Blackhawks Call Pronger Gay

Look, we're not hating here just to hate (ok maybe a little), but man Chicago is not even winning with a little bit of dignity.  First Adam Burish spouted off about Pronger, now this?

Where is, umm… who's the Al Sharpton equivalent for gay people nowadays?  Ellen?  Where is Ellen!?!

Here is a picture from the Chicago Blackhawks locker room after they won the cup from Yahoo Sports (not Photoshopped):

 You stay classy, Stanley Cup champs.


29 Responses

  1. They know who was in their locker room, phish, it made them faggots. They played soft because of it

  2. I’m sure Pronger finds it hilarious that a bunch of snotty nosed 20 year olds think he is gay.

  3. What Phil said. Back when these kids were playing with Chris Pronger action figures, he was playing for the Cup. I seriously doubt he’s taken aback by 14 year old gay jokes. But I wouldn’t expect it from Stanley Cup champions. Classless.

  4. Do I hint some jealous in the voice of Josh, Chris, jake, Kyle, Phil, and James? Blackhawks mess you up, let’s see Pronger fight Byfuglien, wait he’s too busy getting knocked on his ass to fight him.

  5. I seriously can not wait until next season. When Philly plays Chicago in the season, which im pretty sure it will be more than once next season, Pronger is going to mutilate these two homos. Look at them, they cant even hold the cup up without help from each other. They probably jerked each other off after the win too.

  6. lol @David R… First of all, Pronger is not typically a fighter…
    Second of all, LOL @ “wait he’s too busy getting knocked on his ass to fight him.”… I find that hilarious. I guess you have selective memory, the way I remember it, Pronger was knocked on his ass one (memorable) time throughout the whole series, and your boy “Big Buff” (talk about gay) was 100% ineffective except for when Pronger was off the ice…

  7. the blackhawks think they are all that cause they got the worlds luckiest goal how many times did they get lucky with there goaltender and Byfuglien sucks he is such a push over it is not even funny… pronger would destory him with no doudt

  8. Reading these sad posts from a bunch of phily losers makes me laugh. Everyone is saying about the hawks stars toews and kane an olypic gold and silver winners and now stanley cup champs in less than a year what an accomplishment a true dynasty and u guys say u cant wait till next year well dont worry its around the corner.Fact is that philly has no depth no defense and a little offense but what takes to win the cup is defense and pronger got his dick pounded in the boards and ice in the last 2 games so i dont think we are worried about anyone next year . We have so many weapons hossa, buflin,seabrook,kieth which now in chicago named him duncan teeth, come on the guy losses 7 teeth and comes back in the game to play the most min of the team heart true chapion and any sports fan will tell you that unless you live in philly where the city has no heart and the fans are true losers which the whole country calls a heartless city with no morals and you have the nerve to call us low trash. BACK TO BACK BABY GUARENTEE

  9. Wow thanks Edddie. Fucking troll. Celebrate with some class douchebag. Your just like the rest of them. Also, I’d like to see how the Hawks can keep all those players under the cap. The Cap is going to bite Chicago in the ass.

  10. Hey flyersecfchumps fucking troll who has the class douchebag the problem is u dont believe in the theory of whats good for the goose is good for the gander what cant take the loss and dont worry about our cap worry about signing some other chumps to the flyers team so they can get pounded into the boards again, and believe me moron i am partying as i am typing drinking a shot wait hold on ……….yeah ok wow like i said taking a shot and laughing my ass off replaying the game huge party over here in the windy city so proud of the team and the worlds greatest fans. Hey philly theres always next year suckers hahahahaha

  11. Eddie I would love to read your responses but I just can’t. I get a sentence in (which is half your post) and just give up. Learn punctuation, dick.

  12. Eddie was taking a shot of BlackCawk when he was writing. Funny it’s about time Chicago has something to celebrate about. They win against a number 7 seeded team, that was lucky to even make the playoffs. With all that shit talking you’d think they won in 4 games.

