Wow, first Bostonians with condoms, then Canadians with horrid thongs and Chicago architect writers, now the Tampa Bay Rays?

We told you about Joe Maddon's plans for the Rays to wear hockey jerseys on their trip to Toronto during Stanley Cup week, in honor of Canada's national pastime.  What we didn't know, was that Rays pitching coach Jim Hickey is from Chicago, and that his nephew works for the Blackhawks.  He is getting Blackhawks jerseys made for anyone who wants them, because according to Hickey:

"I think we're going to get 20, maybe 25 guys to do it.  Nothing like a little pro-Chicago, anti-Philadelphia sentiment. I thought we could share our mutual dislike for Philadelphia sports teams."

Somebody still has their bitter pants on from the 2008 World Series.

You know if Pat the Bat were still on the team, he'd be representing Philly.