UPDATE 2:  Fan who stole license plate posted picture on Facebook, found by Blue Jays writer Pat Hickey, not pressing charges.  How dumb do you have to be…

UPDATE:  ESPN picked up the story.

Here we go again.  Flyers fans trashed the car of Canadian journalist Pat Hickey, during Sunday night's 6-0 win.  Yet another chance for the media to cast a negative spotlight on Philadelphia.  Couldn't we have chosen ANYBODY else's car, someone who didn't have the ability to reach thousands?

Hickey wrote about the incident in today's Montreal Gazette (maybe he deserved it after reading the way he spelled CENTER)

I found myself the unwanted centre of attraction when I went to my
car after the game. One tire was flat, the bug deflector had been ripped
from the hood, a hubcap had been snapped in two and the trunk and roof
of the car were littered with beer cans. The windows were covered with
beer and soda.

These were minor inconveniences. I bought a new
tire and took a run through a car wash. And when you have 565,000
kilometres on a 1999 Honda Accord, you don't worry about a bug

But my biggest concern was that some yahoo tore off my
license plate. I spent three hours yesterday, shuttling between police
stations before I was able to fill out a report on the theft. I'm hoping
that the report will help me clear Customs tomorrow.

Hickey, who seems like a good enough guy, actually criticized Montreal fans as well for their behavior after last week's win against the Penguins.  He also took most of the harassment in stride, but was concerned that without a license plate, he might not be able to clear customs on his way back to Canada.  Actually, that might not be a bad thing for him, Canada sucks…

Last week, Boston fans threw condoms at our own Adam Gonsiewski, but that story will quickly be forgotten as the national press will focus on Philly for incidents like these.  Another chance for clowns like DJ Gallo to tick off the litany of Philadelphia fan incidents.

Can we get to June 1st without without puking, tasing, trashing, or fighting with someone?  Just two weeks. After that, we can all go get our assault on (hopefully on Hip Hop), but let's start there.

In a rather hilarious moment, Flyers fans did pull the plug on a Canadian radio pregame show.  Now THAT'S funny.