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Flyers/Penguins at Beaver Stadium is Being Pitched for 2016-2017

A Flyers-Penguins Winter Classic at Beaver Stadium has long-been rumored and grumbled about, but never confirmed. In fact, it’s never gone past the rumor stage. Howard Eskin confirmed it once (inaccurately) and we heard rumors of Penn State being on board, but never much more. Until now.

According to Broad Street Hockey, Shawn Tilger told the gathered season ticket holders at the Flyers Town Hall meeting that the team is pitching the game for the 2016-2017 season to commemorate the 50th anniversary of both the Flyers and the Penguins. It’s still a long ways away, and there will be countless reports between now and then that it’s happening but not happening or maybe happening until its probably happening it’s happening.


A Must-Read Article About The Development of NHL 94

Voila_Capture 2015-03-24_01-44-18_PM

Blake Harris with an in-depth looking at the making of the NHL Hockey series:

A couple of months before NHL Hockey was due to hit stores, [NHL Hockey producer] Brook was at the Stanley Cup Finals in Pittsburgh to show off his soon-to-be-released game. The NHL provided him with a couple of large television monitors and set them up in the arena’s hospitality center for what amounted to a public unveiling of NHL Hockey to players on hand, assorted bigwigs and members of the media.


‘It looks so real!’

‘This is the best hockey game I’ve ever played!’

For most of the evening, that’s all Brook heard. EA had done it again. As if this wasn’t enough, John Ziegler – the NHL’s commissioner – was sitting only one table away, hearing each and every compliment. The producer from EA was floating on cloud nine – until a nearby exclamation rained on his parade.

‘I just got Gretzky in a fight!’

Brook felt the force of the sucker punch. It took a second for the rest of the room to register the statement. As it sunk in, VIPs gathered around the monitor to watch Wayne Gretzky, the face of the NHL, get into a fistfight with an opposing player. And as the pixelated version of hockey’s greatest player spilled blood onto the ice, everyone’s eyes darted to John Ziegler, anxious to gauge the commissioner’s reaction.

In the moment, Ziegler played it close to his chest, but afterwards he was furious. Fighting had always been part of the sport – a means for players to police themselves – but it had recently become such a hot-button issue that the league had considered banning it once and for all. The last thing the league wanted was a videogame that glorified fighting. And in real hockey, it was only the enforcers who fought with one another, so why the hell did this videogame allow for Wayne Gretzky to get beaten up? Under no circumstances should that face be bloodied, bruised or rendered black and blue. This was unacceptable, a deal-breaker, and so the NHL demanded that EA remove the feature.

Ever wonder what caused NHLPA 93 not to have team licenses? That was it.

There are so many good anecdotes like this in here. It’s long, but grab a beer tonight and read the full thing.

via Daring Fireball


Claude Giroux Undresses Ed Snider With His Eyes

Photo: Flyers PR, via Old Man Isaac

Photo: Flyers PR, via Old Man Isaac

My rings may be beautiful, Claude. But they don’t have a Stanley Cup on them.


The Lehigh Valley Phantoms’ Zambonis are Ridiculous


In springtime, there’s no candy more delicious (and shame-filling) than the Peep, a gooey, death-defying concoction of sugar and sugar. You see them just about everywhere this time of year. But the Lehigh Valley Phantoms have… well, they’ve outdone Easter.

The Phantoms have two sponsored zambonis regularly hitting the ice: One with a fake faucet from Mr. Rooter Plumbing (clever) and another with a gigantic monster-Peep that looks like he (she? it?) is going to DESTROY YOUR WHOLE FAMILY AND EAT YOUR POPCORN TOO riding on top. God bless you, minor leagues. God bless you.


Lost in the Chaos Yesterday, Randy Miller Wondered If the Flyers Should Strip Claude Giroux of His Captaincy

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This would’ve been a top story any other day this winter. Yesterday? It didn’t even register on my tinfoil radar. But our old friend, former AFL China sideline reporter, former Phillies and Devils beat writer, Randy Miller, of, wondered if the Flyers should strip Claude Giroux of his captaincy. Here’s just a sampling of Miller’s self-serving dreck:

During Giroux’s first season as captain he blew off the media after a frustrating road loss. He vowed it wouldn’t happen again. It did.

It’s at a point now that now where beat writers sometimes don’t even request to add Giroux to the post-game interview list because his quotes often as unusable clichés. More often than not, Giroux gives short answers that doesn’t come close to matching the kind of honestly that Mason, Simmonds and Streit usually provide.

Leaving that task to others isn’t a sign of strong leadership.

The same goes for embarrassing the organization with off-ice issues.

Giroux just finished his first season as captain two summers ago when a golf club supposedly shattered in his hand. Ever heard of that happening to anyone else?

Is that what really happened? A lot of people think there’s more to the story.

Then there was the drunken butt-pinching-the-cop episode in an Ottawa bar last summer which landed him behind bars for a night.

Giroux hasn’t talked about any of those incidents.

