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The only thing that would make this photo hotter would be if Chase Utley was in it… carrying Maria Menounos in a bikini.


What Is Going On With Peter King?

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Jeffrey Lurie is addressing the media live. We’ll have a brief recap if he says anything more interesting than Peter King looking gross in the background.


Connor Barwin’s Small-ish, Expensive Condo is For Sale


Connor Barwin is moving up in the world. His salary this year will come in at $6,400,000, up from $4,300,000 last season, and that’s letting the everyman (likely) get himself a nicer place. So, he’s selling his relatively small, $1.25 million condo at 1800 Pine St. in Rittenhouse. The sale listing on details the 2232 sq. ft. space:

As you approach and enter this corner unit, which was originally a grand mansion building, now split into 3 multi-level condominiums, each with its own entrance, you will immediately notice how the historical features have been preserved. As you set foot into the front door foyer area, you walk into a large, open floor plan living space with oversized windows, and high ceilings. This particular unit was completely renovated with the finest custom finishes including custom scraped hardwood floors throughout and top of the line everything. The kitchen has beautiful granite countertops, an over-sized sink, micro tile backsplash, & is equipped with Viking appliances, including refrigerator, range, microwave, and dishwasher. The 2nd floor of this dramatic, custom condo, features 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths. The master suite, which has a city skyline view, features custom closets and a large walk-in, ultra-luxury master bath with gorgeous white marble. The basement is fully finished and features a bar dating to the room’s reputed past as a 1920’s-era gathering place. The home had all new systems installed including all new electrical and mechanical, as well as all new plumbing.

There are only pictures of the living room (above) and kitchen (below) available, but it’s certainly more subtle than Chase Utley or Jonathan Papelbon’s places. Built for a hipster, too:



The Eagles Were “Thorough” with Player Interviews at the Veteran Combine


Yesterday, as the NFL’s first annual Veteran Combine was underway, the 40-times of the running backs was tweeted out and no one was impressed. But at least when it came to offensive linemen, the Eagles were interested. With at least one (and probably more) holes to fill there, the Eagles were reportedly “thorough” with interviews, making sure potential players fit in with Chip Kelly’s system and culture. One thing is for sure: They can get any of those guys for a budget contract.

The whole list of combine participants is here, though none will really jump off of the page at you.


Lesean Mccoy Said the Signing of Demarco Murray Was a “Panic Move”

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Appearing as a guest on the Rich Eisen Show, LeSean McCoy talked about his trade, and if he thinks Chip Kelly knows what he’s doing:

“I didn’t understand it. I should say that. And Chip, I think is a really good coach. I think this is something different for him kind of managing both … I see that they originally were trying to get Frank Gore and he backed out so then when they got DeMarco and they got Ryan Mathews I thought it was like a panic move.”

You know what? Maybe it was a panic move, but — granted, before a snap has been played — it looks like it worked out pretty well.


Frank Gore Says he Signed with the Colts to Play with a “Great Quarterback”

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 4.16.08 PM

Frank Gore was ready to sign with the Eagles before he completely changed his mind and ran off to Indianapolis with his friend Andre Johnson. But it wasn’t just Johnson that had him ready to fly to Indy, it was Andrew Luck.

Gore told Josina Anderson that he wanted to play with a great quarterback:

“I told [my agent] to talk back with the Colts and see if they would match the deal or make it better, and they did. That’s where I wanted to be so that’s why I made the decision.

When I knew I wasn’t going back to the 49ers, my first option was I wanted to be with a great quarterback. I feel that you have to have a great quarterback to have a chance. Luck is a young quarterback and he does everything. He can throw. He can run. He’s physical. He’s a leader.”

If Gore’s criteria were throwing, running, physicality, and leadership, it makes sense. Andrew Luck meets all of those criteria. Currently, Sam Bradford meets zero. But Gore’s flight freed up room for DeMarco Murray to take his spot. So, thanks Frank.


Joe Banner Likes That Chip Kelly is Tearing Apart What he Built

No really, he is. Photo Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

No really, he is.
Photo Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Banner, these days, is more known for his Twitter acumen than anything else. And that is for good reason, because if Marcus Hayes is to be believed, he’s bearded, tanned, and happy to not be involved in football anymore. Well, “not involved” is a bit of a stretch, since he “remains in frequent contact with Lurie and Reid; almost daily, with [Howie] Roseman,” but he’s not in a position of any decision-making anymore (or any position at all).

But still, it’d be nice to know what Banner, an architect of the pre-Kelly teams, thinks of what Chip is doing. He’s on board:

“Chip has the confidence that he and his coaching staff can prepare the replacement player to play. How many times have we seen a coach start Player X, when most people believe Player Y is better, but Player X has the experience; then, Player X gets hurt, and Player Y finally gets to play, and is clearly better? It happens all the time. I’ve been preaching this for years.”

Oh no, Chip. Joe Banner thinks what you’re doing is a good idea. HARD-A-STARBOARD. STEER AWAY. Just kidding. No, but for real, that’s not a great sign.


Bradley Fletcher Signs One-Year Deal with the Patriots

Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 10.39.09 AM

Bradley Fletcher, the football equivalent of that piece of bread that just made too much contact with the side of the toaster and came out more burnt than you ever expected, signed a one-year deal with the Patriots today. The deal is reportedly worth a maximum of $2.5 million, which is a sum I, as the Eagles, would have been happy to pay Bradley Fletcher to sign with the Patriots.

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