Did Marc Savard Bite Dan Carcillo?

MyFoxPhilly.com has a great shot of the battle where Dan Carcillo says he was bit my Marc Savard.

Carcillo claims that Savard clamped down during this scrum in the second period last night.  Savard didn't exactly deny the accusation, saying Carcillo was trying to pull his teeth out.  Whoa, hold up.  Pull his teeth out? That's awesomely dirty.  Is there even a term for that?  Hand curbing?  Carcillo tried to hand curb Savard. I'm not sure which act is worse, but either way, it's another reason to hate Boston.

Our friend, Mike Petraglia from WEEI Radio Network in Boston provided his take on the incident.

Biting, tasers, hand curbs… what a night.