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Hank Baskett Goes With Transgender Weed Dealer Defense

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Back in 2014, former Eagle (and then reality-star) Hank Baskett made headlines when his Playmate wife dumped him after a reported affair with a transgender model. Hank has finally broken his silence on the matter, and the story he tells sounds like one he made up on the spot but decided to stick with after a year. Seriously, if this story is true, it’s among the most insane things to ever happen to anyone, anywhere. But he sounds like a teenager who just got caught with beer for the first time and he’s trying to explain it away.

Here’s Hank Baskett, telling People Magazine about the tale of the weed-dealing transgender fondler:

Last April, Baskett says he encountered a couple in a grocery store parking lot smoking marijuana. The former football player, 32, says he approached the couple to buy some pot; they gave him a phone number to call and, when he did, he was provided an address. Once he showed up at the home, Baskett says he used the restroom and when he emerged, “I saw something I thought I would never see in my life.”

Baskett says the person who answered the door, a transgender woman, was nude and making out with another transgender woman. “I froze,” says Baskett, visibly shaking as he recalls the memory. Then, the woman who answered the door approached Baskett and fondled him through his basketball shorts.

“I didn’t engage in anything,” he says. “It was like a bank robbery. You never know when you’ll freeze. I don’t know if it was a couple of seconds or 15 seconds, because all I was saying was get out, get out, get out.”

Seriously. This story has a “there was an icicle … and it fell … and it hit me” level of panic to it. You’re a millionaire. You live in LA. I’m sure you know how to get weed. What the hell, dude? Did he just watch a Risky Business/40-Year-Old Virgin double-feature before coming up with (or … experiencing) this? The world is a very, very strange place, but is it really secret-transgender-phone-weed service-that-comes-with-a-side-of-fondling weird?

via CSN, h/t @sircwn


Desean Jaccson’s Reality Show Is Positively RIDICULOUS

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So I watched the abomination that is the obviously scripted and staged DeSean Jaccson: Home Team, which debuted on BET today last night. Here’s a brief recap:

Things started off with news footage from when DeSean was released by the Eagles. The setup is obvious: Once on top, not on top, working to be on top again, but will face obstacles that can only be overcome by the guiding hand of his fame-seeking mother, Gayle.

We haven’t seen this formula before.

The framing is clearly built atop a deep hurt resulting from DeSean’s release from the Eagles. These are just some of the things he had to say with regard to that matter:

“It was a smear campaign.”

“They call me Giant killer, Cowboy killer. Now I’m an Eagle killer, too”

“I felt they definitely tried to paint a picture that wasn’t true.”

“It’s like, bro, the Eagles, they tried to blow me up– that’s how cold they did me.”

So one would assume that the following 20 minutes would consist of video evidence that DeSean is not the character he’s perceived to be, and that he’s doing all the right things to reverse the existing perception. That seems like an obvious conclusion given the early appearance of his longtime publicist, Denise, whom DeSean says is doing a “great job.”* But nope. Denise’s client is now the star of a show which features consecutive segments about his rap aspirations, partying habits, and the conundrum he faces after knocking up his girlfriend of “five or six months.” There’s no mention in the first episode of the OTAs he skipped for the second year in a row.

*This despite the fact that her client has been publicly cast as a gangster who’s not a team player and cares more about his rap career and fame than football, something that is not at all being helped by his new reality show. Yeah, she’s doing yeoman’s work.

I mean, what, on Earth, was DeSean’s camp thinking here? The questionable character traits apparent in just the span of a few minutes are staggering. They have nothing to do with him being a gangster and everything to do with him being a selfish jerk. Evidence: Continue reading


This Eagles/Phillies Tailgate Ambulance is Amazing as Long as You Don’t Need an Actual Ambulance

If you need a real ambulance, this is useless.

If you need a real ambulance, this is useless.

Do you need a new, flashy, noticeable tailgate vehicle? Does it not matter to you how many people will stare at you? Do you have thousands to throw at such an expense? Perfect. Meet the Phanbulance, and allow me to try out my best Price is Right prize voice over:

“It’s a newwwww TIALGAAAAAATE AMBULANCE. This 1989 Ford comes fully equipped with a 42″ TV, stereo, rear bench seating for seven, including the driver, and has Eagles flair on one side with Phillies designs on the other. The lights and horns still work, and it’s been fitted with new breaks, tires, starters, and batteries. It also comes with a 900 watt generator and has only notched 130,000 miles. Be the talk of the tailgate, just don’t take anyone to the hospital, in the PHANBULAAAAAAAANCE. It can be yours, if the Price is Right!”

The price is $6,500. Seriously though, if someone gets alcohol poisoning, they need to find a real ambulance.

[h/t Busted Coverage]


Jason Kelce Slams Dumb Punter for Opening Dumb Punter Mouth


This weekend, loudmouth punter Steve Weatherford compared the Eagles’ quarterbacks to cars. Here’s what he said on the “Boomer and Carton Show”:

“I’m gonna give you a Ferrari [Bradford] that maybe won’t be running all the time, or I’m giving you a nice Cadillac sedan [Sanchez]. It’s not the fastest but you know what you’re going to get out of it. Bradford can go from 0 to 60 in three seconds, but you don’t know if he’s gonna start up some days.”

