A New Reason to Hate Canada

Yesterday, we posted about Flyers fans trashing the car of Canadian journalist, Pat Hickey.  We thought it was uncalled for, and unfortunate that we ironically chose the car of a visiting reporter.

Well, maybe we should have trashed this guy's car…

Check out what Dave Stubbs (@habsinsideout1, which sounds like a French-Canadian sex position), also of the Montreal Gazette, tweeted this morning about the Flyers and their fans.  Apparently, fans roughed up a cameraman last night at the Wachovia Center.  Does anyone have a pic of this?

Btw, it's BEHAVIOR!

So #Flyers fans roughed up Canadian cameraman postgame, damaging his equipment. IN the arena. #Habs

#Flyers, as an organization, pretty much encourage the abusive behaviour of their fans…

Virtually every scoreboard tribute at Wachovia celebrates goonery of Broad St. Bully era #Habs #Flyers

Last night: 3 or 4 replays of #Flyer goalie Ron Hextall jumping #Habs Chelios, who'd landed a cheap-shot elbow earlier

Add Dave to the growing list of recent Philly complainers.


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  1. French Canadians are weird. They eat gravy on their fries and ham with EVERYTHING. Enough said.

  2. wow.. this Stubbs guy is just a tool and a Philly hater.. sucks when your team sucks huh?

  3. Kim: It’s not ‘ham’, it’s ‘back bacon’. And that probably makes it worse.

  4. Since his team is losing he has nothing to write about. Sounds jealous! Which team’s player was bleeding last night from a cheap shot? Oh yeah it was the Flyer’s!!!! Didn’t write about that did ya!!

  5. Stupid fucking americans. He’s not even French you fucking inbreds. It’s quite obvious you encourage the violence toward Canadians. Nice fucking country dickwads. Love you.

  6. City of brotherly love?
    Now to what’s really on my mind this morning. It is not hockey. They call this the city of brotherly love. Not from what I witnessed.
    We stayed in Philadelphia only 72 hours and here are the quintessential Philly moments that happened to my small band of travellers covering the series.
    The Gazette’s Pat Hickey made the mistake of parking his car in the Wachovia Center lot all day without an armed guard. After game 1, Hickey returned to his car at 11:30 pm to see that his tire was slashed and his licence plate was stolen. The next day was lost trying to become roadworthy.
    The Societe Radio-Canada production truck was vandalized the same night. While the SRC employee was actually guarding the truck, the great citizens of Philadelphia threw beer at the communications panel with all of the wires and cables exposed. Essentially, they were trying to fry the panel so Canada would not see the SRC work product.
    The SRC employee’s protests just provided more kicks and giggles for the vandals. They had no fear. Their behaviour seemingly acceptable to onlookers.
    We got lucky on night one as our clearly labeled van only suffered a message written in dirt on the window that we sucked. My cameraman Jason Clarke commented that he thought we would return to a cinder pile, so we felt fortunate.
    All of us who attended the game two nights later decided that we would park all beside each other hoping that the SRC and RDS employees who man the vehicles would act as discouragement to the vandals. Seeing someone actually in a car is supposed to act as a deterrent, isn’t it? Or is it like the car alarm going off that everyone now ignores? In our Philly experience, replace the words ‘car alarm’ with ‘human being’.
    Game 2 and another even more bizarre incident. And by bizarre, I mean sad. A cameraman from SRC was getting images in section 112, that’s right, inside the building, and three thugs tried to attack him and take his camera. I repeat: inside the arena during the game. What happened to the rest of the people around the incident? No one stood up to be counted. He got away, but was clearly shaken.
    Jason and I were getting a pizza slice at a local eatery in Philly one night at about 10 pm. A group of young men learned we were from Canada. First words out of their mouths “Faggots!” Six versus two on a dark night? We did not contest the charge.
    Eye-opening experience
    Oddly, cross state in Pittsburgh, a completely different society. A city of well-wishers and kindness, welcoming foreigners and tourists with open arms.
    In the end, when you get your eyes opened like this, you become more positive about your own world as it takes on a new comparison. It makes you proud of your city. It makes you proud of different ethnicities and languages flourishing in our multi-cultural world in Montreal.
    I work at CTV in the Gay Village and I see integration and almost entirely no judgments placed upon those who choose openly to walk their path.
    I’m proud of my city of Montreal. I see my city today with fresh eyes changed by the frustration, disappointment and fear on the faces of my friends and colleagues who came to Philly only hoping to work in peace.
    Please Add Comments
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    And let’s not forget those enlightened Phillies fans that were pointing lasers into the eyes of Cardinals players a year ago. Even as security was searching the stands not one fan would point to these idiots. Brotherly love? What a load of BS!!
    chris bloom
    Montreal needs to stop making penalties. Everytime there is a Habs penalty, a goal is scored against Montreal.
    5 of 8 goals in the last 2 games have been a result of stupid Canadien Penalties.
    You would have thought that the Habs would have learned this against Washington and Pittsburgh.
    As far as Scott Gomez is cconcerned, great player, but at 5 Million a year, he has contributed nothing to the Habs in the playoffs. Doe anyone know the last time he scored a goal as a Canadien? By the way, his last penalty was last night, which resulted in a goal for Philly.

