A Busy Sports Evening

Tonight is a rare threesome for Philly sports, unless your Jeff Carter.  Since the Sixers are usually not relevant this time of year, the chances that them, the Phillies, and the Flyers all have something going on are slim.

The Phillies (although weather looks to play a part) will be taking the field at 7:05 against the Pirates.  Tonight is Roy Halladay Bobblehead night, one of the first dates sold out on the calendar, made better by the fact that Doc is actually on call…

The Flyers take to the ice at 7:05 to face off against the Canadiens in Game 2.  Hopefully Versus doesn't botch the coverage again. 

And the lowly Sixers will be taking part in the NBA Draft Lottery at 7:30, they have a 70% chance of getting the 6th or 7th pick, but a 100% of mediocrity.  I hope they didn't forget their lucky charm… uhh.  Oh yeah, you can go to the Draft Lottery viewing party at PJ Whelihans in NJ, Hip Hop is going to be there.  We're still willing to pay for his severed foot.

The rare threesome, bested only by the elusive foursome of sports, which can only occur in late October… or with copious amounts of alcohol.

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