UPDATE:  We posted this two weeks ago before the Flyers series with the Bruins began.  Peter Laviolette, who is quickly becoming one of the coolest men in Philadelphia, predicted that not only would the Flyers win the series, but also that they would play the Canadiens– the only team they would have home ice advantage against.

Well, Lavs was right.  Well played sir.

Boston fans can take their mustaches and their condoms, and shove 'em.

When asked about starting the series on the road for the 7th straight time, Lavs dropped dropped one of the coolest lines I've ever heard a coach say:

"Doesn't matter.  We'll have home ice in the next round."

Doubly ballsy, because home ice would mean not only a Flyers win, but also the Canadian's upsetting the Penguins.

Peter Laviolette, stud.