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Pittsburgh Shock Jock Sells Shitty Anti-Flyers Shirt Where You Also Buy Hand Knitted Scarves

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 3.25.48 PM

Mark Madden, a Pittsburgh sports radio jock who only tweets pictures of porn stars and desserts, is selling that incredibly stupid shirt above on Etsy. That’s right, Etsy, the same place that person you know (definitely not you) gets handmade greeting cards and jewelry. There’s a number of things wrong with this shirt, starting with the shitty Hanes Comfortblend it’s printed on. Then, there’s the use of the Flyers colors — printing it in say Yellow and Black would at least obviously say that you are anti-Flyers and make it less awkward to wear to a game — and the Flyers name, which is just begging for a cease and desist order. Finally, hashtags look stupid enough on Twitter, so let’s keep them off of our goddamn t-shirts where they serve no purpose.

Also, the route of attacking a franchise’s history instead of what they are right now is always the cowardly way. Unless it’s the Mets. The Mets are always fair game.

h/t reader Rudolph


The Flyers’ Third Jersey Will Probably Be Their Winter Classic Jersey

Not these

Not these

Today, a person wondered if the Flyers’ new alternate jersey will actually be their 2012 Winter Classic jersey. Here’s that thought, undoubtedly told in a hushed tone, perhaps you’d even call it a whisper*:

Among them [at the Skate Zone] was Zac Rinaldo, wearing black pants with an orange stripe down the side and many players donned black helmets, which had cream-colored numbers and an orange outline. Usually, the Flyers wear solid black pants and the black helmets have solid white numbers on them.

In the locker room, the striped pants hung in most players’ stalls with the cream-numbered helmets above. In all likelihood, this is part of the Flyers’ new alternate kits this season. .

Shh. As I murmured quietly last monthI bet the Flyers’ new third jerseys are the Winter Classic jerseys from 2012. 

Those robots will be here any day now, and even they’ll know that kits is a soccer word.

*That’s how Dave cites reports nowadays:


The Flyers Are Getting Rid of Their Ice Girls


Goodbye, my ladies.

Earlier today, Flyers ice girl Erika Choi Smith tweeted that the team will be getting rid of ice girls for the upcoming season and presumably for the foreseeable future now that Comcast is fully running the show. Credit to Flyers Nation for injecting it into our timelines:

Voila_Capture 2014-08-27_03-46-26_PM Voila_Capture 2014-08-27_03-46-33_PM

In the hours since this unfortunate revelation, there has been other ice girl chatter* online confirming the news.

There’s no specific reason why, but we can assume that lunatic fans in San Jose protesting the Sharks’ ice girl uniforms (and the ensuing media attention that got) and a former Flyers ice girl – whom another former Flyers ice girl referred to as “a twat” on Facebook today – complaining to Mother Jones that working conditions were sub-par were contributing factors. The fFig, who wanted to form an ice girls union, alleged that ice girls were mistreated, told not to eat on the job, too cold standing near the Wells Fargo Center doors, and paid poorly ($50 per game). Of course, the counter to her argument is: YOU VOLUNTARILY SIGNED UP TO BE AN ICE GIRL!

Whatever the case, the Flyers won’t have ice girls this year. Good news: the playing surface will remain frozen. Bad news: nothing to stare at every five fucking minutes because the league insists on cleaning ice that doesn’t really need to be cleaned.

The Flyers have not yet officially confirmed the news, but if they release a statement that says: “We got 99 problems and now a bitch ain’t one,” I promise not to write anything negative about the team for the entire 2014-2015 season.

*I go deep web on days like today.


It’s Official, Chris Therien Is Moving over to TV

As I reported in June, Chris Therien and Steve Coates will basically flip roles this season. From the Flyers’ release:

The Flyers and CSN also announced a change to their broadcast teams. Former Flyers defenseman Chris Therien will move from the radio broadcast to the Comcast SportsNet television broadcast crew and will serve as the inside-the-glass ice-level reporter for Flyers game broadcasts, joining the team of Jim Jackson, Keith Jones and Bill Clement. Steve Coates, a 32-year veteran of Flyers TV and radio broadcasts, will return to the radio booth to handle color commentary alongside play-by-play voice Tim Saunders on the Flyers Radio Network.

I think Bundy’s great, and I’m looking forward to this. Just gotta keep that raw emotion while rinkside.


Ron Hextall Signs Brett Hextall to Play for Ron Hextall’s Old Coach

Photo Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Free agent RW Brett Hextall(#52 above) has been signed to an AHL contract with the Phantoms for this upcoming season. Hextall was born in Philadelphia while his father was working in the city, doing something or other. The 26-year-old Hextall, whose name sounds familiar but I really can’t place why, played the last three season for the Portland Pirates where he had his best season last year, notching 11 goals, 12 assists, and 83 penalty minutes in 50 games. With the Phantoms, Hextall will play under Terry Murray, who coincidentally coached a different guy named Hextall with the Flyers from 1994 to 1997. That’s probably something he can discuss with his new coach as a way to break the awkwardness. Once a Flyer, always a Flyer.


The Flyers Have Hired an Analytics Manager

Voila_Capture 2014-05-07_11-48-51_AM


Gone are the days of Paul Holmgren evaluating players on their goonishness. Ron Hextall mentioned in his introductory press conference that the Flyers would rely a bit more on advanced statistics, and by golly, he’s sticking to his word. Broad Street Hockey discovered that the team hired an analytics guru in July– Ian Anderson. There’s not much information available on him, but his LinkedIn sheds some light:

Voila_Capture 2014-08-21_11-46-47_AM

Listed just off-frame there is Anderson’s previous experience as the Capitals’ regional sales manager. So, yes, the Flyers hired a ticket sales guy to run their analytics efforts. But to be fair to Anderson, he did just receive his MS in Predictive Analytics, which I’m guessing is something that not one scout in this video has:

*On Tuesday, a Flyers publicist reached out to me and said that my #IceBucketChallenge to Ron Hextall was forwarded along, but that he already did it (somewhat privately), and that they were trying to get video. Still waiting on you, ZION SPEARMAN.


Poor Eric Lindros Had to Perform Two #IceBucketChallenges Because His Wife Forgot to Press Record

Poor E Train. As if his head didn’t hit the ice enough in during career, he had to perform two #IceBucketChallenges because his wife forgot to press record* the first time. Loving the IBC fails, though.

*No offense to the ladies, but women and camera phones are a dangerous combination. “Which one’s the flash? Oh, OK, got it. Never mind. OK, ready? Smile. The flash won’t go off. Should I hold the button down? Oh wait, my finger’s in the way. I think I’m doing a video. Yeah it’s a video. Now it says my storage is full. Can I just delete that? How do I delete that? I don’t want to do a Panoramic! I’m just going to Snap it.”


The Blackhawks Rewarded Michael Leighton for Their 2010 Stanley Cup Championship by Giving Him a Contract

Former Flyers goaltender and Big Bear Michael Leighton, whose contract with Sochi this year was voided after an illness kept him out of camp, has been signed to a one-year deal by the Blackhawks, ostensibly as a thank you for letting Patrick Kane slip the Stanley Cup beneath his pads.

Leighton spent last season with Donetsk, in the Ukraine, which, yes, is that place on the map where they shoot down passenger planes.

Leighton was unable to be reached for comment, but he’s said to still be making his way over to the right post. He’ll get there eventually.

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