Canadians Hate Us


Not with a 10 foot pole…

Here is an email we received from reader Marina, who we're assuming is from Canada based on that awful name being one of the most popular north of the border.  This was in response to our post about writer Dave Stubbs, who took shots at the Flyers and their fans (that's you!).

We'll leave her email out, because not even we're that mean.

Subject: what a trashy site you run

city of brotherly love.. is that a reflection of your sexual orientation…

Yep, and we're the trashy ones.

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17 Responses

  1. Glad the photo is mostly black and white. If were a full color photo, it would be more disturbing.

  2. Take it easy you hoser!
    Tell Dave to stop being so jealous too, or was he just frightened by the Broad St Bullies clips?

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