  7. LMFAO… you proved his point! Racial slur, encouraging violence… yep. Right there in black and white from the horse’s ass!

  8. Hey buddy, England originated the English language and since Canadians stick to the British spelling, how about we leave it up to the inventors of the language to determine how words are spelled. Behaviour is spelled properly, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary.

  9. Guys, I’m flattered if you think I’m a reason to hate an entire country. And I’ve never seen my mugshot that big ever. It’s frightening, that big.
    I am all for fans showing great passion for their team. I do have a problem when working journalists trying to do their jobs are harrassed and physically accosted simply because they draw their paycheques (sorry, paychecks!) from the city of the visiting team.
    This is sports. It’s not life and death. Can’t everyone behave like it?
    ~ Dave Stubbs, Montreal Gazette; habsinsideout1 on Twitter

  10. That kind of behaviour is over the line. These Moronic fans are what gives hockey a bad name. There is no room for meatheads attacking cameramen, destroying cars, tossing beer to knock out a TV feed. Where is the security? How can people want to take their kids to witness with kind of activity?
    All I can say is that is pathetic.
    I think what makes me laugh the most is that 90% of the Flyers roster is Canadian and we have morons cheering USA USA and then slaming french Canadians when Briere, Gagne and Lapps and Boucher are French Canadian. Really shows the IQ level of these fans.
    I am American btw. I just have a brain

  11. I wish I was a bitter Canadiens fan. Or a bitter Bruins fan. Or a bitter Devils fan. Or a bitter Rangers fan. Whiners.

  12. Dave,
    We agree with you on not roughing people up. If you read the post, we thought the car vandalism was uncalled for, and were simply asking for a pic to see if a cameraman was “roughed up”. Hadn’t heard this anywhere else. Our post yesterday, blasted the fans for their behavior. But sitting there and taking shots at the Flyers for condoning this behavior and showing Broad Street Bullies highlights as goonery is ridiculous. Montreal fans rioted last week, the Flyers showed a few videos of hockey fights. Give me a break.

  13. Pretty sure Boucher is from the United States. Last time I checked Woonsocket, Rhode Island is not in Canada….just sayin Mr. Couch. Get your facts straight before you start firing off your mouth.

