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Jonathan Papelbon Wants Out “If” Phillies Continue to Lose

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Hahahahahahahahahahah. “If.”

Jonathan “not a Phillie” Papelbon told Jim Salisbury that he will be disappointed if the Phillies fail to trade him this year and if they “continue to lose.” It’s the world’s smallest “if.” Papelbon continued to Salisbury:

“If we can rebuild this situation and make it right, and we can get some wins underneath our belt and Ryne Sandberg can get us going, that’s a whole different story. To me, that’s a better part of the story because now I’ve been a part of this remodeling. I’ve been a part of getting this bullpen correct. I’ve been a part of something that’s becoming a winning tradition and going back to the way it was before I got here. To me, there’s no better reward than that.”

Sure Paps. There is no better reward than turning the team around and getting them back on the road to glory. You got three or four years to spare?


The Phillies Demolished the (Lowest) CBP Attendance Record


Congratulations to the hapless Phillies, who today announced an attendance of 17,097, the lowest in CBP history. That demolishes the dubious record of 19,047 they set, like, two weeks ago, and it’s the smallest crowd they’ve had since June 4, 2003, when they drew 16,232 at Veterans Stadium.

The Phillies and Marlins thank you!



Voila_Capture 2015-04-23_02-25-02_PMVoila_Capture 2015-04-23_02-25-10_PMMcGowan, for your information, was the Phillies’ starting pitcher today. No, I don’t know who he is either.



The Phillies’ Lineup Today Will Make You Sad

Voila_Capture 2015-04-23_10-17-47_AM

pic via (@ToddZolecki)



Ryan Howard is Now #100 on the All-Time Home Run List

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Howard hit his first home run of the season last night. The two-run bomb helped lead the Phillies to a 7-3 win, but that’s not the only thing it did. It also squeezed Ryan Howard into the top 100 list for career home runs. It was Howard’s 335th home run, which ties him with Darryl Strawberry and puts him one behind Joe Adcock for the 99th spot. Additionally, for fun stat reasons, here are some other facts about his 335 career round-trippers:

  • 173 of his 335 have been hit in Citizens Bank Park. The most at a visiting park? 20 at Turner Field.
  • Only 87 of his 335 have been hit off of lefties.
  • 24% of his HRs have been in two-pitch at bats, and 18% have been in three-pitch at bats. Patience is not his bag.
  • 48% of his HRs have been solo shots.

Howard becomes the 7th player in the top 100 to have played for the Phillies. Among the original 16 teams, only the Pirates have fewer. But he’s much higher on one list: Howard is 10th in NL history for “career HR by a player who has spent his whole career with 1 team.” He’s likely to be DQ’d from that list at some point.


The Reds Media Is, Apparently, Awesome

audio via Deadspin

As you’ve probably heard by now, Reds manager Bryan Price teed off on the media yesterday in an epic, 77 F-word rant about how it doesn’t benefit the Reds for the media to report which players are available or suffering from nagging injuries. By the end of the thing, he threatened to stop telling reporters thsoe little details because they’ll “sniff it out on [their] own.”

Here’s the thing: They’re doing their job, obviously quite well. Everyone knows it’s not the media’s job to do what’s best for their subject (hardened JOURNOS ‘bate at sentences like that), but from the sounds of it, Reds beat writers are going above and beyond if they’ve already forced the manager into a a freakout three weeks into the season. Price’s argument basically amounts to you’re making my job harder, which is 100% not the media’s problem. At one point, Price told a reporter that it’s not his job to dig up every little thing about the Reds… which is completely wrong. That’s literally his job. And this is exactly my point when I dig in on certain Eagles and Flyers writers, who spend more time complaining about the team not talking than they do finding stuff on their own. That doesn’t go for everyone, but it applies to Les Bowen, Reuben Frank (to a lesser extent), Sam Carchidi, Rob Parent and Tim Panaccio. Say what you want about Randy Miller (I think he’s an asshole), but he at least tries to dig up stories, as does Frank Seravalli. The media works for the fans, not for the team (unless you’re Dave Spadaro). Price doesn’t understand that. If fans want to know why [insert player] isn’t available, then it’s a story and the team’s job to hide it if they don’t want it out there. Comparatively, it’s in the best interest of the Eagles and Flyers to keep a lot of their offseason plans buried, and certain local types would be better off trying to uncover them rather than waiting for the team to just tell them the name of the moviewhich they’re not going to do. So maybe some of those Reds guys would like to work in Philly?


Cliff Lee Is Selling His Rittenhouse Condo

Voila_Capture 2015-04-21_09-00-36_AM

Cliff Lee, in the final year of his five-year, $120 million contract (my God time flies), has put his 1706 Rittenhouse condo up for sale. Want it? Sure ya do! It’s a steal at $6.9 million.

From… which is engaging in some smart content marketing with stuff like this:

Rittenhouse Square is, of course, a byword for high-end living in Center City, and this home is no exception. You should know by now how I go gaga for a beautiful condo on the Ritt, and this one is nothing short of spellbinding. With an address directly on the Square and a near-perfect Walk Score, there’s no better way to experience everything that this gorgeous, big ol’ city has to offer.

This three bedroom condo has three bathrooms. It’s a full-floor residence sprawling across over 4,100 square feet. Every exposure is perfect here – north, south, east, and west. Enjoy direct elevator access right to your front door!

So many memories in this place. SO MANY. Lee bought it in 2011. For a time that summer, Hunter Pence was rumored to be moving in with Lee until he got set up on his own (he didn’t– Pence’s parents came into town during a road trip and set up a place for him). Later, Lee was spotted playing Wiffle Ball in the park with his son, and became neighbors with Ryan Howard and Jonathan Papelbon, turning 1706 into sort of a Phillies escrow account.

There’s nothing to read into the listing – Lee can’t get traded right now because Ruben Amaro waited too long and now Lee is hurt – but there’s a 0.0% chance Lee re-signs with the hapless Phillies next year… if he doesn’t retire. This is just another sad end for a former star who’s nearing the end of his monstrous contract as the Phils diddle away into obscurity. A few more pics after the jump. Continue reading


Mets Pitcher Alex Torres Wore a Water Wing on His Head Last Night

Photo credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Alex Torres, who yesterday became the first Major League pitcher to earn a save wearing Rick Moranis’ helmet from Spaceballs. It’s a slightly updated version of the look Torres pioneered last year. He also becomes the second Met to look ridiculous in the name of safety. But it probably doesn’t matter if you can throw at ludicrous speed.

I know what you’re thinking– toolbox. But I’m going to take the road less traveled: I commend Torres for putting safety first, and I think the Phillies should force Cole Hamels to wear one. In fact, I think the Phils should cover Hamels in bubble wrap and store him somewhere in the bowels of Citizens Bank Park in a temperature controlled room like he’s a fine wine until either A) Ruben Amaro finds a willing trade partner, or B) Amaro gets fired and his replacement does what Amaro should’ve done a year ago. Yeah, I know, it might mess with Cole’s resurgent luscious locks, but we can’t take chances at this point . Ruben Amaro is actively sabotaging our franchise, so the least we can do is demand that valuable assets take the utmost precautions until someone grows a set and fires the GM.

via SB Nation

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