As if Matt Clemmens throwing up on an 11 year old girl wasn't giving us enough of a bad name, now we have taken our act to Arizona.

There are three things that you should never wear, under any circumstance.

1)  A cheesesteak on your head.  We get it, it's like Packers' fans, only with a Phillie twist.  Still not funny.

2)  A Nacho Libre mask.  Just no.

3)  A cape.

Somehow, these misplaced Philadelphians managed to wear all three, and insult two teams in the process by wearing a Flyers flag as the cape.  Not to mention the lady below, who looked like she was mistaken for a water pump or riding a bucking bronco.

There is a silver lining in all of this though, we did get our second installment in our "Shut Up Wheels" feature as Chris Wheeler tried to recall the movie those masks were from.

I never heard of Nacho Libre.  

It had Jack Black in it.

Oh, he was in the movie about rock… and kids.

Yes, School of Rock, Wheels.  And King Kong

Oh I don't know!  I don't go to the movies a lot.  And I haven't slept.

Shut up, Wheels.

Still, none of these moments were as awesome as boobs at a baseball game.