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Kent Babb of the Washington Post penned what appears to be an absolutely glorious profile of Chip Kelly today that rivals the piece written for by Chip Kelly expert Mark Saltveit, who reported that Chip had previously been engaged to Karen “Kobi” Biagini, a sales rep for Nike. But Babb presents to us a whole new love interest:

Jennifer Jenkins hadn’t been to an NFL game since she was a little girl, football making so much noise during one part of her life that for a long time she tuned it out. But this day in September 2013 was different: Chip Kelly was coaching his first NFL game, his Philadelphia Eagles playing the Washington Redskins.

Kelly coaches football in a way that calls attention to himself, but he keeps much of his life off limits. Even the profiles that have been written give little sense of him away from the field, apart from the occasional mention of how he is a lifelong bachelor, seemingly married to the game.

Wearing neither team’s colors, Jenkins reached the stadium that afternoon and an old friend from her native New Hampshire pushed a ticket into her hand. She found her seat near the 50-yard line, behind the Philadelphia bench, surrounded by the hopeful, the jeering and the curious.

A while before the game, she pulled out her cellphone and sent a text message to the Eagles’ rookie head coach, the man who had been her husband for seven years.

In 2011, Jenkins read an article in the New York Times that described bachelor coaches and how, even in the image-conscious and political world of college football, Kelly had never been married.

“Why does everything say that you weren’t married?” Jenkins said a friend recently asked her. “I just roll my eyes.”

It used to hurt, she says, as if seven years of her life had been washed away. But now she finds the humor in it. Jenkins’s former coworkers knew the real story, and a friend joked about calling a sports radio show to reveal that the friend had been in Kelly’s wedding party. After enough strangers told Jenkins they didn’t believe her, she began carrying a wedding photograph on her iPhone. “Nobody talks about it,” she said. “But everybody knows.”

WHAT? I stopped there to conduct a full background check on Jenkins, but everyone says the piece is great and you should go read it. HOW DID WE MISS THIS? That big-balled son of a bitch– he did it again!

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SI Names Eagles Fans Most Hated In The NFL

Photo credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

SI, reaching for the clicks that are sifted through arbitrary awards and lists (I’m not above it– just saying), named Eagles fans the most hated in the NFL:

Most hated fan base: Eagles

It all started in December 1968, when those disenchanted fans of the Eagles sitting at Franklin Field decided that the best way to unleash their invective was to hurl snowballs at Frank Olivo, a 19-year-old man who stepped onto the field in a Santa Claus suit. The fans were disgusted because the then-lame franchise was winning too much at the end of the season—winning their way right out of the derby for USC’s O.J. Simpson, who went to Buffalo as the first pick in the 1969 draft. Philadelphia took defensive back Leroy Keyes (who?) with the third pick, leaving Joe Greene on the board for the Steelers with the next selection.

In 1998, the team installed a jail in the bowels of Veterans Stadium and hired a judge, the delightfully-named Seamus McCaffery, to preside over the rowdiest of an infamous bunch. And in 1999, several of Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin’s teammates were understandably distressed when they thought Eagles fans were booing the future Hall-of-Famer as he lay on the field with the neck injury that ended his career. In truth, the fans were booing Deion Sanders, but the fact that they cheered as Irvin lay on the field motionless tells you all you need to know. Every fanbase is unfortunately defined by the minority who do stupid stuff like this, but it seems that Eagles fans are more defined than any other group. —DF

More defined… because of dreck like this. But saw someone Tweet the other day that we should just embrace it (as if we haven’t already). I’ll co-sign that. Start by booing ugly people on Kiss Cam, escalate to shining laser pointers to confuse Noah, the brain damaged ceremonial Bald Eagle. That would sufficiently piss off Bob Costas and therefore the nation.

H/T to (@NotoriousCMB)


The Buffalo Bills Released a Statement about LeSean McCoy’s Cosby Party

Voila_Capture 2015-07-23_03-45-41_PM

What did I tell you? Bills statement about this flyer for LeSean McCoy’s private creepfest:

“We have reached out to LeSean and informed him that players are not permitted to use team marks for personal use without prior permission from the team.”

Somewhere, Chip Kelly is having himself a good laugh. Your problem now, suckers. #culture

Also, reader Brian sends along this Photoshop from (@cujoknows):

Voila_Capture 2015-07-23_10-32-37_PM


UPDATE: LeSean McCoy Would like to Invite The Ladies to His Creepy AF Eyes Wide Shut Party

Voila_Capture 2015-07-23_03-45-41_PM

Bills running back LeSean McCoy posted this on his Instagram today. I’m sure the Bills are thrilled that he used their logo to promote his creepy, female adults only probably sex party with location TBA. I mean, what could go wrong at something like this? It’s not like you run the risk of getting kicked off the party bus en route to God knows where.

