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Brandon Boykin is Going to Buy a Bunch of Ice Cream for Kids if they Start Reading

"You better read. I ain't playin' around." Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

“You better read. I ain’t playin’ around.”
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles have a lot of free time on their bye week, and while some may be relaxing or going out to party, Brandon Boykin is encouraging kids to read and bribing them with ice cream. As reported by Brian Hickey over at Newsworks, Boykin spoke to kids at Prince Hall Elementary School on Wednesday about the importance or reading. One super cool kid told Boykin he reads “Dictionaries [and] other large books,” like a total boss, but Boykin was there to serve in his role as the “leading voice” of the “READ! By 4th Campaign” to get 4th grade students reading at a 4th grade level. He even tried to bribe them:

If the kids keep up their end of the bargain by reading daily, he’ll return to the West Oak Lane to visit and, quite possibly, host an ice-cream party. (He joked that he would tackle those who don’t abide by the reading rules).

And as one of the only people in the Eagles secondary who is actually a good tackler, someone should tell these kids he means business.


Nick Foles Stands up for an Injured Darren Sproles, Calls Him a “Special Dude”

In last week’s shutout of the Giants, Darren Sproles suffered an MCL strain when he was tackled by Markus Kuhn, who then proceeded to pull him over by his neck while laying on Sproles’ leg. A classic WWE maneuver, it’s basically an inverted Crippler Crossface. Injuries happen in the NFL, but this one was undeniably caused by after the play extracurriculars, and Nick Foles did not like that at all. As you can see in the Instagram video above, via at Bleeding Green Nation, Foles went to the referee to ask why the hell they let that happen. Transcript below for those who can’t watch the video:

Nick Foles: You can’t bend a dude backwards.

Official: We blew the whistles, man.

Foles: Yeah, well call something on him! You can’t bend a guy backwards and break his leg. You can’t bend a guy backwards.

Official: I know that, Nick. I know that.

Foles: This guy is a special dude right here.

Official: I know, I know.

Foles: You know [Markus Kuhn] knew that. That pisses me off! That’s my teammate!

You always like to see anyone on the team stick up for his teammates, and it’s good to see Foles get a little animated. Plus, the way he called Sproles a “special dude” makes me think he really likes him, as a person, and that’s nice.

And while we’re here talking about the good people at Bleeding Green Nation, we’re very excited to announce that they are joining us at the Liberty Broadcast Co., where we will be hosting their future podcasts.


“Culture Wins Football” Shirts Now Available


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Culture wins football. Culture will beat scheme everyday.” – Chip Kelly

From Chip’s mouth to your chest, this is your new Sunday shirt. Culture comes in multiple colors, shapes and sizes:





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They are printed on brilliantly soft, high-quality ringspun cotton (green) and 60-40 poly-cotton blend (grey). Order with any other Birds-inspired shirt – Fight or Kelly Drive - and save $5 by using code CULTURE. And yes, we do accept PayPal.

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Chip Kelly Ranks Third Among NFL Coaches in Number of Sideline Shots, Foles Comes in 25th for QBs

Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

A popular prop bet for the Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh championship matchup a couple of years ago was which brother would be cut to on the sideline more often. I’m not sure who the winner of that proposition was that night, but overall that title belongs to Jim, the more … uh … animated one. In fact, Jim Harbaugh is cut to 45.5 times per game on average, making him the NFL’s most cut-to head coach, one cut in front of Bill Belichick and one-and-a-half in front of the third place coach, Chip Kelly.

Coach Kelly’s 44 cuts-per-game rounds out the top-tier of coaches, as the Giants’ Tom Coughlin finishes 4th, a full five fewer cuts per game on average. On the quarterback side of things, even though Nick Foles’ offense has the second-lowest time of possession (and therefore second highest time-on-sideline), the QB is cut to an average of 10 times per game, good enough for 25th place. Peyton Manning, as he often does, claims the top spot here, with 31 cuts per game. Then again, maybe they just can’t find Foles on the sideline since — if the NFL films videos are any indication — he’s just chatting with Mark Sanchez all the time.


