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Troy Aikman Again Tells How Andy Reid Once Asked him to Quarterback the Eagles

Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In week 11 of the 2002 NFL season, Donovan McNabb went 20-for-25 for 255 yards and four touchdowns on a broken ankle in a game that will forever live in Five lore. Following that, the Eagles finished the season with Koy Detmer and A.J. Feeley under center (who went a combined 5-1) and eventually went to the NFC Championship game (with a healthy McNabb in the playoffs). But that all could have gone very differently if Troy Aikman wasn’t on vacation.

According to Aikman — retelling a story he’s told before, but making it no less insane — Andy Reid called and asked him to come out of retirement and quarterback the Eagles after McNabb went down:

“[Reid] said, ‘Hey, did you hear what happened.’ I said, ‘Yeah, we did a game break.’ He said, ‘Well I want to talk to you about coming to Philadelphia.’ I said, ‘Andy, we’re in the middle of a broadcast. It’s halftime right now.’ He said, ‘I know, I’m watching the game.’ So I said, ‘OK, I’ll call you after the game.’”

Ultimately, Aikman decided it was best to enjoy the California whether and avoid flying across the country to prepare for a game.

“I got back to Santa Barbara and this was around November or whenever it was, and I woke up and I’m thinking, ‘I can either enjoy the next couple of days in Santa Barbara, California, it’s about 65, 70 degrees, or I’m going to be on a plane flying to Philadelphia and probably going to be playing on Monday night against the 49ers,’” Aikman said.

Turning down the offer allowed many Eagles and Cowboys fans to never have to face the strange emotions that would have come with Aikman wearing Eagles green (especially in Week 13 at the Vet). So really, he saved us all, and we were fine with Koy… and then A.J.


LeSean McCoy’s DeSean Impression is Pretty Spot-On

@0ne0fone lol who kno they boy better then me …. Rg3 would agree haha…. #skinsweek jackpot

A video posted by Lesean Mccoy (@25_mccoy) on

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.24.59 PM

It can be argued that the Cowboys/Colts matchup in Week 16 is even more important for Eagles fans than the Eagles/Redskins one. But for the players, their minds are 100% focused on the Redskins game, and one last chance to show-up former Eagle DeSean Jaccson. But LeSean McCoy thought: Why wait for the game?

As Redskins reporter Dianna Marie Russini told us last week, DeSean’s tenure with the Redskins this year has been classic DeSean: throwing teammates under the bus, complaining in private, complaining in public, generally being the worst. There’s especially been strain between DeSean and whomever his QB may be — mostly RG3. So when Shady decided to poke some light fun at DeSean and his reputation, it looked like it was a “no harm no foul” deal. The addition of “RG3 would agree haha” in the caption is a nice touch, but I really don’t think RG3 (or any ‘Skins fan) is laughing. It’s also a nice touch to deliberately spell “jackpot” the correct way.

As a side note: This is the kind of stuff the internet is good for. You got your analysis and your reporting and all of that stuff, but it’s also great that stuff like this — not exactly “news” per se, but a message directly from player-to-fan — can be put out there for fans and whomever else to enjoy. Or …

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.28.03 PM

Don’t look now, NFL Network News Desk, but you’re ruining it.


Billy Davis Doubles Down on Bradley Fletcher for Reasons Unknown to Man

Voila_Capture 2014-12-15_08-22-00_AM

Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis has, for some reason and probably not a good one, come out in defense of overcooked bread slice Bradley Fletcher, according to the beaters:

Voila_Capture 2014-12-16_11-20-35_AM

In other news: Billy Davis will again try punching the guy in the mirror tonight, because he believes that one of these days, like playing peek-a-boo with a child, heeeeeeeeeee’s gonnnnnna GET HIM!


Here’s a Bird’s-Eye View of Bald Eagle Challenger Taking Flight Before the Eagles Game

Voila_Capture 2014-12-16_11-01-24_AM

Before we get into it: WHAT DID THEY DO WITH NOAH?!

Lincoln Financial Field, in its existence as a social media entity, has posted video of poorly-named* Bald Eagle CHALLENGER flying into the stadium before the Eagles-Cowboys game. We’ve seen this sort of thing before, but it never ceases to be interesting. So I’ll just direct you to watch the video after the jump.

*Look, maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t name anything that flies “Challenger.” It’s like branding a flotation device “Titantic.” “Titanic Water Wings: they totally won’t puncture and then drowned your kid! Probably.”

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Trent Cole Reportedly Has a Broken Hand

DeMarco Murray reportedly broke his hand yesterday and will require surgery, though he still may play next week. And now we learn that Trent Cole also suffered a broken hand that may require surgery, and he may not play next week. The shitter’s gettin’ full…

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Finally Something on Which We Can Agree with DeSean Jaccson

That Riley Cooper sucks.

Jeff McLane spoke with DeSean Jaccson following the Redskins’ loss to the Giants yesterday and asked him about playing his former team again on Saturday. Ya boi said some things, joked about being in a gang [“Didn’t you hear? I’m a gangster. I’m in a gang. That’s why I’m gone.”], and then commented on the Eagles’ receivers:

Jackson still pays attention to the Eagles. Asked if he thought the team missed him, he pointed to the production of Jeremy Maclin, his receiving counterpart for four seasons.

“They still got Maclin. I’m happy for my boy. He’s been dealing all year,” Jackson said. “But it’s Maclin and that’s all they got.”

My instinct is to be all “YEAH BUT WHAT ABOUT JORDAN MATTHEWS?” But then I realized Matthews has evaporated the last two games– only two catches, both against the Seahawks. So, uh, yeah, D-Jac is probably onto something.

This season is turning into a turd before our very eyes.


Foles Sees His Shadow, at Least One More Week of Sanchez

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.40.05 PM

The Eagles’ playoff hopes rest on their most likely way in: winning the NFC East. To win the East, they have to beat the Giants and Redskins, and watch the Cowboys lose to the Colts (or Redskins but probably Colts). Some fans are worried about a Mark Sanchez-led Eagles team’s ability to beat those Giants and Redskins, but they’ll just have to get used to it because Nick Foles is still hurt.

At today’s press conference, Chip Kelly told the assembled media that Foles’ collarbone is still not healed and he is not cleared to play Week 16 against the Redskins. One can assume that Foles will be reevaluated after the Redskins game, but it may not matter.


This Cowboys Fan Was Forcibly Removed from The Linc Last Night and He Absolutely Deserved It

I posted one view of this – mine – earlier, but here’s another, much closer, more intense, slightly drill sergeant-ier video of a Cowboys fan being forcibly removed from Lincoln Financial Field just four minute into the game last night.

I was a few rows behind and a section over, and this guy absolutely had it coming. It was immediately clear that, if for no other reason than his own safety, he needed to go. He was cheering like a lunatic after the Cowboys scored their first touchdown (fine), but started doing what appeared to be the Daniel Bryan “YES!” thing, and then when he heard it from the fans, let his middle finger fly and started yelling at (with?) a few guys in his row. Security came down most likely just to tell him to calm down, but he completely lost his shit and was screaming at the guard for a minute or two, which, as you can see, was a bad idea.

Plenty of Cowboys fans in our section, too, but all cheering and banter was mostly in good fun.

H/T to reader Gerard

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