Yesterday, we posted about Flyers fans trashing the car of Canadian journalist, Pat Hickey.  We thought it was uncalled for, and unfortunate that we ironically chose the car of a visiting reporter.

Well, maybe we should have trashed this guy's car…

Check out what Dave Stubbs (@habsinsideout1, which sounds like a French-Canadian sex position), also of the Montreal Gazette, tweeted this morning about the Flyers and their fans.  Apparently, fans roughed up a cameraman last night at the Wachovia Center.  Does anyone have a pic of this?

Btw, it's BEHAVIOR!

So #Flyers fans roughed up Canadian cameraman postgame, damaging his equipment. IN the arena. #Habs

#Flyers, as an organization, pretty much encourage the abusive behaviour of their fans…

Virtually every scoreboard tribute at Wachovia celebrates goonery of Broad St. Bully era #Habs #Flyers

Last night: 3 or 4 replays of #Flyer goalie Ron Hextall jumping #Habs Chelios, who'd landed a cheap-shot elbow earlier

Add Dave to the growing list of recent Philly complainers.