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A Red Sox Fan Puked on an Entire Section from the Upper Deck

red sox puke

One-upping the late Pukemon, one presumably drunken Red Sox fan puked over the edge of the second-level at Fenway Park onto unsuspecting fans below … DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. I’m almost impressed at how many mistakes this dude made to lead him here, to the ultimate mistake. Video after the jump.

[h/t Uproxx]

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Nationals Fans Already Hate Jonathan Papelbon

papelbon fister

OK, maybe a little bit of hyperbole there, but Nationals fans are already salty at Jonathan Papelbon for taking the number 58 and leaving Nats legend Doug Fister to switch his number to 33 like some kind of loser. It definitely doesn’t help that his reputation precedes him – and they’re pissy that Drew Storen isn’t closing anymore – but Washington Post was already able to grab a bunch of tweets of people being all mad at Paps just for wearing the number he’s always worn. Papelbon compensated Fister for the number switch, as players often do, but this should be a fun ride for him.

We should tell them about “Papelbum.” Do you think they know about “Papelbum”? It’s pretty clever. Check some of the salty Nats tweets after the jump.

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Scouting Reports on the Hamels Haul

Jerad Eickhoff

Pitcher Jerad (not Jared) Eickhoff is a 6’4″ right handed pitcher drafted in the 15th round of the 2011 draft. He was described by the Texas Rangers’ SB Nation site as a “potential workhorse starter.” He throws in the low-90s, though his fastball has touched the higher reaches of the 90s. They ranked his potention as that of a number three or number four starter or reliever. He falls at number 17 in’s top 30 prospects for the Rangers.


Jorge Alfaro

Jorge Alfaro, a 22-year-old catcher, ranks as the organizations sixth-best prospect. Additionally, he ranks #69 in overall prospects (nice). The Colombian is described as having “the best combination of raw power and pure arm strength among Minor League catchers,” and he had ankle surgery in June. But his potential is a 20-plus home run guy:

Alfaro has the strength and bat speed to drive balls out of any part of any ballpark without selling out for power, yet he’s still overly aggressive at the plate. He swings and misses frequently, and he needs to do a better job of taking pitches and recognizing breaking balls. If he figures it out, he could be an average hitter with 20-plus homers per season …

Similarly, he has a cannon arm and good athleticism for a catcher but needs a lot of refinement behind the plate. He threw out just 28 percent of basestealers and committed 23 passed balls in 90 games in 2014. Though the Rangers have experimented with Alfaro at first base and in the outfield, they’re not giving up on the idea that he can become an All-Star catcher.


Alec Asher

Right hander Alec Asher just makes the Rangers’ top-30 prospect cut at number 29. The 6’4″ 23-year-old can hit 96 mph with his fastball and also throws a hard slider. says his “changeup remained a reliable third pitch and he continued to use a curveball to give hitters a different look.” He has some of the better control and command of the Rangers’ starting pitcher prospects, and “could end up as an innings-eating mid-rotation starter.”


Matt Harrison

The Phillies are also getting starting pitcher Matt Harrison. The 29-year-old is 1-2 this year with a 6.75 ERA in three starts. Over his major league career, he’s 50-35 with a 4.21 ERA. He’ll likely land on the Phils.


Nick Williams

And the potential prize of the deal is outfielder Nick Williams. Williams ranks as the Rangers’ fifth-overall prospect. The 21-year-old lefty is the 64th overall prospect but his ceiling is higher. “Williams’ lightning-fast hands and his strength allow him to drive almost any pitch he can reach,” said. “He has made impressive strides with his plate discipline in 2015. With moderate patience, he could be a force at the plate when he reaches the big leagues.” They say he could play all three outfield positions, though his speed isn’t a strength. In 96 games in the minors, he’s batting .300/.357/.480. He’s struck out 77 times to 31 walks.


Jake Thompson

Thompson, just coming in on reports as part of the deal, is the highest ranked prospect in the package. The number four youngster in the Rangers’ system is another 6’4″ pitcher and he’s ranked #60 overall. He’s the prize here. As says:

Scouts liked Thompson as a power-hitting first baseman when he was coming out of a high school in 2012, but they realized his ceiling was higher on the mound and the Tigers made him their top pick (second round). He sped to Double-A last July at age 20, then went to the Rangers along with Corey Knebel in a trade for Joakim Soria. Thompson’s stuff picked up after the deal and he now rates as Texas’ best starting pitching prospect.

Thompson usually throws his fastball at 90-93 mph, peaking at 95 and featuring sinking life. That’s not even his best weapon, however, as that distinction belongs to a slider that can reach 87 mph with depth and qualify as a true wipeout pitch at times. He also uses a curveball and changeup, both of which show flashes of becoming solid-or-better offerings.

Thompson has a classic starter’s build that should give him durability and allows him to pitch on a tough downhill plane. He throws a decent amount of strikes but still is refining his command. He’s a good bet to become a No. 3 starter and has a chance to become a No. 2.

It looks like the Phillies’ haul was bolstered by their willingness to take on Harrison’s salary – he’s owed $40 million over the next three years – and the Phils are walking away with three of the Rangers’ top six prospects. On Baseball America, they’re ranked even higher:



Philly’s Got #99ProblemsAndThePopeIs1


With every day that inches closer to the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia, it seems like a dozen more problems pop up. We’re still two months out, but there has been no reason for optimism yet. First we had SEPTA issues, and then a #PopeFence mini controversy, and that was just the start.

