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Your End of Week Roundup

Sixers Draft Pick You Forgot About Will Play in League You Didn’t Know About

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan McRae, one of the 400 players the 76ers drafted in the 2nd round this year, is going to be playing pro basketball in Australia. McRae was the 58th pick of the 2014 draft and traded to the 76ers from the Spurs, and will now suit up for Melbourne United in the NBL. McRae was named to the Second Team of the Summer League’s All-NBA squad when he averaged 21 points on 50% shooting in four appearances.

One report thinks the Sixers retain the right to call McRae back to the NBA until January, but if not, he’ll spend the year playing in the same league as Josh Childress. And that is what Josh Childress is up to.

This Evolution of Madden Video Reminds You How Many Hours and Hours You’ve Played These Games

The video above, via Barstool, shows the evolution of every few years of the Madden video game franchise over the past 26 years. It’s gotten me excited to play Madden 15, but I’d also be fine pulling out Maddens 02/03/04.

Soothsayer Larry Mendte Says the Eagles Won’t Win the Super Bowl

Call of the parade, Eagles fans, the harbinger of Eagles success has announced that they will not win a Super Bowl this year, so let’s just pack it up. That Nostradamus of professional football is Larry Mendte, and he just knows this year is not the year:

After false prophets who came to Philadelphia and fell short of leading us to the Promised Land, Eagles fans believe they have found their Messiah. And I am now put in the unenviable position of having to yell at the Chipnotized, “Snap out of it! It’s not going to happen this year!”

That hurts to admit. There are just way too many questions. I believe Nick Foles can and will be a star in this league. But, the defense is still suspect, as is the kicker. Depth is also a problem. What happens if offensive linemen Jason Peters or running back LeSean McCoy gets hurt? Injuries at key positions are inevitable. The Eagles don’t have the depth at most positions to compensate.

The great prognosticator of the Philadelphia fan has spoken, and his will shall be done.


Sixers Buy Insane Technology to Make Pre-Game Intros Infinitely Cooler

Do I understand how this works? NO!

According to Bloomberg, the 76ers have bought technology from Quince Imaging to make their pre-game intros really cool once they have players worth introducing. As Bloomberg says, the Sixers and Devils — both owned by Josh Harris — will be using the technology, which changes the court (or ice) surface into a projection screen on which you can lay out just about anything [Editor's note: a healthy big man?]:

While some arenas have used the technology for special events, the 76ers are the second National Basketball Association team to buy it from Herndon, Virginia-based Quince, following the Cleveland Cavaliers, the club said. The Devils are the first U.S.-based National Hockey League team to buy the technology that transforms the court or ice surface into what Quince calls an immersive video display. The Montreal Canadiens also own the technology, which costs about $1 million per team.

You can check out the Cavaliers’ use of it above (and you can imagine they’re gearing up one hell of a show on it for this season). It’ll be interesting to see the moments from 76ers history that they use in the show, but then again they could just lay down Joel Embiid’s Twitter feed and I’d be alright with that.

H/T to (@nick_waters)


Hinkie Says He Never Wanted Anthony Bennett, Got Hasheem Thabeet Instead, Didn’t Want Him Either

"I will take (almost) all of your expiring contracts"

“I will take (almost) all of your expiring contracts”

Yesterday, for a brief moment, the 76ers strengthened their claim as the NBA’s All-Name team by trading for Hasheem Thabeet and some cash from Oklahoma City in exchange for a protected 2015 second-round pick. Almost immediately, it came out that Thabeet was to be released since he’s been a total bust since being drafted #2 overall in 2009, and even at 7-foot-3 on this depleted team he’s not worth the roster spot.

Additionally, Sam Hinkie sat in on a conference call session yesterday, where he talked about Joel Embiid’s Twitter, potential draft lottery changes, and more. Hinkie said Embiid’s tweet-game is great, for now, and said “I think he’s found the line in a way that is entertaining and people have had lots of laughs. Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of February or late in March or in the middle of a road trip where some of that humor doesn’t go over quite as well. He’s adjusted pretty well so far.”

Hinkie continued, according to Delaware Online, saying that hitting the salary floor is “not something that’s a particular concern for us,” it’s a bit too early to discuss lottery changes since they haven’t happened yet, and that the long and drawn out three-team deal that sent Thad Young away never involved Anthony Bennett or Dion Waiters. Hinkie said, “I can tell you unequivocally, we didn’t have any conversations or any discussions about Anthony Bennett,” and “if you keep track of the rumors that have been out there about us, a very, very small percentage have turned out to be true.” But what about the rumor that Sam Hinkie has some grand master plan and isn’t just floating in the breeze with these moves? WHAT ABOUT THAT RUMOR?


Joel Embiid Suggets an Ebola Challenge

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.33.12 PM

The Ice Bucket Challenge, which Kyle has already done and to which I was challenged but donated instead (because you can’t best Chase Utley), has made about ten laps around your social media circles by now. Opinions on the fundraising efforts are varied: There are those think it’s more about self-congratulation than anything else, those who don’t think it matters because money is being raised, those who think some of that donation money could be spread out to other causes, etc. And even after that, there are those who are just tired of seeing it. I’m not sure which camp Joel Embiid falls into, but he took to Twitter, where he lives, to say that Ebola is terrible too, and maybe we should raise some money for that.

