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Chip Kelly Was Right Not to Challenge the Spot on Chris Polk’s Run


One storyline that’s gone mostly uncovered (I’m guilty, too) is the very real possibility that the Eagles had a first down inside the 1 on their final scoring drive yesterday.

LeSean McCoy was obviously stopped on third down, forcing the Birds to kick a field goal. But did Chris Polk get a first down before that?

On 2nd and 4 from the 5, Polk rushed up the middle and was stopped inside the 1. It seemed like the Eagles had to get into the end zone, but they were in the rare situation of being able to get a first down just in front of the goal line. As you can see in the replay, Polk clearly got past the first down marker at the upper part of the screen:

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.09.59 AM

But here’s the thing: That marker wasn’t accurate. The Eagles got their previous first down juuuuuust outside the 10. Here’s the snap:

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.25.08 AM

Obviously, to get another first down Polk would’ve needed to get the ball well inside the 1. Which he did. How far inside? It’s debatable. But Chip was probably right not to challenge the play. As he explained on the WIP Morning Show today, the odds weren’t in his favor:

“I don’t think the league rate at overturning spots, in terms of where his knee was down—most of the time the err, I think percentage wise in the league, if you study the percentage of it there you err on the previous call on the field because it’s very difficult to tell on the spot unless it’s kind of a clear-cut open field kind of thing.”

He’s right. The spot – which is the only thing you can challenge on this play – was seemingly accurate. Generous? Probably not. But close enough that the officials weren’t going to move it.

We of course want the Eagles to do everything in their power to get a first down (and touchdown) on the drive, and it is slightly maddening that they didn’t take a chance challenging the play, but not doing was almost certainly the right call.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.10.14 AM

The Eagles would’ve burnt a timeout probably unnecessarily (they wound up using one for an injury on the ensuing Cardinals drive), and that would’ve been a whole other, Andy Reid-esque issue had the clock run out on them on their final drive.

Unfortunately, the marker at the far end of the field was in the wrong spot, which made it seem, on TV, as though Polk had a first down, which he probably didn’t.


Quick Post-Game Thoughts

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 9.00.02 PM

The Eagles have two losses this season, both on the road, against teams in red, where they had chances to win the game from inside the TV-facing-left five yard line. Both times, they made a stink.

Against the 49ers, it was two pass plays because confidence in the offensive line and run game was hovering just north of 0 but below 1. Neither worked.

Against the Cardinals, a running play on 2nd and 4 from the 5, another one of 3rd and 1 from the 2. Neither got the first down, or the touchdown, and a field proved not to be enough.

via (@banditmax)

via (@banditmax)

Four plays, from within the five, to win two road games, against quality NFC opponents, no touchdowns.

That’s a problem.

Of course, against the Cardinals, there were many.

How did we get here?



Eesh. While I still think he’s better than Blake Bortles (more on this inanity tomorrow), Foles actively hurt the Eagles today. It’s no longer about being figured out by opponents, or a bad offensive line– he makes bad throws. Lots of them. Off his back foot. To defenders. To areas in which his receivers may become martyrs. He has to be better. It’s concerning that he can’t make the simple, obvious plays anymore.


Jeremy Maclin

This was sooo close to being The Gatorade Game. So close. He was terrific today. If Foles didn’t kill him with bad throws, another punt return or two surely would’ve done it. But he was great. Tremendous bounce back season. Better than expected.


Josh Huff

YO HOLMES, don’t call for the ball in the red zone and then fumble it. Just don’t do that.


Horse collar

I guess we’re just going to call this some of the time? Why a flag was picked up on that final drive on what was an OBVIOUS horse collar is mind-boggling to me, and to the progressively mysterious Mike Pereira, whom I think is slowly morphing into a Don Juan-esque figure right before our very eyes:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 8.41.22 PM



Setting aside the 89-year-old referee and the fact that the Eagles looked stale, especially early on, there were wayyyyyy tooooo many flags, on both teams. And yet, the officials didn’t have the guts to call the penalty – the aforementioned horse collar – that may have directly influenced the outcome of the game.


Offensive line

I still think a lot of the offensive issues (won’t call them problems or struggles, because the Eagles are 5-2 and I have RedZone and see the other garbage around the league) stem from missing Kelce and Mathis. Those are Foles’ guys, and he just doesn’t seem comfortable behind the Molkman. We’ll see how concerned we should be about Nick if his issues continue once the Kelce and Mathis return. If they do, then we worry.



They continue to get better. Look how far they’ve come since the start of last season. Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams were decent today, Nate Allen had his moments (even with that game-winning bomb by the Cardinals), and the box men continue to be very good. The defense is now good enough for the Eagles to contend for a Super Bowl… if they can get the offense clicking on all cylinders.


Chris Myers and Ronde Barber

Maybe FOX’s worst crew. Actually worse than McNabb doing the Chiefs game today. Also, what?

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 9.02.29 PM

The Eagles were 7-0 and 13-1 during the 2004 season. This graphic is, at best, misleading.