Former Redskin Chris Cooley is Tired of DeSean Jaccson Being a Terrible Blocker

Culture wins football: Although this was the first week we’ve seen the whole team do it, we know Chip Kelly likes his players to play a complete game. He want his special teams to return and block, needs his defense to cover and penetrate, and — in a system where you constantly see O-linemen sprinting downfield to block for backs and receivers — he’d like his receivers and backs to be able to block. Or, at least be willing to do so. DeSean Jaccson doesn’t fit that mold.

It’s something we saw often when DeSean was here, but Redskins fans are just beginning to get a taste of it. Not only can DeSean not block, but he’d rather not even try. And now, it’s pissed of Chris Cooley.

Cooley said on his show on ESPN 980 in D.C.:

“Do not allow number 11 to ever be involved in blocking for screens, blocking for bubbles, picking for players in the pass game, [or] run plays to his side of the line of scrimmage. He WILL NOT TRY on them. Do not put him in in those situations.

Find another way to break that tendency, but don’t risk losing a play just because you think 11 might try. Unless he’s going to say ‘I’ll make a legitimate commitment,’ do not put him in on those plays. It was costly in four or five different situations where plays could have been better.”

Cooley specifically mentioned the play seen above, where DeSean lackadaisically placed his hands in the general vicinity of a cornerback and got swiftly pushed aside. Compare that to a clip that Eliot Shorr-Parks pointed out, of our own number 11, Josh Huff, holding a strong and steady block as Darren Sproles cuts around the outside for a touchdown run. That is what the Redskins probably want DeSean to do. That is what DeSean will not do.


UPDATE: “Gerry Bertier” Says “[F] the Cowboys”


Ryan Hurst — the actor known to Sons of Anarchy fans as Opie and everyone else as Gerry Bertier — was recently stopped by TMZ and obviously wanted no part of it. That is until the interviewer asked if he still followed football and then called the Cowboys “America’s Team.” Hurst turned around, threw one finger in the air (a different one than above) and warmed our hearts by saying “F*ck the Dallas Cowboys. Eagles all day.” He then told the woefully underprepared TMZ cameraman who asked who his inspiration for Bertier was that it was Randall Cunningham, when Gerry Bertier was actually a real person. And it’s a great day for this all to come out, because is there really any better “Culture Wins Football” movie than Remember the Titans?

UPDATE: Or, this would be great if it was Ryan Hurst, which it apparently isn’t. Having not watched Sons of Anarchy (apparently just like everyone at TMZ), he looked enough like Hurst to me, but it’s just some random dude (probably) who looks like Hurst (kinda) saying “F*ck the Dallas Cowboys,” a sentiment which we still fully support. TMZ got this one wrong, and Ryan Hurst’s die-hard fans (who exist) are furious.



Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.31.18 AM

Oh my God, I am crushing like a schoolgirl right now. Chip’s so perfect, he can’t be real.

Chip Kelly and Nick Foles were mic’d up by the NFL Network for Sunday Night Football, and the resulting A-V combo is just spectacular. We have Chip dropping absolute gem quotes coming to a t-shirt near you soon – “Culture wins football. Culture will beat scheme everyday.”* – Foles aw shucks-ing his way into wry comedy brilliance – “Hey, I’m gonna be under center on this… getting personal down there.” – more bro Mark Sanchez (who always seems to be eating), Chip Kelly losing his shoe while celebrating yet another touchdown, and other magnificent goings on that I can’t even describe.


If you want more about Chip’s philosophy of culture wins football, listen to our podcast with Chip Kelly expert and author Mark Saltveit.

*Look no further for your explanation why the Eagles released DeSean.


The Eagles’ Team Photo Is, in Fact, in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 4.51.03 PM

The Eagles do everything fast. So when it was time to take the team photo, Chip Kelly said they set a record by getting all of the pictures done in just about five minutes [editor's note: four minutes and 40 seconds]. In response to how fast the photos were taken, Coach Kelly said, “It’s not like it’s going to be hanging in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s going to go in someone’s office somewhere, so let’s just get it done.” He’s right, except that he’s wrong.

Today, in response to the coach’s comments, the Philadelphia Museum of Art framed up the team photo and displayed it next to a paining of Prometheus — a Titan, the Greek giants of myth — being overpowered by an Eagle. It looks like the Eagles social media game is elevating the work of those around them, and it’s great.

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