Once again, for contrast, new Eagles running back DeMarco Murray, out with his wife last night, paid for a random couple’s Japanese dinner. McCoy is setting himself up for an indefensible extortion attempt. #culture

But for real, I’d go ahead and email I did:

Voila_Capture 2015-07-23_04-04-15_PM

UPDATE: And yep, here’s the automated response:

Voila_Capture 2015-07-23_04-04-59_PM

It… actually answered my question. Touché.


Voila_Capture 2015-07-23_04-09-04_PM

UPDATE 3: The Instagram post has been deleted.

H/T to reader Jesse


Some Eagles are Training MMA-Style with Jay Glazer

Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Glazer is a small and terrifying man. He’s an NFL and MMA reporter, sure, but he’s also 5-foot-7 ball of mass and strength and intimidation. So it makes sense that pro athletes who want to toughen up (or learn some on-the-field tips and tricks inspired by MMA) would go to Glazer. And that’s exactly what they’re doing, en masse.

In a profile on Glazer’s off-season NFL training sessions at MMQB, Robert Klemko says that all of the players doing the workouts say they are “unlike anything they’ve done.” Among the players who have become regulars at Glazer’s gym? Lane Johnson, DeMarco Murray, John Moffit, and Zach Ertz. And what are they doing?

A typical day at Unbreakable consists of an unorthodox hip-focused stretching session with David Honorel (inspired, he says, by the movements of bears, crocodiles, frogs and gorillas), speed training with Liggin, weight training with an emphasis on safety, MMA work including boxing, wrestling and hand fighting with Glazer, Evans, Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner John Lewis and former UFC stars Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture. Glazer co-owns the gym with Brian Urlacher and Lindsey Berg, an Olympic volleyball player who now plays professionally overseas. Their faces are painted on a gym wall with the word “Unbreakable”, but it’s Glazer who runs the show, transforming fighting drills into football drills. Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham showed up this summer to work on beating press coverage.

And Glazer himself gets in there. He “participates in the Greco-Roman wrestling inspired pummeling drill with players like Lane Johnson … arms grasping at each other’s shoulders, they methodically fight for leverage with alternating shoulders digging into the other man’s sternum. When it’s finally over after several five-minute rounds, he stares up at Johnson with that contagious neutral scowl, then welcomes the next group.”

The whole thing is a good read not only for what some Eagles are up to, but for just how insane and intense Glazer is. I’m actually impressed that Lane Johnson can keep up with him than the other way around.

Kyle: Soooo…. this is how you get scoops– by training players you cover. I need an academy. Kyle’s Pasty Blogger Social Media Camp for athletes who want to learn how to not look like a dick on Twitter. Our inaugural class features DeSean Jaccson, LeSean McCoy and Jonathan Papelbon. Pap isn’t on Twitter, but if he was, he would be a gigantic A-hole. We like to get them early.


Here’s Video of Tim Tebow Training Hard at USC


This one is easier to turn off than DeSean’s diary: In preparation for Eagles training camp, Tim Tebow has been working with throwing “guru” Tom House – who used to have a look for the ages – out at USC. Tebow’s been trying to rebuild his throwing motion to make it result in more accurate and for lack of a better term … better passes in order to make the Eagles roster. You can’t see much of where those passes end up in the video after the jump, but it looks, decent? I don’t know, this is probably going to be the most exciting thing happening today so buckle up.

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I Can’t Stop Watching DeSean Jaccson’s Stupid Instagram Vacation Video


DeSean Jaccson’s Instagram account is usually full of dumb selfies, stupid inspirational memes, and over-filtered images. But for some reason, I can’t stop watching his stupid vacation video. I don’t know if it’s the overdone effects while he’s on horseback, the quasi-deep panning shots over crashing waves, or just the fact that it exists at all, but I can’t stop. I’m on my 20th loop of it I think. I’m still going. If his TV show was like this, I’d watch every week.

You can check it yourself after the jump. Ya digg?

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Jeff McLane: Nick Foles Let Criticism Get to Him, and it’s Part of the Reason He’s Gone

Photo Credit: Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

On the air with Anthony Gargano and Jon Marks this morning, Jeff McLane called in to talk Sam Bradford, his injury, and his attitude. Along the way, he mentioned that in the past Nick Foles let the criticism from fans and the media get to him last year. Gargano asked him to elaborate:

“Nick wasn’t really comfortable in that [franchise QB] role. And I think there wasn’t much written about that and we’ve learned more about that since Nick has been gone …

It really got to him, some of the criticism here in Philadelphia about his play last year. I heard from a couple of players that he’d get down … I understood that he’d let it get to him. I think that had to do with the decision to part with him … they felt like Nick wasn’t the guy for this team and this city.”

Gargano, who works full-time in sports talk radio, couldn’t remember people being negative about Foles.

But it all makes sense now. The quiet way he carried himself. His all-important lack of swagger. He’s just not built to be the guy in a city like Philadelphia. Which, to be honest, makes the deal with the Rams a little scarier. Foles could thrive in a city like St. Louis. And if the Rams get moved to LA, a place where literally no one cares about football at all? That’s the dream. In the complete absence of pressure, he could be an all-time great. Hall of Fame for Nick.

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