  14. Kyle, we have our share of idiots north of the border, no disputing that. Professional vandals, in fact. They break windows miles from the arena, so they’re not just overly enthused fans spilling out of the Bell Centre and taking things too far.
    The people I met at the Wachovia – ushers, media support staff, security, etc. – were all wonderfully helpful. They couldn’t do enough to provide assistance.
    Maybe I went a step too far tweeting about the goonery on the scoreboard; that’s done in Boston, too. But at the end of a long, tiring trip, and after hearing story after story about colleagues enduring needless crap, I spoke up on Twitter.
    If that makes me a tool (thanks, Beth) or worse in the eyes of some, it’s no big deal.
    Hoping for a good Game 3 with a civilized crowd that brings passion to the rink and welcomes those fans in Flyers jerseys in the spirit of sport.
    Cheers to all.

  15. Tim, it’s hard to believe you’re so surprised by the anti-Canada sentiment you describe. Did you forget the great rivalry of the olympics? Did you forget Canadian fans whining about how uncivilized the hockey is south of the border, particularly in Philly, since we became a team? It’s both sides, get off your self-loathing American act, it’s annoying.

  16. haha u bustin on philly fans for their shit? ur fans are bad too. plus u shouldve expected all that when u came into philly. if u didnt expect that u obviously have never been to a philly sports playoff game/ heard about them. this is how we are and how we will always be

  17. Dave,
    Thanks for being cool about it. I hope you realize must of the article is written tongue in cheek. Lately Philly fans, and our teams, have come under fire for actions and advantages (mostly the Phillies), a lot of that unjust. Here, we saw yet another cheap shot (at the Flyers specifically) that we felt was uncalled for.
    We hope for a good series as well, and 99% of our fans are well intentioned. And let us be the first to offer you up a beer (or several) should this series return to Philly. We’d be happy to show you that not all philly fans, or writers, are that bad.
    Sorry about the large pic… gotta love a Google image search!

  18. Tim Couch, Boucher is from Rhode Island. He’s not French Canadian and has played multiple times for team USA. So please get your facts straight before posting.
    I hate that the city of Philadelphia gets a bad rep due to a few morons. Please don’t act like each city does not have those types of fans. I have traveled to 22 of the arenas 30 in the NHL and have wittnessed my fair share from each place. The Philadelphia fan gets a bad rep because their actions are the first thing reported. Most fans do not act this way. Why must you judge us all by the acts of a few? And yes I’m a Flyers fan, but I have never treated fans of opposing teams the way I have been treated.

  19. Dear Steve Porter…
    you said this in your comment – “the great citizens of Philadelphia threw beer at the communications panel with all of the wires and cables exposed. Essentially, they were trying to fry the panel so Canada would not see the SRC work product.”
    Do you really think that was the plan? Like the person (people) held onto their beer and carried it through the parking lot just so they could throw it at your truck?? Please, this is Philly, nothing is premeditated. During sporting events, we simply act on impulse…So in essence, when we’re playing against the Canadiens, anything with a maple leaf on it is considered open game and shall be viewed as a target.
    So until you apologize for the mud slinging, we Americans shall keep stealing all our your rich comedic talent.
    Philly Fans.

  20. wow… except for the considerate conversation between (dave and kyle?) this log is incredibly immature. for example, who really cares about what condiments go on what food?
    the only truth to be realized here, is that there are stupid people everywhere. and i don’t mean that as a cliche because the truth is they run rampant through society. each and every person here, even the dumb ones, will attest daily to how many stupid people they encounter. society has taken a huge turn for the worse. just walk into a local walmart and keep your eyes open. in fact, http://www.peopleofwalmart.com ; doesn’t matter if you are american, canadian, english, or asian… stupid fuckers rule the world.

