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Not to be Outdone, Sam Hinkie’s Making Trades Too


Sam Hinkie, on baseball trade deadline day, wants you to know he has no off switch … even if the deals are minor. According to a press release, “the Philadelphia 76ers today announced they have acquired forward Gerald Wallace and a draft consideration from the Golden State Warriors in exchange for power forward Jason Thompson.” What that draft consideration could be is unknown at this moment, since the Warriors don’t have a second-rounder until 2019 (according to Derek Bodner).

Wallace arrived in Golden State via the David Lee deal, and Thompson came to the Sixers in the Stauskas deal. It’s expected Wallace will be cut. We’ll have more here when more is known.


Video: Manute Bol’s Son, Bol, is a Lottery Bust Waiting to Happen

Dateline Philadelphia, April, 2020: Second-year wing-forward Bol Bol still hasn’t been cleared for 5-on-5 practice, this nine months after an undetected foot injury left Sixers fans shaking their damn heads over reports that the team’s first round draft pick would have to sit out his entire rookie campaign. Now, it appears, his second season may be in jeopardy as well. Even if he does play, scouts say Bol doesn’t really have a position. He’s tall, but too thin to play center, doesn’t have the post skills to be a power forward, and his handle is merely adequate and not up the caliber of most swing players. And then there’s that overactive pituitary gland…

Yeah, that sounds about right.

via USA Today


Pablo Torre and Bomani Jones Debate Sam Hinkie’s Process on Around the Horn

I really like Bomani Jones, but couldn't resist this image

I really like Bomani Jones, but couldn’t resist this image

Pablo Torre, the unofficial national spokesman for the Sam Hinkie Plan-o-matic, guest hosted Around the Horn today and debated the “process” with Bomani Jones. Both Jones and Torre – negating Bo’s “it’s a con” shouts – represent less rabid, more rational opponents on the issue of what exactly the Sixers are doing. The core that Torre gets to here is something you won’t hear much on sports talk radio because it doesn’t exist in the black and white. It’s the idea that the process is exactly that, and you can’t throw it all out the window because of a single setback. Still, he closes it out with the de facto motto of Sixers fandom: “I’d rather be a Sixers fan than a Knicks fan.”

Clip after the jump.

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Scott O’Neil Vaguely Addresses Joel Embiid Injury and Statement


Scott O’Neil, for better or worse (for his sake), is the de facto public face of the Sixers. So he’s the one who has the honor of being inundated with Tweets and emails and ransom letters demanding to know why the Sixers didn’t tell the whole truth regarding Joel Embiid’s reportedly re-broken foot.

While the press release on Embiid said that he had “less healing than anticipated,” Bob Cooney reported that Embiid’s navicular bone was re-broken. So what was the deal? Just … details:

Voila_Capture 2015-07-21_12-27-27_PM


[Reader Jim, seen here, tells us that Tweet to O’Neil got him blocked.]

You know, tomato, tomahto, “less healing than anticipated,” “shit’s broke.” It’s all just semantics. And really, it is, because Embiid is missing the whole year no matter what. Just maybe next time he hurts his foot the Sixers can be clearer.

Kyle: I like Scott, but that’s a whole lot of BS about spending more time focusing on Embiid than explaining his injury to fans. Those are mutually exclusive things. Embiid can get the best care on the planet and the Sixers could still be super forthcoming about the injury. That’s what marketing and PR departments are for. Only idiots would actually put any stock in that sort of doublespeak. Seriously, why even Tweet that? The Sixers are asking a lot of their fans, for a whole bunch of reasons, and the last time a “star” player was hurt, the messaging was awful. It would be in the Sixers’ best interest to be over-sharers when it comes to injuries, setbacks, and further delays in the plan.


Joel Embiid Makes TMZ Debut Walking Around LA Boot-less

tmz embiid

Unlike Nerlens Noel, who made his first TMZ appearance for denying paternity to a kid – which he later owned up to – Joel Embiid was just out to get some food with John Wall. Embiid was asked about what he does in his spare time since he broke his foot and also about Ty Lawson for some reason. Wall looks out for him and says they aren’t talking, but Embiid gets some lines in, and even flashes his trademark smile for a photo with a fan.

Video after the jump.

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Report: Joel Embiid Actually Did Re-Break His Foot and the Sixers May In Fact Be Full of Sh*t

Voila_Capture 2015-07-20_09-30-35_AM

A week or so ago, when word broke that Joel Embiid would miss the entire upcoming season, I (and other non-doctors on Twitter) thought something seemed off. Per a Sixers press release when news of his setback broke, a routine CT scan on Embiid’s foot “[revealed] less healing than anticipated, an unexpected result since Joel was not experiencing any foot pain.” As a result, it’s been decided that surgery is needed, which will force Embiid to miss the upcoming season.

