"Don't worry, I got this"

It's no secret that Cole Hamels threw a stellar game Tuesday night in the 2-1 win over the St. Louis Cardinals.  He was on point, threw all of his pitches effectively, and was in line for his first shutout since Sept. 1 against the Giants.  A second fan (Douchebag), a grown man following a 17-year-old's previous act, "wandered" onto the field to disrupt his mojo.  Cole denies that the fan affected him, but being 111 pitches into a game is not a good time to slow down in such a situation.  He allowed one run to tie up and bring Brad Lidge to the mound. 

Brad also had a stellar showing that had the crowd on their feet behind him for the first time in a long time.  He showed confidence, controlled his slider well, and got through the inning like an '08 champ.  

Both of these guys showed strength in their demeanor and exhibited professional attitudes in their performances.

Will this last?

Fozzy thinks so.


Thanks, Fozzy.