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Eagles Ink Contract Extension with WIP, Will Broadcast Merrill Reese in HD

This offseason, the Eagles aren’t just signing formerly injured cast-offs and 30-year-old slot receivers. They’re extending 72-year-olds.

According to Jeff Blumenthal of Philadelphia Business Journal, the Eagles have inked an extension of unknown length (and unknown financials) with CBS Radio, which is hardly a surprise. The deal is a multi-year one:

The agreement calls for all Eagles pre-season, regular season and post-season games to continue airing on WIP and includes new elements such as an HD Radio station devoted exclusively to the Eagles 24/7 with year-round programming. CBS Radio’s Philadelphia stations have aired the games since 1992. Games will air on WIP and the 11 station Eagles Radio Network across the region.

If you’ve got HD radio (does anyone have HD radio unless it came by default in their car? what is HD radio?) you’ll be able to hear every Merrill Reese call and every Mike Quick … observation … as if though they were in the car with you. But having Mike Quick in your car sounds terrible.

Kyle: Almost non-news, but it’s good for WIP. Expect the Flyers to stick with 97.5 for some time, however. Ed Snider was none to happy when WIP bumped the Flyers to AM in favor of the Phillies after that deal was signed a few years ago. Nobody puts Eddie on the AM.


Report: Eagles Will Sign Miles Austin to a One-Year Deal Worth $2.3 Million

Voila_Capture 2015-03-30_05-26-33_PM

As posted about earlier, the Eagles will sign Miles Austin, according to Ian Rappppppppppppppppopppppppport. Austin is 30 has been just OK the last two seasons, but some of his struggles can be attributed to injuries. He will indeed count as a $5 million cap hit against the Cowboys this year.

2015 Eagles slogan candidate: Our receivers stink!


Miles Austin Is Visiting the Eagles, but Cowboys Fans Burned His Jersey Years Ago

Photo Credit: Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles have made — if the reaction of the media is anything to base your opinion on — an obnoxious number of roster moves so far this offseason. The draft is still coming up, but they might not be done in free agency. When Jeremy Maclin left, the Eagles were officially downgraded at the wide receiver position, but Miles Austin is reportedly visiting the team and that’s breaking even at best.

According to Kevin Patra at, the once-former Cowboy will visit the Eagles this week. The 30-year-old receiver has spent the last few season with the Browns (if you were just asking yourself where the hell he’s been). His career since leaving the big D has been plagued with recurring injuries, which is basically Chip Kelly’s thing now. And Ducks. Injuries and Ducks.

UPDATE: Didn’t verify this, but it’s fun either way:


Aaron Rodgers Has Become My Favorite Non-Philly Athlete…

Photo credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

… surpassing Mike Trout (until my fickle feelings take over the next time Trouty is in an Eagles jersey… or if he ever retweets me).

A-Rodge, one half of the power couple that I’m dubbing Aarivia (it needs work), fired back at one of the most old-timey reporter rants these eyes hath ever seen, oh lawdy!, after Rodgers and Sloan Sabbith Oliva Munn got to go on the court while Bo Ryan’s Badgers celebrated tournament success yet again:

Voila_Capture 2015-03-30_10-49-51_AMVoila_Capture 2015-03-30_10-50-02_AM

Get him, Aaron: Continue reading


Vinny Curry is a Hulkamaniac

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Sam Donnellon Wants The Truth!


I’ve long had a problem not with the concept but with the practice of sport columnery, where senior writers are given a finite space to fill on a typically predetermined, regular basis. Just like the problem with 24-7 news networks, where air needs to be exhaled whether there’s actual news or not, the columnist is forced to opine and feign outrage on often inferior issues undeserving of their platform. It’s a symptom of the concept of a daily newspaper.

So today, Sam Donnellon, whom I’m just assuming agreed with the likes of Reuben Frank and Mike Missanelli in their perhaps real outrage over Chip Kelly’s avoidance of the media, came out swinging at Kelly, not for his reclusiveness (because Kelly spoke to the media at length twice over the past two weeks!), but because of what he said when he did speak:


The question is, does anyone really care?

Does anyone care that Chip Kelly’s version of how Howie Roseman lost his dream job is incongruous to the version Jeffrey Lurie put forth at the NFL owners’ meetings this week? Or that the firing of Tom Gamble, which Lurie deemed “a long time coming,” was something Kelly said he knew nothing of and had nothing to do with.

And if the answer is no, which it seems to be to many, then the next question seems to be this:

Is there a place – or need – for honesty in professional sports these days?

Or is it just “Win, baby, Win?”

I’m pretty certain I know what Chip’s honest answer to that would be. Any reasonable person who has bothered to compare some of his answers on topics such as the ones above, or on the LeSean McCoy trade, with the ones offered by his owner is well aware Kelly has a little Col. Nathan Jessup in him when it comes to our right to the truth.

He has neither the time nor the inclination to explain himself to . . . well, you get the drift.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

It’d be one thing to call out Lurie and Kelly for the inconsistencies in their stories (that’s an actual story!), but Donnellon used the topic, and his contrived lede, to broach a tired subject that he himself acknowledged probably no one cares about. BREAKING: Sports fans more interested in winning than inside baseball during the smack-dab middle of the offseason. More at 11.