“Chip Kelly will get himself in serious trouble if they get an extension for [Bradford]”

He later tried to walk back his (kind of accurate) comments, but none of that matters because Jason Kelce has recorded a fatality. #everyman


Shawn Andrews’ Twitter Account is a Conspiracy Theory Rabbit Hole of Insanity

Photo Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The TPP, or Trans-Pacific Partnership, is a trade partnership seen by conspiracy theorists as a way for Obama to stop the import of guns into the U.S., limit internet privacy or, worse, it “constitute[s] an all-out assault on, and an existential threat to, America’s sovereignty and independence.”

Jade Helm, an admittedly shady military training exercise, is happening in the American Southwest. The off-base exercise “to maintain a high level of readiness” which the government says is taking place in the Southwest because it “possesses a ‘unique terrain’ that soldiers might find themselves operating in overseas.” But to the tinfoil hat crowd it is “part of a secret plan to impose martial law, take away people’s guns, arrest political undesirables, launch an Obama-led hostile takeover of red-state Texas, or do some combination thereof.”

[Editor’s note: Gonna need reader Al in the comments for this… unless… did they already get to you Al? AL? AL?!?!?!?!]

Jade Helm and the TPP are both the kind of shady, slightly secret op the government goes through with on a regular basis– but they spawn conspiracy theories from the more creative-minded among us. And to former Eagle Shawn Andrews, they’re worth a conspiracy-laden Twitter rant for the ages:

andrews 1

andrews 2

andrews 3

andrews 4

andrews 5

andrews 6

andrews 7

andrews RT

It’s worth noting that the TPP hasn’t technically passed yet, and “vastly approaching” makes no sense. I liked him better when he was getting his Michael Phelps on. In fact, maybe he did that a bit too much.

H/T to (@DaveEWilliams)


Chip Kelly Getting Sued Because He’s Bad at Paying Rent

Time to move out. Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Time to move out.
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly is a millionaire football coach, but did you know he’s just like us common folk? He likes a tasty smoothie, he’s rocking a pretty complete dadbod, and he’s not great at paying his rent on time. Or at all. But because of that whole “millionaire” thing in the first sentence, it’s not just a couple of bucks. Chip’s getting sued for allegedly not paying $80,000 in rent.

Well, it’s not that he didn’t pay his rent, it’s that he never apparently told his landlord he was moving out. You aren’t supposed to give the ol’ Irish goodbye to the apartment you’re living in. According to the Legal Intelligencer (via

The coach began renting the penthouse property from (landlord Tempa) Berish for $10,700 per month in April 2013, but he failed to properly notify Berish that he did not plan to renew the lease. In April 2014, pursuant to the lease agreement, the lease automatically renewed, and the monthly rent increased to $11,235, court papers said. Kelly stopped paying rent beginning in April 2014, and Berish was unable to find a replacement tenant until September 2014.

In total, Chip owes $79,374. Plus, he could lose his security deposit — an additional $20,000. But you know how landlords are. There’s a few chips in the paint here, an outlet cover missing there, and there goes your twenty grand. That’s $100,000 total though, money that could’ve been the beginning of an Evan Mathis raise. Or a new smoothie station.


Chip Kelly’s Punch-Out!!


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The most compelling story in the dumpster fire that is the Philadelphia sports scene is Chip Kelly and his need to borrow a shit to give one about what people think about how the fans, the media and his former players feel about how he wields his newfound autonomy as general manager.

Chip has become the most endorsable sports figure in Philly but let’s be real, the Tostitos thing went stale quickly. Evan Mathis was the latest to see his time with the Eagles KO’d by Chip (even if it was by request). We haven’t seen this type of carnage since Mike Tyson in his prime. The video game industry has picked up on the trend and found the perfect game to tie the “could he be a racist or is he just a megalomaniac?” head coach/general manager to: The “could it be racist or is it just one big chain of lazy stereotypes?” Punch-Out!! Series.

Welcome, Chip Kelly’s Punch-Out!!

Remember: Don’t waste your knockout punch on Tra Full of Bull if he’s not stunned.

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Today In “Marcus Vick Is Insanely Stupid”

Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The more well-adjusted Vick, incredibly, photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Michael Vick plead guilty to “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture” a.k.a. dog fighting and torture? The Vick camp would like to forget that ever happened. Unfortunately (mostly for the dogs), it did, and people remember. One of those people, Philadelphia Magazine’s Victor Fiorillo, being dickish here in a way that maybe wasn’t entirely necessary, decided to remind the Vicks of this in a response to a press invite to “Mike Vick Weekend.”

Fiorillo responded with a highly sarcastic “But will there be dog fights? I’m only coming if there are dog fights.” Once again, maybe not super timely, but the people behind those email invites – especially when they go out to discerning press members – should probably expect a response or two like that. They did not.

Archileen “Carmena” Ayo-Davies, the president and CEO of local public relations firm 3BG Marketing Solutions, responded to Fiorillo by “threatening to expose [him] to ‘media friends’ … called [him] a ‘racist’ … picked up the phone and called [him], screaming the r-word at [him] over and over again, and also accused [him] of being a dog killer.”

Fiorillo continued: “I pointed out that my two-line email was obviously sarcasm, and she said, “I don’t know what that is.” [Click]”

Of course, from here, it went exactly where you figured it would go: Marcus Vick.

It turns out that neither Ayo-Davies nor the lesser Vick quite get sarcasm:


Voila_Capture 2015-06-17_01-30-47_PM

Man, the Vick camp really picks its spots over when to be mad about dog fighting.

There’s more here, including Vick’s request to “black eye” Fiorillo. The line forms behind John Bolaris.

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