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Brandon Boykin Clarifies (Or Backs Off) His Comments About Chip Kelly


Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Boykin explained his comments about Chip Kelly at Steelers training camp today. From The Guardian:

“When you’re a player, you want to be able to relate to your coach off the field,” Boykin told reporters at the Steelers training camp. “There were times he just didn’t talk to people. You would walk down the hallway, he wouldn’t say anything to you. I’m not saying he’s a racist in any way.”

Boykin added that other players shared his sentiments about Kelly. “I felt a lot of guys in that locker room feel the same way,” he said. “Of course, when you’re in the organization, you’re not going to voice your opinion. For me, I’ve always been a guy of honesty. Not trying to put anybody out in any way, but if you’re honest with me, I’ll be honest with you, and I felt like that honesty wasn’t there all the time.”

So it’s either one of two things:

1) Boykin is retreating and doubling-down on semantics. I said “culture.” You know, like young guys. Football guys. Oh, oh, haha, you thought I meant black players? Haha. No. Just young guys. Yeah, totally that. Not black players at all. That would be CRAAAAAZY to say that. Lol. We good?

2) Boykin is an idiot and a baby and didn’t realize that his comments would throw off the race vibe when in reality he’s just overly sensitive and upset because Chip didn’t make small talk with him in the hallway.



UPDATE: Brandon Boykin Just Implied That Chip Kelly Is a Racist

Chip addressing the media today

Chip addressing the media today

For the second time in three seasons, Eagles training camp is kicking off with a race issue.

The recently-traded Brandon Boykin told Derrick Gunn in a text that, yep, Chip Kelly is basically a racist. Geoff Mosher writing about Gunn’s scorching inbox:

In a text message to Comcast SportsNet’s Derrick Gunn, Boykin said Kelly is “uncomfortable around grown men of our culture.”

“He can’t relate and that makes him uncomfortable,” Boykin added in the text message. “He likes total control of everything, and he don’t like to be uncomfortable. Players excel when you let them naturally be who they are, and in my experience that hasn’t been important to him, but you guys have heard this before me.”

The “heard this before me” reference pertains to other Eagles who were sent packing, one way or another, during Kelly’s tenure as head coach. Kelly’s third training camp starts Sunday at the NovaCare Complex.


This is now becoming a theme. And whether these accusations from spurned players are real or imagined, the damage is done. Chip is cast as a racist. It’s that simple.

Voila_Capture 2015-08-02_11-21-02_AM

There are so many layers to this that can’t be unpacked in a single blog post. So for now, that’s what was said. We’ll see how Chip responds… though if I’m an Eagles PR guy, I’m sending Chip out on a community project in the deep hood, stat.

UPDATE: At his press conference, Chip seemed genuinely surprised and disappointed at Boykin’s comment. Said he gave him a handshake and a hug when he left last night. Said Boykin had a great work ethic. Said he liked Boykin. He admitted that he’s disappointed by the comments made by Boykin and others. Here’s the audio:

UPDATE 2: Chip said Mychal Kendricks isn’t going anywhere. “You can write that down in ink, not pencil.” What about in editable online type?


BANNER WARS: Eagles and Cowboys Fans Are Raising Money for Competing Banners to Be Flown over Training Camps

Voila_Capture 2015-08-01_08-53-20_AM

This is a publicity stunt on the precipice of jumping a shark. That said, I welcome our grammatical flyovers.

Yesterday, noted Eagles fan The Mighty EROCK launched his Go Fund Me campaign to raise $1,800 to fly a “WE GOT DEMARCO” banner over Cowboys training camp.

Cowboys fans – the pond scum that, unfortunately, lives among us – responded with a campaign of their own– first for a banner that would read “WE GOT THE DIVISION,” but which has turned into the ridiculous and dumb “WE STILL DEM BOYZ #SACKSCOMIN” based on a suggestion by one of their funders, new Cowboy Greg Hardy:Voila_Capture 2015-08-01_08-54-09_AM

There is a new development in the fundraising efforts. Greg Hardy himself has contributed $300 to the cause, and he suggested a phrase for the banner.

The new suggestion, from Greg, was “WE STILL DEM BOYZ!”

We thought it’d be a hell of a way to honor his contribution by updating the banner for the fly-over, and adding a little something for his contribution.

The banner will now read “WE STILL DEM BOYZ! #SACKSCOMIN.”

Thanks to Hardy’s contribution, Cowboys fans have already hit their goal. The Eagles’ campaign is closing in on $1,800 and should be helped out by CB Sports’ tax deductible $30 donation:

Voila_Capture 2015-08-01_09-05-06_AM

You know what to do.

