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Two Eagles Videos to Get You All Sorts of Pumped up for Sunday

Ask and ye shall receive.

The Eagles have posted their Week 11 pump-up video, and another one with Merrill Reese’s calls from last week on a new YouTube account that I can’t tell if it’s official or not. Anyway, enjoy. I’m going to throw out my pelvis doing mock Discount Double Checks when the Eagles take it to Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. Hashtag nomercy shield fight honor culture.


The Patriots’ Twitter Promotion Went Very, Very Wrong

Voila_Capture 2014-11-14_09-13-22_AM

Somewhere, the Eagles’ social media folks are clinking glasses, laughing at their inept peers (AND PRESUMABLY PUTTING TOGETHER SOME SORT OF HIGHLIGHT VIDEO FROM LAST WEEK– WHAT THE HELL, GUYS?!).

To celebrate their 1 millionth follower (the Eagles have less than 600k), the Patriots offered fans an opportunity to RT this Tweet…

Voila_Capture 2014-11-14_09-22-08_AM

… to see their handle emblazoned on a jersey. It’s one of those stupid social media things, but an effective tool to increase engagement. Brands love engagement. The only problem is that too much engagement can poke your eye out, kid. Some followers have, let’s just say, less-than-decent names.

Voila_Capture 2014-11-14_09-21-15_AM

No harm, guys. This was way less worse than, say, employing a murderous tight end.

Also, there’s a Riley Cooper joke in here, but I just can’t find it.

H/T to (@FlexyLexy40)


LeSean McCoy is Probably Only Dating One of the Two Reality Stars He was Dating Before

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 9.54.14 AM

A little over a month ago we found out that Shady was either dating Kordell Stewart’s ex or J.R. Smith’s ex or both, but now we know he’s probably just dating J.R. Smith’s ex or neither. According to Bossip — I cover the Bossip beat now — that Tweet above is evidence that Porsha Williams is no longer with LeSean McCoy. Thus is the power of an “um nooo.” Williams also said in an interview with OK Magazine:

“I want to be clear that because of Bravo I have all these amazing opportunities. I really don’t know how much I will be featured this season. My fans will see me and I will be with my girls. However, I don’t believe my personal story of rebuilding & dating will be shown. The young man I was dating couldn’t film until later in the season.”

So we won’t see much of Shady on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, which is a huge loss I’m sure we will all feel in our hearts. And personally, I think the girl McCoy was dating in 2012 was much prettier anyway.



Voila_Capture 2014-11-13_11-04-07_AM


Josh Innes took to the airwaves last night, and when a caller complained about Innes’ “whining” and brought up Mike Missanelli… well, Josh went in, again:

“Missanelli’s a bitch and his show sucks, dude. You wanna hear me be a big guy? He’s a horrible talk radio host in a city that accepts crap. So that’s why people like Bitchanelli. He’s old, he’s tired, his show is lame. He’s a dope. Go to any other market and he wouldn’t have a chance. He was grandfathered in here. He blows. His show blows, go listen to that. He’s uninteresting, old, and unappealing. Go do ‘General Knowledge Wednesday’ bro … If I were on in the afternoons I’d kill him. I would literally kill him.”


“I promise you this, and people don’t like me saying this, but I promise you this: if I went up against old man Bitchanelli and his lame-ass schtick, and his general knowledge and just … everything about him is dopey. His show is terrible. I did it to the shows in Houston and I would do it here. I promise you that. I would murder his show. I would take his audience. … If you want to bring up Bitchanelli and his old tired show and his general knowledge and his ‘hey tune in tomorrow, we got prizes to give away,’ [Innes goes on an extended Missanelli impression that could use some work but is getting there] … Go to hell. I’ll crush that old bastard and his lame show. Give me a break. Put me [up against him] and I’ll beat him. But nobody will. They don’t want to put me on against him, whatever. I’d crush him. You’d ever play basketball by yourself? You’re always gonna win. Put a competitor. See what happens.”

Now, while your pupils bring themselves back down to size, let me call your attention to the not-so-thinly-veiled shot at current WIP afternoon hosts Anthony Gargano and Rob Ellis. They don’t want to put me on against him, whatever. I’d crush him. You’d ever play basketball by yourself? You’re always gonna win. Put a competitor. See what happens. I’m pretty sure he just likened Gargano and Ellis to that ghost defender always trying to block your last second buzzer-beater at the gym.* His shots at Missanelli aren’t new, but the I can do it better than these guys sentiment towards his colleagues… well, that’s something.