However, a popular rumor (that I cannot seem to substantiate) says that the ice water is meant to simulate the numbness that is often felt by those who suffer from ALS. So what challenge could we suggest for an Ebola fundraiser? Let us look at the symptoms:

  • High fever
  • Headache
  • Joint and muscle aches
  • Sore throat
  • Weakness
  • Stomach pain
  • Lack of appetite

So, to simulate those, let’s run for long distances at high speeds while yelling at the top of our lungs after not eating for a day. Maybe in honor of Embiid we can all do it while taking a selfie with a picture of Rihanna? That should do. There’s also tons and tons of internal and external bleeding associated with Ebola, which just serves to remind you that holy shit you do not want Ebola it is just the worst thing.

Embiid also Tweeted about the challenge a few days ago with this:

Joel Embiid is many things, but in this case he is not wrong.


Sam Hinkie Reportedly Turned Down an Expiring Contract in the Thad Young Deal

"I will take (almost) all of your expiring contracts"

“I will take (almost) all of your expiring contracts”

In the three team trade that sent Thad Young to the Timberwolves and officially made the 76ers the NBA’s All-Name team by bringing in Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Alexey Shved, Sam Hinkie actually turned down an expiring contract in order to get a player he wanted. According to Sports Illustrated, the Wolves originally wanted to send that first round pick, Shved, and J.J. Barea to the 76ers in order to dump Barea’s $4.5 million expiring contract on the pile of cap room the Sixers have been maintaining. But Hinkie told the Wolves he’d much rather have Mbah a Moute, Joel Embiid’s de facto mentor.

This is the first time any real news of Hinkie turning down some dumpster contracts has come out (the rumored deal to take on Amar’e Stoudemire’s abomination of a contract notwithstanding since it’s still a rumor), and it’s nice to know that if we pay some attention to the man behind the curtain, he’s got a plan that’s a little less vague than we may have though.


The Delaware 87er’s New Mascot Is a Crack-addicted Fox Named Caesar

Voila_Capture 2014-08-22_11-51-37_AM Voila_Capture 2014-08-22_11-55-10_AM

Caesar is named after Delaware founding father Caesar Rodney. He may be absurd* (and owe someone child support), but nothing is as absurd as the 87ererererers using the syntax-problematic er.

*Not to mention The Count-inspired jersey. SEVENS! FIRST!


The Sixers Are Not Getting Anthony Bennett, but Thaddeus Young Is Still Going to Minnesota

Here’s the trade. From the AP:

A person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press that the Timberwolves will receive Philadelphia 76ers power forward Thaddeus Young as part of the deal that will send Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The person requested anonymity because an official announcement has not been made.

The Wolves agreed weeks ago to send Love to Cleveland, where he will team up with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving to make the Cavaliers an instant favorite in the Eastern Conference. The Cavs agreed to send No. 1 overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins, former No. 1 pick Anthony Bennett and a 2015 No. 1 draft choice they obtained from Miami to Minnesota to land Love, but Wolves President Flip Saunders and GM Milt Newton immediately went to work to try to get the 76ers involved in the deal as well.

The rebuilding Sixers will get guard Alexey Shved and forward Luc Mbah a Moute from the Timberwolves and Miami’s No. 1 pick next year from the Cavaliers in the deal, which will not be officially announced until Saturday when Wiggins becomes eligible to be traded.

Great, expiring contracts. Woo!

Adrian Wojnarowski shit all over Bob Cooney’s earlier report that Bennett was coming to the Sixers as part of the Andrew Wiggins-to-the-Wolves trade:

Voila_Capture 2014-08-22_09-21-09_AM Voila_Capture 2014-08-22_09-21-16_AM


So, what can Thad expect in Minnesota? Well…

The Timberwolves were expected to introduce Young, Wiggins and Bennett on Tuesday at the Minnesota State Fair.

A STATE FAIR! Actually… that might be better than the Constitution Center.


Oh Hey, the Sixers Might Not Get Anthony Bennett Now

Photo credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


First the Sixers were going to be involved in the Andrew Wiggins-to-the-Timberwolves-for-Kevin Love trade. And then they weren’t. And then they were again. And now, maybe not so much.

Tom Moore, who’s been all over this story since it first became a thing in this world:

But Jerry Zgoda, Timberwolves beat writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, tweeted this Wednesday: “Just a reminder: if you keep reading Bennett is headed to Philly for Young in forthcoming trade . . . don’t believe it.”

Nate Duncan of claimed the Wolves might want Bennett instead of Young. Bennett, who had a disappointing rookie campaign, would be under salary control for a minimum of two more years, while Young can opt out of his contract after next season.

Moore goes on to say that the Sixers could still send Young to the Wolves in exchange for expiring contracts… yet somehow that’s not as fun and exciting as landing the former number one overall pick in the draft.

Trade rumors used to be fun. Now it’s just about which overpaid players our baseball team can get rid of and which ASSETS can the basketball team and its mathy GM can stockpile. I… miss Paul Holmgren.*

*No I don’t.

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