team’s best interest if he, you know, showed up.

That report would be correct, since DeSean’s Instagram (the source of everything– herr meh, DC bloggers ??) places him either on a private island or at a car show in California (but pretty sure it’s the private island): Continue Reading…