You can listen to the full thing here– fun starts around 1:00.

*I own that guy.


Today in Ridiculous and Unnecessary Cheesesteak Overreactions

Someday he’ll be big enough so you can’t hit him

There will always be a few dolts who use their words like knives and swords and weapons that they wield against the biggest, most obvious sports news of the day. With the Mark Sanchez story, it’s hard to find anything even remotely negative about a failed quarterback turning things around and, at least for one night, recapturing some of the forgotten glory and then celebrating in the most fitting way possible in his current city, on his birthday. Humorous? Yes, maybe a little. Anything to pick on him about? Nope, not at all.

Unless you’re Bill Plaschke (whose surname sounds like something you had to memorize in biology class) or the editor of, both of whom felt the need to talk over this football game with their same big loud opinions.

First up, here’s washed up Plaschke of the Bill phylum on Arooooooooound The Horn ranting about the same old bitter things:

“The whole thing seemed staged, and besides, the cheesesteak is the most overrated food in America. Have you had one? It’s horrible. Just little bits of meat and some cheese on it. It’s horrible. Thumbs down for everything. Sanchez was just doing it for marketing purposes.”

The Big Lead reached out to the spiny, warm-blooded Espnerata to see if he would clarify his remarks. His response:

I’m obviously flattered that anyone would care what a legendarily unhip dude from southern California thinks about a Philadelphia sandwich, but, yeah, since you asked, in my opinion cheesesteaks are overrated sub sandwiches that garner most of their popularity from the word, ”Philly” being attached to them…Not a fan of the meat, don’t like the cheese, and have been disappointed too many times after waiting in long lines at Pat’s and Geno’s while in town with Lakers, Dodgers or college hoops…

I bet lots of folks quietly agree with me, but few say anything because of the Philly folks take this sort of criticism so personally…my feelings have nothing to do with Philly, or any sort of regional bias…hey, I’m not a fan of In-and-Out burgers either, another overrated food…I’m no food snob, if I can pick up a carne asade quesadilla from Burrito Express or a batch of honey BBQ drumsticks from Wing Stop, I’m good…just no Philly cheesesteaks, please…I’d rather watch Jonathan Broxton try to pitch to Matt Stairs, and Philly fans will know what I’m talking about.

Ah well shit, he kind of went and redeemed himself with the Broxton line. Carry on, Bill.

Meanwhile, on*, SB Nation’s LGBT sports site, editor Cyd Zeigler wrote that Sanchez totally should’ve known better in this overly self-indulgent nonsense pointing out all of Geno’s flaws as if we can’t already see them on a stupid sign:

Maybe Sanchez didn’t know that Geno’s is a racist, xenophobic business. But you’d think that living in Philadelphia for a few months – and promising to head down there to eat some of the food – one of his handlers or SOMEONE would have told him about the sign. Or he would have seen it. It’s hard to believe he didn’t.

I guess I’m just surprised they’d even serve someone with the last name of Sanchez.


Now, I’m not defending Joey Vento as being a racist, xenophobic asshole. But he’s also a dead racist, xenophobic asshole, and the sign remains, however awkwardly, because of his supposed dying wish to his son and current owner, Geno Vento, who is openly gay. PR rep for Geno’s Kylie Flett speaking to Philly Mag (last August):

As you know, Geno’s is under new management since the passing of Joey Vento. Geno Vento, Joey’s openly gay son is the new owner and operator and I think it is important to inform you, that he does not share all of the polarizing views his Father was famous for.

I can also tell you that we STRONGLY recommended to Geno Vento that the ‘speak english’ sign be removed also. Our recommendation is currently under consideration by the Geno’s Team. Unfortunately, Joey’s dying wish to his son was for the sign to remain, and Geno at this time is choosing to respect his Father’s request.

Just like one wouldn’t expect Mr. Zeigler to have looked that deep into the matter, he shouldn’t have expected Sanchez to be aware of the cultural sensitivities of a tourist trap during his late-night victory lap.

Maybe we can avoid all this meanness in the future if national broadcasters would stop treating the cheesesteak as the only good thing to ever come out of Philly. After all, Taylor Swift is basically from this big ol’ city.

*Cyd read a whole bunch of the nasty hate mail he got about this. Don’t mistake this post for condoning that sort bigotry. I just think his opinion sucks.

H/T to reader Jason


Ty Detmer Says the Eagles Asked Koy Detmer to Fake an Injury so He Could Be Placed on the IR

I guess this is what happens when you want two Detmers but only have room for one Detmer.

