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The Eagles’ Team Photo Is, in Fact, in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 4.51.03 PM

The Eagles do everything fast. So when it was time to take the team photo, Chip Kelly said they set a record by getting all of the pictures done in just about five minutes [editor's note: four minutes and 40 seconds]. In response to how fast the photos were taken, Coach Kelly said, “It’s not like it’s going to be hanging in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s going to go in someone’s office somewhere, so let’s just get it done.” He’s right, except that he’s wrong.

Today, in response to the coach’s comments, the Philadelphia Museum of Art framed up the team photo and displayed it next to a paining of Prometheus — a Titan, the Greek giants of myth — being overpowered by an Eagle. It looks like the Eagles social media game is elevating the work of those around them, and it’s great.


Donovan McNabb’s Week 7 Power Rankings are Wrong, Confusing

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.06.22 PM

The Eagles and Cowboys — both teams Donovan McNabb is very familiar with — are tied for the best record in the NFL at 5-1 (along with the Chargers). So it makes total sense that they’d be near the top of Donovan McNabb’s Power Rankings. In fact, those teams are probably the top 3, right?

1. DENVER: Still the class of the NFL. Now, let’s see if Peyton can break the all-time touchdown record this week in prime time.
2. INDIANAPOLIS: Andrew Luck leads the league in multiple categories, but it’s his play in the clutch that sets him apart.
3. SAN DIEGO: Hottest team in football almost gave one away in Oakland. Credit Philip Rivers with getting it together down the stretch.
4. SEATTLE: Minor hiccup vs. Dallas. Russell Wilson needs to be willing to take some chances downfield.
5. BALTIMORE: Joe Flacco’s five first-half TD passes is just what the doctor ordered.

All right. You can make the argument that any team that has Peyton Manning as their QB is the best team in the NFL (even when you can’t be bothered to write full sentences for every team). And though the Colts are great, the Eagles beat them. The 5-1 Chargers land at number three, while Seattle (who some have at #1) come in one spot in front of … Baltimore? Okay, sure. But the two other 5-1 teams have to be next, right?

6. CINCINNATI: Mohamed Sanu is stepping up with A.J. Green on the shelf.
7. CAROLINA: Showed some great signs on offense, and the defense is still strong. This team might be hitting their stride.
8. PHILADELPHIA: Just when LeSean McCoy gets going, they lose Darren Sproles to injury.
9. ARIZONA: Carson Palmer is back under center, and that’s a good thing.
10. NEW ENGLAND: Devastating injuries to Mayo and Ridley, but with Brady at QB they always have a chance.

The Eagles finally come in at number eight behind a Darren Sproles injury no one really seems super worried about. But the Cowboys are nowhere to be found. Does the retired vet still have some Cowboy hate boiling up inside of his blood? A team is tied for the best record in football and they miss the top 10 in McNabb’s book, falling behind teams with two fewer wins and …

11. CLEVELAND: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Brian Hoyer.
12. GREEN BAY: Gotta love Aaron Rodgers in crunch time, and he can thank his defense for giving him a shot.
13. DALLAS: Are the Cowboys back to being America’s Team?

The Cleveland Browns. I would fully support Dallas’ #13 spot on the power rankings if McNabb was a reliable source of analysis not often considered a moron, and also if not everyone who does this for a living disagreed with him.


Video: Eagles Fans Perform Impromptu Monster Dunk on Giants Fan at Tailgate

Email from reader Andrew:

 Check out this Giants chump getting dunked on at our tailgate

This needs to become a thing. That was awesome.


The Eagles’ Marketing and Social Media Effort Last Week Was One of the Best Ever Seen from a Sports Team

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.04.45 PM

The Eagles are FIRE right now. They can do no wrong. Specifically, I’m talking about their all-around, front-to-back, 360 marketing, PR and social media effort for THE BLACKOUT, which turned out to be one of the greatest sports marketing initiatives I’ve ever seen.

From the field, to social media, to the in-game experience, the Eagles are firing on all cylinders right now, presenting a complete package that I don’t think the Phillies are capable of even dreaming about.

