As we reported yesterday, FSN Pittsburgh intentionally did
not send footage, that clearly showed a Simon Gagne shot crossing the goal
line, to NHL Headquarters last week, during a goal review in a 7-4 Flyers
win.  We just assumed that the producer
responsible was likely with mustache and resembled Dave Wanndstedt… the way all
Pittsburgh people do.  Well what do you
know, FSN suspended producer Lowell MacDonald Jr. today for his failure to send
that feed to Toronto, and check it out, he looks just like Dave Wanndstedt!

Lowell macdonald penguins

This is the biggest picture we could find, if you could find a larger image, please send it to us

Extra-Wide mustache? 

Thinning, un-styled, higher than it is wide hair?  Check.

Weathered, rustic steel mill looking face with craters just
large enough to present a problem for a colony of brush carrying ants?  Check. 
Check.  And triple fucking check.

Oh but wait, the plot thickens.  MacDonald is the son of former Penguin Lowell
MacDonald (yeah they wanted to carry that Lowell moniker down the family tree).  Read the article about the Lowells here.  Lowell Jr., used to be the lead producer for
all things NHL on ABC and ESPN, before, ya know, ESPN did away with hockey
because of its shitty ratings.  Nice work

So let me get this straight. 
Lowell MacDonald Jr., is the son of a former Penguin, works as the lead
producer for Penguins’ telecasts, and is in position to send game changing
video footage to the NHL during goal reviews? 
And in last week’s instance, Lowell chose to not send footage that would
have clearly verified Simon Gagne’s goal?

WTF Lowell?

It looks like Lowell MadDonald, really did “pull a