Oh No, The Sixers Actually Went Through With This Horrible Promotion


Please don't soil my bracelet

Reg Burke just offered up her bracelet to the winds of mediocrity so it could be the Sixers good luck charm for tonight's NBA Draft Lottery.

Following through on this horrible promotion, the Sixers let Burke give her lucky bracelet to the Sixers' Jrue Holiday today.  Holiday will take Burke's bracelet to the lottery tonight, hoping the Sixers 5% chance of scoring the #1 overall pick becomes reality.

Sixers PR Director Mike Preston (@preston76) just tweeted:

In the car with Ed Stefanski, #Sixers guard Jrue Holiday and his dad on the way to Secaucus, NJ (armed w/good luck charms) …

Knowing Holiday, he will likely drop the bracelet at a rest stop, leaving it to be picked up by a New Yorker zipping in the opposite direction for two points, and the foul.

I'm sure Preston hates me for mocking this awful promo, but I will be the first to eat crow should the Sixers land the number one pick tonight.

I'm not reaching for the fork anytime soon.

Speaking of good luck charms, maybe the Sixers should have taken Carlos… he's 12-0 watching Phillies and Flyers games since his birthday on Cinco de Mayo (more on him coming soon).

Then again, I'm sure Carlos wouldn't want to get the shards of ineptitude on his lovely blue jumpsuit.


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