  21. The point is its ridiculous to treat people like that just cause theyre with the opposing team its a game to go and see and have a good time and to root for your team why do you have to trash peoples cars?why do you have to destroy equipment?why do you have to act like morons? this is why philly gets a bad rap from everyone cause they act like idiots and they cant go to a game just to have fun they have to beat the opposing teams fans up like are you serious? grow up and yes i agree shit like this happens everywhere but its philly that does it the most and the best part is all the philly fans act like its no big deal when it is when someone god for bid dies then things will start to change then it wont be funny anymore and i pray that never happens but the mentality of philly fans i fear it might

  22. Yeah, Lisa. Watch it. Scully’s from Philly and he might brain you for thinkin’ different.

  23. Have never heard of a person dying from a tossed beer or a stolen car tag.I have heard of several deaths and injuries in conjunction with riots.The fact of the matter is a couple boozed up idiots involved in mischief does not warrant the bashing of an entire fan base. Get off your high horse and cheer your team on,everyone.GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!

  24. oh why Colin you must be one of the morons that was at the game last night acting like an idiot everything i said was truth and you dont like it toooo bad

  25. I do cheer my team on every year and its not The Flyers Im a Pens Fan thru thick and thin and Im not talking about stealing license plates Im talkin when they throw the beer on equipment yea people can get hurt i think theyre morons who do it theyre pathetic and need a life and your right Dan everybody who has an opinion they wanna jump on like I said idiots I dont know how anyone can condone what them fans did its disgusting

  26. Well Fred, there is a big difference between the riots and what has been happening in Philly. The riots were not riots they were idiots breaking into 2 or 3 stores and riot police breaking up the crowd.
    Those people were not Habs fans at all. None of that so called riotous violence was directed at another team’s fans, supporters or media.
    In Philly there is actual violence against other people simply for being Canadian or being a Habs fan. This has happened on numerous occasions and to different people. Nothing about that is right.
    It brings to light what being a Philly fanatic can truly mean.

  27. Dan S.
    There was an article in this weeks Sports Illustrated about the “rich” history of Habs fans rioting after big wins. Usually they wait until after winning the cup, not after sneaking out of the 2nd round of the playoffs.
    In the Immortal words of Charlie Manuel “Keep Crying”

  28. Who cares! It was a rental car wasn’t it? And if not, maybe you should be more upset with your cheap boss. It sucks but it happens all the time w/o sports being involved. And Lisa, please stop writing. You have no understanding of punctuation and are giving everyone here a headache. No free passes just because you’re retarded, I mean a pens fan.
    And Crosby liked seeing how Philly fans treat his locker too

  29. yea EDU your a Flyers fan bringing up CROSBY dont be jealous cause Crosby plays on the best team and u wish he was on your team the bottom line is The Philly Fans who acted the way they did the past two games are dead wrong for what they did and need a life theres no reason to treat people that way no matter where theyre from and whoever condones it is a moron

  30. and everyone on here who thinks its right what if it was your mother,sister,brother,father,or grandparents they did it to would it be right then?

  31. Not all Philadelphians are RUDE…There are some decent, respectful, Philadelphians still in existence…that are embarrassed by some Philadelphian actions…

  32. Lisa, you’re dumb. How do you know it happens in Philly the most? I have traveled to San Fean for an Eagles game and was threatened by multiple fans. I traveled to Los Angeles for a Phillies game and needed to have a police escort to the car because fans were throwing bottles at us. I traveled to San Diego for an Eagles game and witnesed an Eagles fan getting punched by a couple Chargers fans. The bottom line is that it happens everywhere but the media likes to throw Philadelphia under the bus. I mean think about it, how many times do we have to hear about throwing snowballs at Santa Claus? It happened so long ago.

  33. Okay Dave, you wrote, “The people I met at the Wachovia – ushers, media support staff, security, etc. – were all wonderfully helpful. They couldn’t do enough to provide assistance. ” But that never made it into your article. Only the negative stuff as though nothing positive ever happened to you here. Why do reporters only report the negative??? Are they afraid no one will read their articles if it’s filled with only praise? I am a devoted Flyers/Phillies fan but I don’t like the violence or idiotic fans who go too far either. But there are thousands of good fans out there and the few idiots ruin it for the city. Most of the idiots don’t even live in Philadelphia, but come from outside the area and the residents of my city get the bad reputation. Makes me angry.

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