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Mike Richards’ Border Incident is Being Investigated by the Mounties


Here’s what we know about Mike Richards’ whole situation: Very little. We know his contract was terminated by the Kings. We know it has ties to a “border incident.” And now we know that, according to CBS Sports, Richards is being investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for an off-ice incident that occurred on June 17 and the Canadian Border Services are also involved. These are all the broadest hints ever. Just like … three or four more tidbits of info and we may begin to put this together.


Jimmy Rollins was the 5th Best Offensive Player on His Own Team from 2007-2011


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There were six Phillies position players who were key parts of the overwhelming majority of their 5-year NL East dominance from 2007-2011. For this story, Carlos Ruiz was taken out as his offensive numbers were so far below the other five.

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Celtics Reportedly Made Weak-Ass Offer for Nerlens Noel and the #3 Pick

Photo Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

From the LA Times, of all places:

League executives also said the Celtics were trying to move up in the draft, using their two first-round picks and two second-round picks as bait.

The executives said the Celtics were looking to trade point guard Marcus Smart and the Nos. 16 and 28 picks in the first round to Philadelphia for center/forward Nerlens Noel and the No. 3 pick. But the 76ers, the executives said, weren’t interested.

Weren’t interested is probably an understatement. It probably went more like this: Hinkie hears trade offer, says “Hold please,” holds phone to chest, laughs, farts into receiver and hangs up.

Somewhere, Ruben Amaro can’t find any issues with this very fair offer.

Thursday should be fun.


Today In “Kyle’s Not Going In The Ocean This Summer”

A twofer today!

1) What, in the actual fuck?

Voila_Capture 2015-06-23_08-36-13_AM

pic via Harvey Cedars Point Facebook page

From central New Jersey’s Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol Facebook page:

We found a Portuguese man o’ war washed up on the beach. When the wind is coming from the northeast, warm water from the Gulf Stream comes to shore. With the warm water, often comes seaweed & critters from down south. Always be aware of your surroundings in the ocean & always swim near a lifeguard.

NBC 10 further reported on the image and made sure to alert the public that yep, the PMOW can kill your human vessel:

Portuguese man o’war have tentacles that grow from 10 to 30 feet long and marine biologists say their potentially deadly sting is far worse than what you’d get from jellyfish normally found at the Jersey Shore.

Experts say this likely wasn’t an isolated incident and that it’s highly probable that more of these jellyfish will show up on local beaches in the next week or so.

“You never want to turn your back on the ocean. It’s always constantly changing,” Townsend said.

Never want to turn your back on the ocean. Um, yaaa ya do… safely… from a distance… on the beach.

2) Oh no, no no no no no no no no:
Voila_Capture 2015-06-23_08-44-34_AM

Paul Oyster II (great name for sea life story, by the way*) posted these photos to his Facebook page yesterday.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-23_08-44-45_AM Voila_Capture 2015-06-23_08-44-59_AM

That’s a hammerhead shark just chilling, dead, on the beach in Fenwick Island, Delaware. What killed it? Oh, probably just another ravenous and potentially crazed hammerhead because, according to Wikipedia, THEY EAT THEIR OWN, DAMMIT: The Great Hammerhead, tending to be larger and more aggressive than most hammerheads, occasionally engage in cannibalism, as they are known to eat other hammerhead sharks, including their own young.

Or maybe the 30-FOOT tentacles on that jellyfish got it. Yep, it was probably the jellyfish. MF-ing jellyfishes, just out there, slaughtering inferior breeds with their invisible, poisonous venom.

I’ll see you on dunes, where we’ll drink beer like a couple of rebels (because you’re not allowed on the dunes, obvs). Let’s live dangerously… but in a way that is at least 100 yards from the coastline at high tide, because there’s a war going on out there and I want no part of it.

*What are the chances Paul has a sister Pearl? Probably pretty good, right?


Voila_Capture 2015-06-23_09-14-28_AMVoila_Capture 2015-06-23_09-15-34_AM

That story here— but they eat plants, not meat… or so they’d like us to think.

H/T to my fellow landlocked friends (@jharkins16), (@patrickjaywalsh), (@waltbates), (@SkaitesSkate), (@billcuth)


Joel Embiid’s Injury Validates Sixers, Sam Hinkie’s Plan Even More

Voila_Capture 2015-05-20_02-22-07_PM

This post is part of The Crosswalk, Crossing Broad’s reader submitted section. While checked for basic quality and readability, it is not edited by Crossing Broad, and all opinions expressed are those of the author, for better or worse. If you’re interested in having your work appear on Crossing Broad, fill out the short sign up form here.

How do you think Sixers General Manager Sam Hinkie felt after hearing from the doctors that potential franchise player Joel Embiid may not be as healed as expected? Do you think he cowered in fear, thinking that his plan, just like Embiid’s right navicular bone, is fractured? In an article on Monday, The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Keith Pompey wrote:

Another source, an Eastern Conference executive, said Sunday that the 76ers’ rebuilding plan is doomed if Embiid is unable to remain healthy or play at a high level.

“He was their guy,” said the executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “They were hoping he was a franchise player. If he’s not a franchise player, their whole plan is gone. . . . If Embiid can’t play or if he can’t reach a superstar level, their plan is really in trouble.”

Now, the Sixers and Hinkie certainly expected and were optimistic that Embiid could become a superstar player and someone around whom they could build the franchise. But there is zero chance (there’s an analytic for you, Howard Eskin) that Sam Hinkie would place all of his eggs in one basket. The plan would not be “doomed” even if Joel Embiid never steps foot on an NBA court. The Sixers have more than just Embiid. Let’s take a look.