This morning, in a piece about the Sixers’ likely (slight) improvement this year, Bob Cooney grabbed a shovel and buried the lede:

Of course, there is the impending surgery on Joel Embiid’s right foot, which should be any day. Sources have confirmed to the Daily News that the navicular bone in his right foot was rebroken.

Under Scott O’Neil’s regime, the Sixers, for all of their shadiness and shadowy-figure … ness, have always told the truth. They’ve been very upfront about the team they put on the court being bad. They’ve been honest about the promise of future valuable picks outweighing the impact of certain current players. But this? If Cooney’s sources are correct, the Sixers outright lied. The fan base that has so rabidly gone along with all of their moves in the name of “the process” would have a right to be pissed.

As Kyle said in a previous post – about the Sixers’ messaging of the setback – “now that we’re facing the downside of the risk-reward platter, it will be in the Sixers’ best interest to be extremely forthcoming with updates.”

It’s like LOST. The producers, in the midst of fan questions and demands for answers, assured fans that they knew what they were doing and that they weren’t lying. We were told to trust them. Well, it turned out that they did lie – or at least go to great lengths to cover the truth – and maybe made the whole thing up as they went along. We all know how that turned out.

Dr. J said this was a seven-year plan. If the Sixers’ rebuild Season 7 looks anything like LOST Season 6, you’ll wish they just gave up now.


The Local Teams are Bad and No One is Watching Them on TV (Except the Eagles)

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Three of the four teams in Philadelphia right now are going through phases. Well, all four are, but the Eagles’ phase involves winning. The Sixers are undergoing a radical rebuild that will leave them at the bottom of the standings for a few more years. The Flyers are stagnant. The Phillies are terrible. And it shows, not only in-game attendance, but in TV viewership.

According to The Inquirer, TV ratings for all three franchises are on a steep decline. And when it comes to the Sixers, it’s really bad.

Phillies viewership has plummeted 65 percent from 2011, the last time the team reached the playoffs. Sixers viewership has nosedived 72 percent over the same period, according to Nielsen.

Even rabid Flyers fans have cooled, with per-game TV viewership down 36 percent.

The numbers – especially for the Sixers, with an average of only 23,000 adults watching their games on TV last season – are startlingly low for storied franchises in the nation’s fourth-largest TV market, observers say.

Basically, you can take the Phillies crowd at CBP, add everyone watching the Sixers on TV, and still not fill the place. It’s rough. The Phillies, for their part, are below where you want to be in viewership, but in 2011 were probably well above it:

The Phillies won 102 games in 2011, the most in franchise history, and were a heavy favorite to win the World Series.

An average of 350,000 adults watched Phillies games that year. The team lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in the first round of the playoffs and never recovered its competitive footing.

Last year, an average of 112,000 adults tuned in to the Phils on SportsNet. Through early June the viewership had improved slightly from last year to an average of 123,000 a game. The Phillies’ record on Monday, going into the break for the All-Star Game, was 29 wins and 62 losses.

And the Sixers? 23,000 per game is abysmal, but Scott O’Neil says they just have to rebound and all will be well. “You can go look at the [Allen] Iverson years or the [Charles] Barkley years,” he said. “The market comes back. We just have to do our job.” Considering the hype, their best bet to jump up those viewer numbers would’ve been a healthy Embiid, but Okafor will just have to do.


Dr. J was Told in 2012 that the Sixers Have a Seven-Year Plan

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Much to the chagrin of Howard Eskin and like-minded folks everywhere, Sam Hinkie and the Sixers ownership have refused to put any kind of timeline on their plan. “You can’t put an exact time frame on something like this,” they say. “When it’s over, we’ll all know,” they tell us. “Give us seven years,” they told Dr. J.

During an appearance on Sirius XM NBA Radio yesterday, the legendary Dr. J laid out the timeline as he was told:

“Well when they acquired the team in 2012, maybe, I think the talk was about seven years. Seven years. So I think it’s still on that same timeline …

To be good. To be good. To be formidable. To be a contender. That’s probably the 2018-19 [season], right?”

Dr. J is right. They are still – kinda – on that timeline. That gives the Sixers this season and two more after it to become real contenders in the East. Is it doable? Yes. Do they have to be luckier than they’ve been the past few years? Absolutely.

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