Better Beard?

We all know Jayson Werth has a sweet beard, and that Superman wears it on his pajama pants, but now Simon Gagne is getting in on the fun.

As is customary for hockey players during the playoffs, Gagne has grown a brilliant beard.  It's made even cooler by the fact that he came back early from a broken toe, and has scored 3 goals in three games, helping the Flyers even up the series at, well, 3-3.

So we wonder two things: Would there be a more unstoppable duo out on the town, than the beards of Werth and Gags?  And which beard is better?  Gagne goes for the more refined French Canadien look, while Werth is more of a "tattered Messiah."

Or perhaps our new mascot/lucky charm, Carlos, who has gone a combined 6-0 watching Phils and Flyers games, has the best beard.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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One Response

  1. dude, J’s beard is the beard of all beards. I hardly think Chuck Norris would even take a second look at Gag’s beard. yet, has anyone heard from good ole Chucks since the Phils started? nope. i bet he’s hiding in some cave somewhere watching the Oprah Channel, weeping the woes of being a lesser man to Jayson Werth’s beard.
    Carlos is, of course, a distant second 😉

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