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Bag of Hot Air Colin Cowherd Responds to Philly Blogs Calling Him a Bag of Hot Air

Colin Blowhard Cowherd was back on the radio today. [Why? I don't know. ESPN hates you.] He of course responded to the response over his report that Chip Kelly would take a phone call from Florida if Florida called him about a head coaching position. Here’s what Cowherd said today:

“I set off a big firestorm in Philadelphia as we predicted on this show… but I got enough contacts with the big power brokers in college football, the agents, Chip Kelly’s going to take a call from the Florida Gators.”

“And all the Philadelphia message board guys say Cowherd doesn’t know anything. Yeah but message board guy does. Look at all these guys– Cowherd, Cowherd, blog, blog, Cowherd says blog, blog, blog. The guy that owns this wears an Eagles jersey to work. Yeah, like that’s objective. So put down the cheesesteak for three minutes. They run out to Wawa to get another sandwich, OK? Settle down there, alright, Vinny? I got fairly good sources on this, OK?”

Few things:

1) What?

2) “Chip Kelly’s going to take a call from the Florida Gators.” No shit he is! He’s a lifelong football man and, out of respect for a storied program that he would’ve given his left big ball to get a call from just five years ago, of course he’s going to pick up the phone… and then he’s going to say “no thanks” and put it down. I’d pick up the phone if CSN called and asked me to be their first useful blogger… and then I’d say “no thanks” and put it down. I, too, am building a culture here, dammit. Picking up the phone is just  common courtesy.

But why, in the world, would Kelly, who is quickly ascending in the NFL coaching ranks – the highest set of such ranks in all the land – want to leave what he started to coach college kids in Gainesville? Florida probably wouldn’t be able to pay him as much, and he hates recruiting. College football nuts like Cowherd seem to forget that in the real world (and by that I mean the Union states), the NFL is at the top of the football food chain. Chip’s made it, and he’s doing well. Why would he take a step back? If Chip Kelly takes a job, or even seriously considers one, with Florida anytime in the next two years, I will eat my hat on a live web stream.

3) Jim: I like how he says he has “good sources” on it. How do you have good sources that Chip would probably answer a hypothetical phone call for a coaching position that isnt technically open? 

4) Nice cheesesteak crack, you weirdo. Glad Sal Pal was able to follow up (not featured in the audio) and joke that he was at Wawa with Vinny. Stop screaming at my TV, Sal!

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This Dude’s Simple, Chip Kelly-Inspired Office Decor is Cooler than Yours

via Redditor titanicsucks

via Redditor titanicsucks

Well, that’s awesome: Redditor titanicsucks (great name) posted that above picture in the r/Eagles subreddit yesterday, and it’s probably cooler than what you’ve got on your wall in your office. What do you even have? A picture of your family? A diploma? Some art your kid made? This dude’s got a replica Chip Kelly play card that he made himself probably in MS Paint or InDesign or something, and it’s still much cooler than whatever you’ve got up there.


Connor Barwin Gave Bill Clinton a Connor Barwin Jersey

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.29.00 PM

We don’t know where, we don’t know why, and we’re not sure how, but Connor Barwin ran into Bill Clinton and gave him a Connor Barwin jersey. On top of having a great season and notching three sacks against the Giants (and being a fellow NRG partner– almost making us best friends), Barwin frequently comes off as having the most interesting haircut life on the Eagles.

Barwin met Clinton yesterday — maybe at a fundraiser in Lawrenceville, NJ — they shared some words, and Barwin gifted him with a jersey. We sure hope it wasn’t Barwin’s size (or even Bill’s size in his Governor years), but now the Eagles love can be spread throughout the whole family. He still wouldn’t be the most iconic person to rock the best looking Eagles gear though.


Draft Kings’ One-Week Millionaire League is Back for Week 8

win1Mil_1024x768_millioinaireMaker2 copy

With Week 8, the mid-way point (more or less) of the NFL season, comes another chance for you to turn as little as $27 into prize money up to $1,000,000. Draft Kings is running another Millionaire League this week, and like previous weeks, the rules are pretty much the same. You’ll draft a team featuring one QB, two RBs, three WRs, and one TE, Flex and Defense. You’ll deposit $27 (first time depositors receive a 100% bonus on their deposit up to $600). And then you wait. The top 15,500 lineups win cash and you can pick anyone in the league to be on your team (other than the Thursday Night guys and those in the Detriot/Atlanta matchup with its 9 A.M. EST kickoff), fitting the best team you can under a salary cap of $50,000. The total prize pool consists of $2,2 million.

The contest goes live this Sunday, October 26th, at 1 P.M., so all you have to do before then is PICK YOUR TEAM, make your deposit, and cross your fingers. At the very least, you’ll probably be able to beat Kyle, who finished 53,851st last week. Nice job, Kyle.


I’m Going to Listen to This Nick Foles “What The Hell?!” Remix on Loop Every Sunday Morning and on Thanksgiving Too

Dave Gibson, master mixer of that Gary Matthews remix a few years back, sent along his latest – Nick Foles’ What The Hell?! - compiled from Foles’ mic’d up session during the Eagles’ 27-0 beatdown of the Giants last Sunday.