Still not worried. Sluggish start after bye week, missing Kelce, Mathis and Sproles, two turnovers inside the 20, and a field goal after 2nd and 4 from the 5… and they still came within literal inches of winning on a last-second touchdown pass. Sometimes you just lose. Today, the Eagles lost. They’ll be fine.


Jeremy Maclin Takes out the Gatorade Table


Chip Kelly Has Play Call Sheet Scenarios Named After Barney Fife

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 8.48.02 PM

via (@smartfootball)

It’s OK— I had to Google him, too.


The Eagles Are Reportedly Interested in Vincent Jackson

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 1.20.23 PM

The trade deadline is Tuesday at 4 p.m. and I would love it if this happened, for the right price. Jackson is the type of receiver the Eagles are missing right now what with Riley Cooper not being able to handle the increased attention after losing the other Jaccson. Coop’s neither a deep threat nor a go up and get the ball guy. He just… is. The problem is, the Bucs will probably want a high draft pick and, with Jackson, 31, being owed roughly $10 million per season through 2016, he might not be worth keeping around that long. And if my fantasy team is any indication, we’ll spend the remainder of his contract waiting for him to do something, anything, and something while we’re waiting.

Still, Jackson (Jaccson?), if he could learn the playbook quickly, is the type of receiver who could put the Eagles over the top when their offensive line comes back in-full. And as Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation – who gives the trade about a 20% chance of happening – notes, if Jackson were to choose 10 as his number, Windmill Jeff could create yet another recycling program.


Bag of Hot Air Colin Cowherd Responds to Philly Blogs Calling Him a Bag of Hot Air

Colin Blowhard Cowherd was back on the radio today. [Why? I don't know. ESPN hates you.] He of course responded to the response over his report that Chip Kelly would take a phone call from Florida if Florida called him about a head coaching position. Here’s what Cowherd said today:

“I set off a big firestorm in Philadelphia as we predicted on this show… but I got enough contacts with the big power brokers in college football, the agents, Chip Kelly’s going to take a call from the Florida Gators.”

“And all the Philadelphia message board guys say Cowherd doesn’t know anything. Yeah but message board guy does. Look at all these guys– Cowherd, Cowherd, blog, blog, Cowherd says blog, blog, blog. The guy that owns this wears an Eagles jersey to work. Yeah, like that’s objective. So put down the cheesesteak for three minutes. They run out to Wawa to get another sandwich, OK? Settle down there, alright, Vinny? I got fairly good sources on this, OK?”

Few things:

1) What?

2) “Chip Kelly’s going to take a call from the Florida Gators.” No shit he is! He’s a lifelong football man and, out of respect for a storied program that he would’ve given his left big ball to get a call from just five years ago, of course he’s going to pick up the phone… and then he’s going to say “no thanks” and put it down. I’d pick up the phone if CSN called and asked me to be their first useful blogger… and then I’d say “no thanks” and put it down. I, too, am building a culture here, dammit. Picking up the phone is just  common courtesy.

But why, in the world, would Kelly, who is quickly ascending in the NFL coaching ranks – the highest set of such ranks in all the land – want to leave what he started to coach college kids in Gainesville? Florida probably wouldn’t be able to pay him as much, and he hates recruiting. College football nuts like Cowherd seem to forget that in the real world (and by that I mean the Union states), the NFL is at the top of the football food chain. Chip’s made it, and he’s doing well. Why would he take a step back? If Chip Kelly takes a job, or even seriously considers one, with Florida anytime in the next two years, I will eat my hat on a live web stream.

3) Jim: I like how he says he has “good sources” on it. How do you have good sources that Chip would probably answer a hypothetical phone call for a coaching position that isnt technically open? 

4) Nice cheesesteak crack, you weirdo. Glad Sal Pal was able to follow up (not featured in the audio) and joke that he was at Wawa with Vinny. Stop screaming at my TV, Sal!

H/T to (@yuschaip)


This Dude’s Simple, Chip Kelly-Inspired Office Decor is Cooler than Yours

via Redditor titanicsucks

via Redditor titanicsucks

Well, that’s awesome: Redditor titanicsucks (great name) posted that above picture in the r/Eagles subreddit yesterday, and it’s probably cooler than what you’ve got on your wall in your office. What do you even have? A picture of your family? A diploma? Some art your kid made? This dude’s got a replica Chip Kelly play card that he made himself probably in MS Paint or InDesign or something, and it’s still much cooler than whatever you’ve got up there.


Connor Barwin Gave Bill Clinton a Connor Barwin Jersey

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.29.00 PM

We don’t know where, we don’t know why, and we’re not sure how, but Connor Barwin ran into Bill Clinton and gave him a Connor Barwin jersey. On top of having a great season and notching three sacks against the Giants (and being a fellow NRG partner– almost making us best friends), Barwin frequently comes off as having the most interesting haircut life on the Eagles.

Barwin met Clinton yesterday — maybe at a fundraiser in Lawrenceville, NJ — they shared some words, and Barwin gifted him with a jersey. We sure hope it wasn’t Barwin’s size (or even Bill’s size in his Governor years), but now the Eagles love can be spread throughout the whole family. He still wouldn’t be the most iconic person to rock the best looking Eagles gear though.

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