They already have Nerlens Noel, who finished third in rookie of the year voting and developed into a defensive monster this season. They have Dario Saric, last year’s 12th overall selection, who may sign a contract with the team as soon as this summer, as is reported. They have the third pick in the draft next Thursday. Who says the player selected there can’t be a franchise, transcendent, superstar-level player. In addition, the Sixers will, in all likelihood, be very bad again this upcoming season and receive a high lottery pick in next summer’s draft.

But that is not all. The Lakers owe the Sixers a pick, which is only top three protected the next two seasons (and unprotected in ’18) and will probably be a top ten pick because the Lakers aren’t all that good either. The Miami Heat are indebted to the Sixers, as well. They owe Hinkie a first round pick, which is top ten protected next year and has a strong chance of landing in the Sixers’ hands in June 2016.

Remember the Javale McGee trade?  Well, in accordance with The Plan’s blueprints, Hinkie was able to land him, along with Oklahoma City’s first rounder next year, because of the monster cap space with which the GM left himself to work. In addition, the Sixers own five second round picks this year. Okay, go ahead and laugh, because who needs second rounders, right? They are all busts anyway. Well, don’t tell that to potential NBA champion Draymond Green, who was taken 35th overall by the Golden State Warriors in the 2012 Draft and has turned himself into a runner-up for NBA Defensive Player of the Year and a player in store for a large contract this offseason. Maybe just one of those five picks can become someone like Green or even a bench player on a good team down the road. Players on the Sixers’ roster already like Tony Wroten, Robert Covington, and Jerami Grant have shown their potential to be guys that can come off the bench and give a team some solid minutes.

Sam Hinkie’s plan was not titled “Joel Embiid.” There are many more parts to it, and Hinkie will use them all to his advantage. An injury to a top three pick may cripple any other franchise for years, but Sam Hinkie has made that scenario something from which the Sixers could recover. Embiid may turn out to become a superstar, anyway. If he doesn’t the Sixers sure have a plan for that, too.

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Jim Cramer and I Are Going to Have a Very Serious Business Conversation

Voila_Capture 2015-06-08_11-18-01_AM

I’m listening, Jim

So this makes no sense: Friendly neighborhood sports blogger gets 30 minutes to talk capital B Business with the world’s most renowned business and financial personality, Jim Cramer.

It’s all part of new initiative by Philly Mag’s BizPhilly called The Hookup, where they “pair mentors with successful business people so they can share lessons learned and help entrepreneurs get to the next step.” I had to send in a two-minute video pitch (0% chance I’m posting that here for the mongrel commenters) describing the business, challenges faced, and questions I’d want to ask Jim (who, among his many other accomplishments, founded the incredibly successful in 1996). Today, BizPhilly editor Jared Shelly announced that I won.

So, to recap: A couple of months ago, during his 10th anniversary show, Jim talked to Tim Cook, the CEO of the most valuable company in the history of Earth – Apple – and soon, he’ll talk to me about how to better monetize selfie videos and grow my empire that’s constructed atop layers of sophomoric innuendo. God bless the USA. GET ME GREENWOOD:


You Know Nothing, Ruben Amaro


This post is part of The Crosswalk, Crossing Broad’s reader submitted section. While checked for basic quality and readability, it is not edited by Crossing Broad, and all opinions expressed are those of the author, for better or worse. If you’re interested in having your work appear on Crossing Broad, fill out the short sign up form here.

Last week, in a well-publicized interview with Jim Salisbury, Ruben Amaro trotted out the most tired talking point in the cliché-ridden world of sports-speak: the fans, he asserted, “don’t understand the game.” Why? Because, according to Salisbury, the Phillies’ patient approach toward the development of minor league pitchers Aaron Nola and Zach Eflin “does not sit well with fans who want to see the Phillies be aggressive with their prospects.” The identity of these “fans” was not disclosed; nevertheless, the worst general manager in baseball proceeded to attack the straw man his inquisitor constructed for him as if he were swinging at a hanging curve ball: Continue reading


Sixers Offer Free Draft Party, Free Ticket, Free T-Shirt

Man those Sixers are real good at design

Man those Sixers are real good at design

The Sixers sent out an email today advertising their official draft party, to be held at Dilworth Park at City Hall in conjunction with Draft Kings, which explains that awesome City Hall referencing logo above. But I noticed a little something in that logo — from all of my experience finding hidden images in Highlights Magazine — another clue to the new unis being unveiled:


If that’s not the side panel of the new jerseys (showing there will be three stars down the side), I’d be shocked.

Oh, and the Draft Party details:

  • Watch the Sixers select the #3 pick live on massive 19ft. screens.
  • FREE food and beverage for all.
  • Meet Sixers Legends, including Julius “Dr. J” Erving, Darryl Dawkins and Moses Malone.
  • Test your basketball skills on the Sixers sport court for the chance to win fantastic prizes.
  • Receive a free ticket to a 2015-16 Sixers home game

And if you’re among the first 1000 to register for the party here (by using code SixersDraftParty) you also get a pretty sweet Ballin’ Ben t-shirt. But really, the best part of all of this is that the “including” group above doesn’t just mean Dr. J, Chocolate Thunder, and Moses. Also on hand will be Bobby Jones, World B. Free, and THEO RATLIFF. Did you ever think you’d see Theo Ratliff again? You didn’t and you were wrong.

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