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Evan Turner Got Completely Stuffed by LeBron James Last Night

Meep meep.

via The Big Lead


Scott O’Neil Uses CEO Speak to Oversell Nerlens’ One DPOY Vote

oneil wrong

You know, technically he’s not wrong. He’s just missing some words in that sentence. “Nerlens Noel finished 3rd in voting for Defensive Player of the Year on the ballot of Jason Jackson of Sun Sports.” So technically, Noel did finish third “in vote,” but not “in voting.” The overall results looked like this:

total votes

While we commend Noel for an impressive season, it looks like O’Neil put on his CEO hat and spun “one DPOY vote” into that not wrong, but also not totally right Tweet. That hashtag game is on point though. #spinmaster

Kyle: Kind of impressed by this. Not gonna lie. That sort of PR chicanery doesn’t grow off trees… except maybe the ones in the arboretum at Villanova.


The Sixers Could Steal the Lakers’ Lottery Pick from Flea


The chances that the Sixers end up with the Lakers’ lottery pick is just over 17%. But, if the Lakers send Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers as their representative in the lottery, that’s gotta sway things the Sixers’ way, right? There’s no way stealing the pick from a guy who was part of the worst album title of all time — “Stadium Arcadium” — wouldn’t feel extra special. Man, Flea would just take that pick and … give it away. I’ll see myself out.

The Sixers should send all of Boyz II Men.

Oh, and the Bucks should send the owner’s daughter again. Wait, what– the Bucks aren’t in it? Well, someone should still send their owner’s daughter.


Here’s the Newest Trailer for Showtime’s Iverson Documentary

This is pretty much the opposite of the Tebow news. Iverson premieres May 16th.


Report: The Sixers Fined Joel Embiid for Issues with his Work Ethic

embiid eskin

Earlier this season, word leaked out of the Sixers that Joel Embiid had been sent home from a road trip to work on his rehab. Earlier this week, Brett Brown said that at times coaching Embiid was “frustrating.” And now, Howard Eskin (who smiled so hard after writing that tweet that he passed out) reports that Embiid was fined earlier this year for missing rehab sessions.

As Liberty Ballers points out, this doesn’t sound great but the problem is likely behind both the Sixers and Embiid. It doesn’t really help for those people who were already having Bynum flashbacks though. Still, no need to worry … I’m sure Embiid can afford “thousands of dollars.”


Marcus Hayes Wrote a Whole Column about Something Brett Brown Didn’t Say


“Or else.”

It’s an implied thing that only Marcus Hayes heard – that Brett Brown was giving Sixers management an ultimatum – multiple times throughout Brown’s conversation with the media on Thursday night. As Hayes put it, “The two words Brett Brown never spoke resounded loudest in his final interviews of the season.” Nope:

“I hope that if we can have something that is stable and consistent that we are going to be able to talk a little bit easier at this time next year.”

. . . or else.


Nope. Never mind that after Brown made those comments, he said that consistency can’t trump the fact that they’re looking for talent. But what about the misguided idea that Sam Hinkie only drafts players who can’t play immediately in order to prolong the tank:

“If it happens again – I won’t lie, you’re going to bite your lip,” Brown said, chuckled a bit, and continued the joke: “I do admit, in my own contract negotiations, nobody explained to me fully that, for a few years, you might not have your draft picks.”

Translation: Hinkie better not select another long-range Euro star or a high-ceiling player with a year of rehab ahead of him.

. . . or else.

Nope. Brown, throughout the season, has expressed frustration, hope, pride, and any number of other emotions. He’s never come off as fed up, or indignant, or over it. That “or else” is coming straight from the cranky mind of Hayes, who, like Howard Eskin, thinks he’s speaking for the common fan. Is he? Continue reading


Video: Roman Catholic Junior Nazeer Bostick Dunking over Four Seventh Graders

This kid in the front is everything. Last time I saw that reaction Steve Martin was answering prayers in Leap of Faith.

H/T to reader Tim


The Sixers Will Have Sleeved Jerseys “Eventually”

sleeved jerseys

Sleeved jerseys look terrible, but if the NBA is gonna push them (and all of the major market teams do) there’s no reason the Sixers shouldn’t. I’m sure a lot of Sixers fans are less than comfortable with the tank.

Kyle: Not me, baby. Couple of pythons hanging off this frame.

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