Everybody Complains about the Phillies

I guess when you're good, everybody wants to take their shots.

First, Mets outfielder Jeff Francouer complained that the Phillies were getting an unfair advantage by having three extra "home" games.

"That's just bull—-that's not really fair. That's
just not fair."

Wah.  Jeffy is just upset because he is now on his second team within the division that can't beat the Phils.  Plus, I think he's forgetting all of the luxuries we proposed for the Blue Jays during the faux road series.

But it's not just Francouer who wants to hate.  Now, FoxNews.com is reporting that the Rockies have lodged a formal complaint with the league, saying Phillies bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer was stealing signs during Monday night's game in Colorado. They have video of Billmeyer using binoculars, in the top of the 2nd inning, to look in at catcher Miguel Olivo's signs.  The video reportedly also shows Shane Victorino on the bullpen phone in the dugout, presumably taking tips from Billmeyer.  We'll just pretend you didn't read that last part.

MLB issued the Phillies are formal warning.

"We have looked at the video and talked to the Phillies about the
actions of their bullpen coach."

"We found the evidence inconclusive on what was
being done, but we have spoken to the Phillies about the situation, and
the umpires have been told to be on full alert as to what is going on.''

Oh, and surprise surprise, the Mets are getting in on the fun.  They say the Phillies were doing the same thing when they SHELLED Johan Santana last Sunday.

Whining, it's just soo unbecoming these days.  

Perhaps that Mets forget the Phillies took Jofraud deep FOUR TIMES last year, in their supposed pitcher friendly ballpark.  Oh and just so we're clear, this is the view from the visitors bullpen at Citi Field.


I guess being the best brings out the worst in everybody else.


6 Responses

  1. im a phillies fan and i will admit that the extra home games is unfair for the rest of the East. But, they gotta be kidding with the binocular thing.

  2. …and you wonder why the rest of the country despises Philadelphia. Why don’t you vomit on an 11 year old girl, then run out onto the field?

  3. That’s last years view from the bullpen it’s been redone so both teams have a clear view of the field. You should get you facts straight about that before posting

  4. Hey D-bag,
    Read the article again, when we took Johan deep 4 times last year, that was our view from the bullpen. The point was, we clearly weren’t stealing signs that game and we got to him. What’s to think we wouldn’t get to him again this year?

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