But then, the conditioned response of the ink-stained scriptual kicked in (I typically like Donnellon, so this isn’t meant to trash the guy– just this particular column) and Sammy reflexively took aim at fans – his readers and audience – who care little about whether the coach speaks and usually enjoy his messing with the media:

The producer/director, of course, is our beloved head coach, whose continued bemusement amid the frantic and often futile pursuit of truth has, if nasty comments at the end of our stories carry any weight, solidified an army of tweet-twitching followers. That prankster’s smile of his, that rapid-fire verbiage that ultimately offers about as much sustenance as a rice cake – it’s wonderfully entertaining.

Especially when the media are on the other end of the prank.

We’re the bad guys, the messengers, eating all that free food, being lazy all the time, not following the lessons of Journalism 101, a course that clearly about 1 billion people have taken. And Kelly, whose close circle of friends back in New Hampshire included members of the Fourth Estate, certainly knows this. He also knows that, as long as he can sell it as him against them, the public will allow him all the obfuscating his little heart desires.

As long as he Wins, baby, Wins.


Every bit of this, be it from Sam or Reuben or Mike or Les, is self-serving, whether they admit it or not. In truth, the Eagles’ drama has given them more to write about. Imagine how boring it would’ve been if DeSean was released last year because he had a troublesome shoulder injury that made his cap hit too risky? Boring! Or what if Howie Roseman took a job as a financial analyst so he could stop being the office nerd? Snoozefest! And yet, the disingenuousness of writing a column complaining about the so-called soap opera is completely lost on Donnellon.

Of course Jeff and Chip aren’t going to give the whole story. If they did, the headlines would be: Chip Throws Howie Under The Bus. McCoy’s Work Ethic A Little To Shady For Kelly. You know how this works. So does Chip. So does Sam. So, the Eagles do what. every. organization. does. when it parts ways with an executive or high-profile employee: We had a different vision and wish him well. This is why we collectively rolled our eyes when reporters, who, unfortunately for them lack both the physical appearance and charm of early-90s Tom Cruise, demanded that Chip take the stand and answer about the code red or however the fuck you want to crowbar the reference into your story.

And then we have the true disconnect between those who’ve spent a life in sports where press conferences and media scrums trump the actual games and experience of something as irrational and inconsequential as sports fandom. Accountability is good (so is greed, if we want to work in another classic VHS-era movie reference), and while we’d all love to hear Chip spill his guts about interoffice politics at One NovaCare Way, it’s never going to happen. Not on Chips’s watch. So instead, we sit back and enjoy as a man, seemingly grotesque and incomprehensible to those who cover him, who operates so far beyond the walls that the media professes to guard and uses words like “culture” and “philosophically” and pictures of Bart Simpson, toys with those who, deep down in places they don’t write about in hackneyed columns, want drama over which to feign outrage, need drama over which to feign outrage, about the man who has neither the time nor the inclination to explain himself to those whose feigned outrage depends on the drama that he provides and who question the manner in which he provides it! Does Chip Kelly disdain Howie Roseman? YOU’RE GODDAMN RIGHT HE DOES!

I should probably just call it a week.


Leah Still, Now in Remission, Adorably Wants Her Dad to Play for the Eagles

Voila_Capture 2015-03-26_12-45-42_PM

Cincinnati Bengal and Camden native Devon Still and his daughter, Leah, were on FOX Good Day today, a day after announcing that Leah’s cancer was in remission. Leah basically spent the full six-minute segment being adorable, but outdid herself at the end when she looked at her dad and declared: “Daddy, you’re never going back to Cincinnati. You’re playing for the Eagles!”

Still just signed a one-year deal with the Bengals. Awkward.

Video after the jump. Continue reading


Chip Kelly on Philosophy, Mariota, and World History

Chip Kelly spoke — quite saucily — to the media for over an hour this morning without saying hardly anything. But he did use the word “philosophically” about 1,000 times in trolling the gathered media talking about this coming draft:

“Philosophically, I want to keep all of our draft picks. I think you build your team through the draft. So if you gut yourself for one year and for one guy, philosophically, I don’t think that’s the right thing to do.”

And yet, Sal Pal, still in the process of slinging shit around the room like a drunken monkey who just ate some bad creme brulee, pressed on about Mariota. Here’s how the exchange went, according to Eliot Shorr-Parks:

Still, Kelly admitted that there were exceptions to every rule, which led to this back-and-forth with a reporter when he was asked if there was a price the head coach would pay for Mariota.

“What’s it cost?,” Kelly said. “Give me a number?”

“Two first-round picks,” the reporter replied.

“Where am I going?,” Kelly said, “From where to where?”

“To No. 6,” said the reporter.

“Never gets you there,” Kelly said. “It took two first round picks to go from No. 6 to No. 2 two years ago.”

As for if there was any price he would commit right now to paying for Mariota, Kelly offered up an unlikely scenario.

“If he goes to 12,” Kelly said, “and it is going to cost us a conditional seventh-round pick?”

Chip admitted, however, that even though he is philosophically against trading draft picks, there are always exceptions to philosophical thought, like that time in 1492 when… ah… just some guy sailed the ocean blue:

“People used to think the world was flat until that guy took a boat and didn’t fall off the earth.”

Close enough.

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