UPDATE: Dan Flannery, who was originally accused by Canadian writer Pat Hickey as the guy who stole his license plate on Sunday, says he just posted the picture of the stolen plate on Facebook, but it wasn't him who stole it… hmm.

Philly.com reported the story initially, but has since changed its tune. Flannery was initially found by Hickey on Facebook after he posted pictures of Hickey's license plate— the one that he had allegedly stolen.  Brilliant.

Flannery says it was a friend who stole it, and that he will go to police.

Hickey will not press charges if the thief donates the value of the damages ($1,000) to a Philadelphia area charity.  Pat seems like a good guy.

Seriously, how dumb do you have to be to send/post picture of a stolen plate?

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  1. just another black on on Philly sports fans. This guy should be banned from all sporting events. What a DOUCHE BAG!

  2. That’s actually pretty cool of Hickey to not press charges and just have him donate money to charity.

  3. Hahaha wow this is hilarious that it made it on this site but this guy is one of my friends and someone sent him that picture of the license plate, he just made the mistake of putting it on his facebook. Also that picture of the keg was from a party last month, not the flyers game.

  4. What a blithering idiot. Hickey might not press charges, and I give him credit for being willing to accept a charitable donation on the culprit’s part and call it a day. But I hope the cops prosecute the case anyway, and I hope this numbskull is banned from the Sports Complex.
    I have no problem with seeing Philly fans be tough on incoming teams and officials. Heckling the enemy is a given. But specifically doing harm to PEOPLE or to PROPERTY? No. Period. Whoever crosses that line needs to answer for it.

  5. if he is any type of ticket holder..partial or full season he should have his tix revoked……and would be nice if he is not allowed in the buiding again!

  6. Classy move to have the cost of the damages go to a local Philly charity. Kudos to the writer.

  7. He should press charges. Philly fans like him give the rest of us a bad…worse…rep and it pisses me off. He’s worse than the dumbasses who ran on the Phillies field. Instead of being fined, he should get tasered. And then take a shotgun blast to his head.

  8. The person that should press charges is the ill-accused who was guilty prior to even having the opportunity to speak for himself. Where I come from that is irresponsible journalism. Check your facts next time before you begin to bloviate and drag someone’s name through the mud.

  9. O’Mac, as we mentioned, we simply reported what Philly.com reported. When they corrected their store, so did we. Let’s not forgot we only have his word that he didn’t do it (a common defense) yet a picture of the stolen property on his site…

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