Two years ago, the Eagles fired their VPs of Communications, Rob Zeiger, and Marketing, Sean Tim McDermott (who, fun fact, is now the head of the Sixers’ marketing department). This spring, as reported here, they fired their VP of game day operations, Leonard Bonacci. Zeiger was replaced by former Inquirer managing editor Anne Gordon, who now oversees “media and communications.” Brian Papson is now the head of marketingAnd it looks like Chris Sharkoski oversees event operations (though it’s unclear if he took over Bonacci’s specific role). What noticeable effect these moves have had is unclear – I assume a lot of credit also goes to the Eagles’ massive “digital and media communications” team, who last year managed to spin the “quarterback controversy” into a fun positive – but the end result is an all-around effort that is substantially different and better than it was two years ago, and the best example of it is THE BLACKOUT.

Last week, the Eagles did exactly what a sports team should do from a marketing, PR and social media standpoint: They created buzz around their product, centered on a consistent theme (BLACKOUT, or, as they were calling it, #BlackSunday), hammered it home with repetition (mostly online), without taking themselves too seriously (but with merchandise sales), and then the team did its part by going out and kicking the Giants’ ass. Make no mistake, winning plays a huge part in all of this. It’s maybe even the main part, because had they lost, the Eagles would’ve had egg all over their faces like the Giants do right now. But the Eagles were able to turn a Week 6 game into a must-see spectacle simply by wearing black uniforms and getting Bradley Cooper involved. And I don’t know what would be more impressive– if the whole thing was done to distract from the fact that Nike didn’t meet their supposed Week 6 Midnight Green jersey deadline, or, since it looks like the jerseys are ready, if the Eagles planned this on their own without an assist from Nike’s ineptitude.

It all started with the oops “leak” by Connor Barwin last Monday, when he told WIP that the Eagles would be wearing all black. The team confirmed it later in the day. Throughout the rest of the week: They released yet another one of their outstanding pump-up videos produced by outside agency 160over90. Bradley Cooper did his part. They continued to reinforce all black, everything. And then fired out the more light-hearted – but perfectly in-tune with THE BLACKOUT – video of Eli Manning getting terrorized by Eagles defenderswhich is exactly what wound up happening on Sunday. During the game, they just let loose with a barrage of social media perfection. Just a small sampling: Continue reading


Video: Donovan McNabb Finally Makes Fun of Himself

He’s even awkward when he’s being a good sport.

H/T to (@CrawfordMackenz)


Cowboys Running Back Joseph Randle Was Reportedly Arrested for Stealing a Bottle of Cologne

With the Giants firmly in the 2014 season’s rearview, it’s time to turn our attention to the stinkin‘ Cowboys, who, as you may have heard, are also 5-1. Backup running back Joseph Randle has played a role in helping them to that record, specifically after rushing for 52 yards against the Seahawks on Sunday… just about 24 hours before being arrested for stealing a bottle of cologne:

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 10.30.49 AM

If you steal a bottle of cologne and don’t shout “Yo Holmes, smell you later!” as your signature, you’re doing it wrong.

Randle is making $495,000 this year.

UPDATE: TMZ reports that is was a bottle of Gucci Guilty Black cologne and a two-pack of Polo underwear. Hawt.


The Guy in the NY Daily News Photo Apparently Took a Week off of Work to Go Help in New York after 9/11

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 8.34.31 AM

Zoo With Roy dug up audio from the Jon and Sean Show yesterday in which a caller, who claimed to be a friend of the poor Eagles game day employee who was borderline defamed on the cover of the NY Daily News, said Charlie is not only a good dude, but also took a leave of abscense from his job in 2001 to go to New York and help out after 9/11:

“What a lot of people don’t know about Charlie – and Charlie has four kids – is after 9/11, Charlie took a leave of absence for almost a week and went up to New York to help out.”

You can hear the audio here at the 1:51 (hour) mark. Sean added that he worked with Charlie at the Soul and that he was indeed a “good dude.”

You should be so proud of yourselves, New York.


The Eagles’ Week 6 Video Is Basically Just a Party in 1080p

Chip Kelly jump at :40 ftw!

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