Football is here.

UPDATE: And of course there’s now an Eagles Fans Against Domestic Violence campaign.


LeSean McCoy Didn’t Have an Orgy, for What It’s Worth


LeSean McCoy experienced some immediate blow-back when he announced his creepy, ladies only, sign your life away birthday party. He got a talking to about using the Bills logo, and he ended up doing something else. Still, he sees himself as the victim in this:


“Out of context.” Right. He keeps using that phrase. I do not think that phrase means what he thinks it means. Let’s see:


Well I guess we’ll never know. In context though, that party looked super creepy.


How That Chip Kelly Story Came To Be

Chip's former dip

Chip’s former dip

Kent Babb, who wrote the #SHOCKING story about Chip Kelly in the Washington Post last week, spoke to Mark Selig of about how the story came to be.* Selig explains:

First, [Babb] had to find out if there really was an ex-wife.

Friends of Kelly refused to talk to Babb.

Babb called a spokesman at Oregon, where Kelly used to coach. No help.

Babb tried to acquire a marriage record from New Hampshire, where Kelly also coached. The state, according to Babb, doesn’t make records available to journalists unless there’s a “compelling reason.” A feature story on Chip Kelly didn’t qualify.

Almost ready to give up, Babb checked a bio of Kelly in an old New Hampshire Wildcats media guide.


There it mentioned his then-wife, Jennifer, who eventually became the key component of Babb’s Washington Post feature.

Once Babb found out about her, it was easy for him to find her contact information through a public records search. And after some expected skepticism, she agreed to talk.

Meanwhile, Eagles beat reporter Les Bowen:

Voila_Capture 2015-07-31_09-56-03_AM Voila_Capture 2015-07-31_09-56-27_AM Voila_Capture 2015-07-31_09-56-27_AM2

Can’t believe Les didn’t get the scoop.

*Babb using phrases like “my Spidey sense was going off that he was hiding something” is juuuuust a bit much for – let’s admit it – a relatively unimportant story. Good story, good reporting. But settle down there, Kent, you didn’t break Watergate. 


Kiko Alonso Once Told Josh Huff He Was Going to Rip His Head Off

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the new Eagles this year – Sam Bradford, DeMarco Murray, Byron Maxwell, etc. – Kiko Alonso still seems to be a bit of a mystery. He missed time in college (and a full season in the pros) due to injury, but we still don’t seem to know all that much about who he is. Tim McManus wanted to help us with that. And we like this dude already.

A lot is said in Philly about how your appeal as a pro athlete has to do with attitude, effort, and all of those intangibles. Of course it helps if you’re awesome at football. But a great attitude will get you far in Philly, and Alonso’s got it. There’s a monster inside of Alonso that just makes him want to swallow offensive players, according to this tidbit from Josh Huff:

There are a host of Ducks that can attest to that. Josh Huff was a year behind Alonso. He remembers his first football encounter with the middle linebacker quite well.

“Freshman year of college,” Huff recalls. “He was just like, ‘Don’t come across the middle. I’m going to have your head.’ … I’m just glad he’s on our side of the ball this year when we play the Bills and not on the other side.”

It’s not just college Kiko, though. On the day McManus talked to players, Alonso told Kenjon Barner, “I hope you’re ready. I’m going to hit you today.”

The players weren’t wearing any pads.

Alonso will obviously have to perform on the field to really earn the love of the Eagles fanbase, but his attitude may get him there fairly quickly.


This Guy Assaulted an Employee at a DC Area Polo Store with a Hammer, His Police Sketch Will Make You a Suspect

Voila_Capture 2015-07-30_10-40-03_AM

NBC Washington:

Police are looking for a man who struck a store employee with the claw of a hammer Tuesday evening.

An 18-year-old employee at the Polo Ralph Lauren store in the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets was escorting a customer to a fitting room when the customer pulled out a 6-inch hammer and struck the victim in the neck with the claw end.

“Who carries something like that around?” asked a shopper on Wednesday.

The victim was transported to Inova Fairfax Hospital with puncture wounds in his neck. He is in stable condition, police said.

This could literally be any one of our readers. Or me. WE’RE ALL SUSPECTS.

Voila_Capture 2015-07-30_10-49-10_AM


H/T to (@bluehenMFer)


Donovan McNabb: Still a Dumb-Dumb

Voila_Capture 2015-07-29_02-54-25_PM

Ladies and gentlemen, your former Five.

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