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The NY Post Back Page is Pretty Amazing Today

If you told me last year that Mark Sanchez would be the Eagles’ starting quarterback on Thanksgiving against the Cowboys this year, I would’ve punched you.


Here is Video of a Bald Eagle Wearing a GoPro During a Flyover of the Texans’ Garbage Field

That’s Challenger, also known as “Not Noah,” doing a flyover during the National Anthem at a Texans game with a GoPro strapped to his back. The video is actually pretty incredible, and we’d love it if they did this with Noah, but lord knows how that dude would react.



Curmudgeon Les Bowen Hates Your Early Morning Eagles Chants

Voila_Capture 2014-11-26_09-40-08_AM

Yucccchh. Who brought him to the party?

Oh and as Exhibit B to demonstrate why Bowen’s coverage of D-Jac was so positive this summer, it wasn’t too early for some holiday greetings from Gayle Jaccson:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-26_09-42-11_AM


Les loves him some Gayle.

H/T to (@jride442)


Every NFC East Team Has Tried to Hire Oregon’s Former DC to Stop Chip Kelly

Stopping Chip Kelly’s offense has been a problem for most teams since the former Oregon coach took over the Eagles. We don’t even know what other teams have tried behind closed doors. Faster practices? Attempts to decode sideline Macarenas? Fake injuries? But at least the Eagles’ division rivals have been making calls to a man they think can stop Chip: his former defensive coordinator at Oregon.

Nick Aliotti, who was the defensive coordinator at Oregon under Kelly from 2009 to 2013 (now retired), told the Oregonian:

“I have been asked by everybody in the NFC East. The Giants asked me to come back when Chip got the first job. I didn’t feel right doing that. Some teams have called when they’re getting ready to play the Eagles and they call and have certain questions on the thing. Unless I know the guy and he’s a good friend, I don’t get involved with that.”

I get that in professional sports you do whatever you can to gain an edge, but calling up a dude’s friends to snuff out his weaknesses? That’s a bad look, guys.


Emmitt Smith was Signing Tweets (What?) But Wouldn’t Sign Sean Brace’s “Cowboys Suck” Tweet

The lead up to the Cowboys/Eagles game this Thursday is well underway, and the latest pre-game hype comes by way of a … ripped up tweet? Emmitt Smith was signing blown-up and printed-out versions of tweets sent to him for some reason I guess, and when he came across Sean Brace’s “Cowboys Suck” tweet he decided to record what he was going to do to it.

The biggest takeaway from this? People are signing tweets now. What kind of world do we live in?


Here’s Sonny, the One-legged Vet Who Had His Leg Stolen, Singing about Getting His Leg Stolen

You probably know Sonny Forriest Jr., the one-legged veteran who sings outside Eagles games and who had his leg stolen a few weeks ago during the Giants assault. The leg was found in short order – someone left it at the Olyney Septa station – and the whole thing prompted Forriest to, um, write(?) a song about it. This is just begging to be a ripped-from-the headlines Always Sunny plot. Really, I don’t think there’s one thing I would change.

via (@tallmaurice)


Video: Bradley Cooper Wants Dallas

I’m at an 11 right now.


Here are the Eagles Cheerleaders Explaining the Read Option or Something

Voila_Capture 2014-11-24_11-40-59_AM

Over at USA Today, they’re hosting videos of some Eagles cheerleaders supposedly explaining the read option and the no-huddle offense, but they could be reading the instructions for an electric stovetop or the details of your student loans and we wouldn’t notice the difference.

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