Taking everything into account, should the Flyers get a new captain next season?

Jesus Christ. Look, there might be a legit argument to be made about Giroux’s leadership abilities. He’s a great player, but I’ve always viewed him as a better Robin than Batman, at least in terms of the added pressure that comes with being captain. But – hey speaking of clichés, Randy – there’s nothing more tired than beat writers questioning a player’s leadership by citing – almost exclusively – examples of how he deals with the media. It’s sooooo transparent.

Yesterday, Frank Seravalli, with the help of a good quote from Wayne Simmonds, countered Miller’s trite argument:

“That’s bull(bleep),” Wayne Simmonds said. “It has nothing to do with team leadership or how good of a captain he is. He goes out there every single shift and plays his heart out. For (that writer) to even speculate that ‘G’ is not a good leader is a joke. It’s embarrassing.”

No, what is said publicly, truly has zero correlation to the Flyers’ leadership group or wins and losses, for that matter. Yes, some reporters are around the team every day and in the locker room, but even the best in the business don’t have a clue about exactly what goes on behind closed doors. To pretend otherwise is a flat out joke.

Giroux won’t give media the “good sound” every media member craves, but so what? There are plenty of other players to provide color. Media should never be a part of the equation.

This all goes back to Miller, who, for my money, is the most vindictive of local beat writers. If you’ll recall, he wrote glowingly about Ilya Bryzgalov while he was here (Miller was one of the few), and then, when Bryzgalov didn’t offer up a quote the day the Flyers cut him, Miller tore into him on Twitter with a whole bunch of (actually telling) insider accounts of Bryz’s clashes with Peter Laviolette– all things that Miller didn’t bother to report when Bryz still of use to him. So it should come as no surprise that, since Giroux and his boring-ass quotes aren’t of much use to Miller (and because G has a much better relationship with some other beat writers), Miller decided to lay into him.

That said, Miller’s piece is essentially a Mad Lib of articles written by the likes of Tim Panaccio and Sam Carchidi in recent years about [proper noun]’s handling of the media and how it translates to [something completely unrelated to handling of the media].  We’ve filled this one out before, guys. Get some new material.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a post about local sports talk radio to write….

H/T to (@CjBurns215)


The Flyers Have Parted Ways with Goalie Coach Jeff Reese

Press release:

The Philadelphia Flyers announced today that goaltending coach Jeff Reese is no longer with the team, according to general manager Ron Hextall.

“It was a mutual agreement between both parties,” said Hextall. “Jeff was an integral part of our coaching staff for the past six seasons and we wish him well.”

Reese joined the Flyers in 2009 after eight seasons with the Tampa Bay Lightning coaching staff, including the Lightning’s 2004 Stanley Cup Championship.

The team will have no further comment.

Oh, terse.

I never understood why Reese was always spoken so highly of. He was here for six years and during that time was the position coach for Michael Leighton, Brian Boucher, Sergei Bobrovsky, Ilya Bryzgalov, Steve Mason, Ray Emery and a few others. Bryz was a bust, Bobrovsky left and then won a Vezina, Mason is inconsistent, and the others kinda stink (not Reese’s fault). If anything, his turning Leighton into a professional caliber goalie for three months might have been his finest achievement (still should’ve worked more on the near side though, eh?). But still, Reese was always spoken highly of in Flyers circles and I never understood it. Odd timing, though. He’s pulled some good performances out of Emery and Jim Morris Rob Zepp this year. Of course, he’s better than the useless Rejean Lemelin. You talk about overseeing a bunch of stiffs… talk about that guy.


A Ridiculous Joffrey Lupul Tweet Has Made Its Way onto TSN’s #TradeCentre Coverage

pic via (@FlyersNation)

pic via (@FlyersNation)

Awesome. But I still have trouble getting past the Canadian way of spelling “centre.”

[The Lupul-Elisa Cuthbert thing is probably an untrue interwebs rumor. But still fun.]


The Flyers Traded Braydon Coburn and Got a Ridiculous Return for Him

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Flyers press release:

The Philadelphia Flyers have acquired 6-0, 204-lb D Radko Gudas from the Tampa Bay Lightning, along with Tampa Bay’s 1st and 3rd-round picks in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, in exchange for D Braydon Coburn, according to general manager Ron Hextall. If Tampa Bay fails to make the playoffs in 2015 and ends up with the first overall selection, Philadelphia will receive the New York Rangers’ 2015 first round pick in the draft (previously acquired by Tampa) in lieu of Tampa’s own first round selection.

Huge haul. Maybe Hextall’s best move as Flyers GM. A young defenseman and a first round draft pick (and a third)? Can’t complain about that.

With Braydon’s departure, presumably, comes the departure of Nadine Coburn:

Voila_Capture 2015-03-02_08-50-57_AM

We won’t miss Braydon. But we’ll miss you, Nadine.

UPDATE: How did Braydon find out?

Voila_Capture 2015-03-02_08-54-36_AM

As always, better than reading it on Crossing Broad.

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