In a press conference yesterday, Mayor Nutter attempted to clear the air on the whole Pope Map thing, saying none of the maps that are floating around out there are completely accurate because it’s not even done yet.

“There has been some media speculation over the weekend regarding some maps that allegedly show a security perimeter for the visit of Pope Francis during the World Meeting of Families. I want to be very, very clear with all of you. No official security perimeter has been announced or fully and finally determined.”

Also yesterday, SEPTA was planning on making an announcement regarding the sale of the Pope Pass, after last week’s attempt to sell them went … not well. So how did yesterday’s announcement go? It didn’t:

SEPTA appeared ready Monday to announce the resumption of the sale of rail passes for Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia in September, but then suddenly canceled a news conference to spell out the details.

The agency canceled the announcement an hour before its 3 p.m. scheduled time.

No explanation was given and SEPTA said it would reschedule the announcement for later this weekend … Only 201 of 350,000 passes – 175,000 for each day – were sold when the operation was suspended while fixes were made.

The expected number of rail travelers has also led one Bucks County township to declare a preemptive State of Emergency. According to the AP, “Middletown Township’s board of supervisors recently voted to declare a state of emergency” for the weekend of the Pope visit. The AP continues, “The town is expecting 10,000 people to descend on its Woodbourne train station. It’s only one of five Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority platforms north of the city that will serve passengers heading to see the pope on Sept. 26-27.” Continue reading


Seller’s Market



Symbolic Eagles Mural Turns into Literal Eagles Mural Down by the Linc


Next to Lincoln Financial Field, over by Jetro, there is a mural. It used to show “a young man throwing a football … the football went through every phase of his life and then at the end, he flies like an eagle.” It was a subtle (but gigantic) mural that, purposely or not, alluded to it’s most famous neighbor. Now, that mural is gone. No longer is there a symbolic representation of the Eagles. Now, it is a literal Eagles mural.

Image via Mural Arts

Image via Mural Arts

The newest mural from the Mural Arts Program – the Phillies mural hasn’t been officially dedicated yet – is called “Our city, our team.” It’s the third largest mural the program has ever made, and features an eagle soaring over the NovaCare complex, a right-footed David Akers, a number-switched LeSean McCoy, and a generic white dude.


For real though, any current players on the mural seem to have had their faces blurred or number changed, in order to (probably) keep the team as the main focus and not the individual players. There’s a #89 Brent Celek and a #52 Jason Kelce(?). Dawkins is in there though.


Cole Hamels’ Future Rests on the Shoulders of Three Very Different Men

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher - USA Today Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher – USA Today Sports

The biggest move for the Phillies at the trade deadline – if there is going to be a move – would be to trade Cole Hamels. He could bring a decent return, and trading him would signal that the Phils are all-in on moving forward with a rebuild. But there are three voices in the room, and they might not all agree.

Pat Gillick, Ruben Amaro, and Andy MacPhail are a linear progression of Phillies decision makers, and they’re all here at one time. According to Jayson Stark, that could be an issue:

With Amaro on the endangered-GM list, MacPhail waiting to take charge and legendary former GM Pat Gillick serving as the temporary team president, the Phillies might have the most complicated management structure in baseball. So who actually makes this trade?

Amaro makes the phone calls. Gillick makes the ultimate decision. But it’s MacPhail who has to live with the consequences. So while MacPhail, from all accounts, has no intention of meddling in names or details, his voice will be heard on this, loud and clear.

According to Todd Zolecki, Ruben Amaro said “there’s nothing weird about this situation.” He doth protest so very, very much.

Stark puts the Dodgers, Cubs, Rangers, and Red Sox down as Hamels’ most likely landing spots (if he moves), but it’s a lot more complex than just seeing who puts the best offer out there. Stark says that there are quite a few teams that agree in saying the Phillies “want yesteryear’s prices, and teams don’t make those deals anymore.” Amaro doesn’t think his asking price is too high though, and denies he ever told anyone he needs to “win” a Hamels trade, “even though an exec of one club that kicked the tires reiterated this week that he “definitely” said that last winter.”

“It’s people speculating, I guess, about things they probably don’t know much about,” Amaro told Zolecki. “We fully expect teams to be aggressive, because we’ve opened the doors to allow them to discuss it. We’ve been open-minded from last October on.”

Many people expected a trade to happen last year. Now, Ruben’s job is even more on the line, the team has softly committed to a rebuild, and there are two more experienced voices in the room. We’ll find out in eight days if that’s actually a good thing

And Papelbon?

stark pap

Right. That makes sense.


Here’s Video of Tim Tebow Training Hard at USC


This one is easier to turn off than DeSean’s diary: In preparation for Eagles training camp, Tim Tebow has been working with throwing “guru” Tom House – who used to have a look for the ages – out at USC. Tebow’s been trying to rebuild his throwing motion to make it result in more accurate and for lack of a better term … better passes in order to make the Eagles roster. You can’t see much of where those passes end up in the video after the jump, but it looks, decent? I don’t know, this is probably going to be the most exciting thing happening today so buckle up.

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