According to former Eagles quarterback Ty Detmer, his brother (and fellow former Eagles QB) Koy was once asked by the Eagles to fake an injury so he could be placed on injured reserve.

Ty, speaking to Luther Broughton on the Cheap Shots podcast, said this all happened near the end of training camp in 1997. Koy was a rookie and the Eagles needed to trim the roster. The problem was, they wanted to keep Koy around (or rather, didn’t want someone else to get him). So, they asked him to fake-aggrivate an old knee injury. Ty explained, via Off The Record Sports:

“[Koy] came up to me like a couple days before that day and was like ‘hey, they want me to go on injured reserve so they can keep me around, what do you think?,’ And I’m like, ‘well, if they’re going to keep you around, you know I wouldn’t not do it.’ So that day before practice he comes up and he’s like ‘okay, today’s the day they told me.’

So, we’re kind of in team period at the end of practice and they’re like ‘alright, Koy, you’re in!’ And so, he kind of goes in, runs a play, runs another play and then he looks at me and gives me this wink as he’s stepping in to call the play. And so I’m like, trying not to laugh cause I’m like, how is this gonna go down, you know? It’s a running play. He hands off and and as he’s coming out after the hand off to carry out his bootleg fake, he goes down and rolls around and grabs his knee.

And oh man, you know, the whole practice kinda stops like, ‘what happened?’ And guys were coming up to me and, ‘oh man is this the same knee he hurt at Colorado?’ And I’m like ‘yeah I think so I don’t know, maybe he just you know twisted a little or something.’ So they end up bringing the cart out and they cart him off the field.

So, practice ends and I go into the training room you know, and there he is laying on the training room table with a towel over his face and I just kind of raised the corner up and peeked and he’s got this big old grin on his face. You know like ‘how was that for my acting job?’ I had to get out of there because I was about to just die laughing. And the rest of the team, you can’t say anything because nobody is supposed to know.”

Broughton, who was part of that same Eagles draft class with Koy, confirmed the story. There are rules in place to stop players from faking injuries during the game in order to get a free timeout or slow an offense down, but only a deep reading of the NFL rulebook — literally the one thing Darren Rovell is useful for — could tell you if the Eagles should have been punished for this then (or now?). There has to be some rule against it though, and the Eagles were willing the break it to have a monopoly on the Detmer family. Now they can’t even cut a wide receiver without the NFLPA investigating. The 90s were simpler times.

via Deadspin


A Breakdown of Mark Sanchez’s Play Courtesy of

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The following is republished with permission of Jamar Williams, a former Morgan State cornerback, of He runs a nice little site that breaks down every Eagles game. You can read more of his breakdowns from Monday night and for every game right here.


Mark Sanchez made his first start in Philadelphia a memorable one. He did an excellent job keeping the offense flying high, and finished with line of 20/37, 332 yards, two touchdowns, and zero turnovers. This was the first time in his career that he has thrown for more than 300 yards and two touchdowns without a turnover. The veteran quarterback is in a great place, as I said back in training camp. He is finally 100% healthy and had no pressure, which was a relief after coming from New York. Because it was understood from the beginning that Nick Foles was the starter, Sanchez was given a chance to sit and learn the system at his own pace without the pressure of having to rush to learn it while playing. Chip Kelly just asks his quarterbacks to operate within the system and allow the system to make the play for you. He doesn’t put the pressure on the quarterback. This quarterback-friendly system allows for receivers to run down the field and get open off of play action. All the quarterback has to do is make the throw and not turn the ball over, which Nick Foles has not been successful at for much of the 2014 season.



Moving in the pocket

Mark Sanchez did a great job of moving in the pocket all night. Here, he was getting pressured up the middle (image 1) and has the veteran presence to slide forward in the pocket to avoid the sack. While moving forward in the pocket (image 2), Sanchez keeps his eyes downfield the whole time and finds the open receiver. This is the element of game that Nick Foles was unable to display this season.



Ball placement

Since last week in Houston, Sanchez has done an excellent job with his ball placement. In the play below, Sanchez once again does a great job avoiding the rusher and keeps his eyes downfield. Even though Brent Celek appears to be covered (image 3), Sanchez knows that the defender’s back is to him and if he places the ball on Celek’s back shoulder, there is nothing the defender can do. Image 4 shows Sanchez throwing to the back shoulder, which causes Celek to separate from the defender and make the catch. Many quarterbacks would have chosen to throw to the front side of the receiver and hope that he goes over top of the defender to make the catch.




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