I haven’t listened to that Meek Mill mixtape yet (and I don’t intend to), but I think this is going to be my late fall jam. Who said Foles was boring?  Errrrrrryago Sproles!

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Well-Documented Idiot Colin Cowherd Thinks Chip Kelly Would take a call from Florida

Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Cowherd, whose idiocy and childishness has been well documented, seems to think if Florida called Chip Kelly offering him their head coaching job, he’d take the call. Said Mr. Cowherd: “Let me just say, Chip will take the phone call if Florida makes it to him.” And that’s just doubling down on what Campus Insiders SEC reporter Jim Donnan said:

“The name that I keep hearing around the country is Chip Kelly. And everybody says, ‘well, he’s the Philadelphia Eagle coach.’ But he really is the kind of guy that needs to come in there and take over that program because instant offense, you saw what he did at Oregon, he had a tremendous career as an assistant coach at New Hampshire,” Donnan said. “He would be a vital cog in recruiting in the state of Florida, and if for some reason he turned it down — and I’m sure he would certainly think about whether to stay with the Eagles or not — he’s got to remember what Nick Saban did. He left the Miami Dolphins and went to Alabama and subsequently we’ve seen what he’s done, plus he’s making $7 million a year.”

Well since Donnan made the comparison, let’s look at Chip Kelly and Nick Saban’s NFL coaching records:

– Chip Kelly: 15-7 (through 22 games)
– Nick Saban: 15-17 (10-12 in first 22 games)

Plus, add in being the coach of a successful NFL franchise, and basically revolutionizing the way professional football is being coached, while not having to helicopter over to high schools, and wanting to remain a coach at the highest level, and staying the Northeast (where he’s from), and $6 million per year, and not having to live in Gainesville with that weird E… and this all just makes little sense. Chip’s not going anywhere. He’s working on creating a Culture here.



New Twitter Map Shows Eagles “Fans” Exist All Over the Country, is Just a Map of Twitter Followers

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.40.08 AM

Even when these things are made using iffy metrics, they’re still cool. Twitter released their version of the ever-popular fan map, featuring a county-by-county breakdown of Twitter followers. Now, there are many flaws in this system. For example, many fans may not have Twitter accounts, many fans with Twitter accounts may not follow the Eagles, and a bunch more may follow multiple teams (I follow the Charlotte Hornets on Instagram for reasons I myself do not understand). But either way, these maps are always useful for a few interesting tidbits.

Jefferson County, Oregon (which is not where the University is) pulls harder than most out-of-area counties for the Birds at just over 11% (it takes at least 3% to register as green on the map). Additionally, a strange dark green spot lands in Martin County, Indiana, where 42.68% of people counted follow the Eagles — way ahead of the next team in line– the Colts, at 8.54%. Then again, with a population of barely 10,000, there’s a lot of room for those numbers to be skewed.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.48.09 AM

And of course, it’s always interesting to see where the Eagles/Steelers split happens, and though it seems further east than it should be, many of those border counties are very close. There’s a lot to poke around with on this map, and you can check out the whole thing embedded after the jump.

[h/t ESPN]

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Somewhere, Buzz Bissinger Makes Sad Time: Nick Foles Does Q & A with Maxim

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, you should talk to that magazine with all the paper ladies in it!

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, you should talk to that magazine with all the paper ladies in it!

Well, Q & A might be a bit of a misnomer here. Foles, like Bissinger said, is kind of boring and a robot. Maxim basically offered him a chance to clear his name (as if it needs clearing) and Foles responded with… well, even Maxim was kind of disappointed:

Foles has been accused of lacking grit, but it’s possible his jawline is just less square, his body less compact. He doesn’t have to look determined because he wins and that’s his job. Yes, he keeps throwing interceptions, but he also keeps throwing touchdowns. The Eagles score. The Eagles win. The Eagles peck the Giants’ eyes out, pull down their trousers, and humiliate them in front of America. Then Nick Foles answers questions about turnovers. It’s not fair; it’s just football.

In the spirit of turning play around, Maxim talked to Foles about other people talking about Foles. He was calm about the whole thing, a bit more even keeled than we would have liked. But that’s his prerogative. As long as the Eagles are on top, it doesn’t matter if Foles seems more pecked than pecker.

Maybe even keeled, but he’s downright badass on the field when special dudes get hurt.

The most interesting answer from Foles in the brief exchange was:

[The defense] has been good to you. Do you thank them when they help you out?

Whenever they get a stop you celebrate with them. The other night, I threw an interception and they got a stop so we celebrated. They tell me, “We’ll go stop ‘em for you.” It’s like a brotherhood and you have to have each others’ backs. It’s about operating under the same philosophy instilled by the coaches.

Honestly? Nick should just have bro Mark Sanchez do all of his media requests: Duuuuuuuude, he made me look sweeeeeet out there. Did you try the chicken tenders?* 

You can read the full Q & A here.

*Actual quotes

H/T to (@Caleb_Mezzy)

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