  13. Hey colon last i checked we r not in school not like i am getting graded on this site, ask your girl if she liked my punctuations??:;>”‘;]{[?// ….. is that good for you proffessor and to hawkslayer are you nuts, did you know what kind of seeded teams we beat to get where we are moron, and the reason i have for the shit talking is that i can loser we just won the cup dumb ass, reading all others posts about chicagos players i feel like i need to put all of you haters in check, like we put pronger and the rest of the team in check so keep on giving it to me i can handle it, we are stanley cup champions and no one will ever take that away from the players and fans so till next year when we prove it to all the non believers out there that we are a dynasty, this next shot of (BlackCawk)is for u 2 suckers. HAHAHAHA See u next year if your team makes it …………just in case i missed a punctuation or a period for proffessor asshole

  14. Eddie you sound like a fucking idiot.You’re an embarrassment to us Hawk fans.We won that’s it, it was a hell of a series

  15. first off, chicago as a city blows. blowing is a gay thing. thats how they know so much about it. second, pronger would fuck them up….newsflash, pronger fell one time, Byfuglien got his ass handed to him numerous times. kane has a fag-doo, toews looks like a kid i used to beat up in high school for having a hate-the-face, chicago is classless, no matter if the the flyers won or not, they have class and leave it on the ice, thats called hockey. chicago in no way deserved the cup, and are disrespectful of the game and what it stands for. the flyers are a class organization who are gracious in defeat…imagine how much more they would have been if they won. the flyers get it. chicago has no idea what the stanley cup playoffs are about or what goes into it. everything that happened between the teams off the ice, gets left on it at the final horn. grow up chicago. no matter if u like the team or not, be gracious you scumbags. no respect for the cup. i guarantee one of those idiots will defame the cup in their possession. it will probably be burish. he’s actually a certified idiot. and if i see him on the street i will probably punch him in the face. how about playing before insulting a hall of fame player you total shit for brains. i really do wanna punch you in the face you cock sucker. go back to the minors or jump on a plane destine for the ground! friggin loser. you deserve to be with your scumbag teammates. and by the way we had better defense depth than u scumbags. talk about cities….chicago is a tiolet bowl, with scumbag losers themselves. the blackhawks don’t care about you, you leaches. they won it for themselves. you did nothing to deserve it either. you dirty, lonely, wanna feel wanted homos. since you did the hockey world a favor by winning, why don’t you do the world a favor and die. or just fall into a giant sinkhole so you all can hear each other talk about how great you were at winning the cup. god knows you peacock around like you did something. you barely beat the flyers and you act like you beat them into the boards. man stupidlty runs rapid in chicago. apparently none of you watched the games. we crushed you into the boards. little pussies…hey just like their fans. and i know where you all can take the cup on your day with the cup, since you all earned it as fans by winning it for the blackhawks, one by one you can take the cup and go straight to hell. and i hope u all get a skin eating bacteria. i know the first thing i would do was insult the team that almost beat me for the cup. why don’t you just enjoy winning the cup while you have it (because it won’t be there for long…chicago sucks) and stop going around insulting teams, players and fans. you truly are worse than the philly fans are when you act like that. and the philly fans are the best sports fans around. its a fact. at least they support their teams in hard times. chicago had no idea what hockey was for 20+ years. that franchise should have been taken out of there. bandwagoners….every last one of you.

  16. blackhawks are not going back ever. dynasty? dont make me laugh. team of chumps who got all the calls. niemi is another example of a one hit wonder. guaranteed! i haven’t decided but either kane or toews will be responsible for someone’s death off the ice. a couple of punks who are looking for a kick in the mouth. the fans are pieces of garbage gutter trash. go run a mile instead of your mouths to work off that nasty deep dish turd pizza. go hang out at the gym instead of over your belt lines. apparently you guys missed how we were knocking the crap out of you guys. your defense is terrible with no depth, you should feel lucky to have won with those less than mediorce scrubs. so enjoy the cup for now because you got another 49 years to wait.

  17. one more thing…this is directed to the undeserving chicago fans who run their mouths like they did something. to all the ones who enjoyed the series and are fans who are sportmanlike…it was a great series, could have gone either way, and congrats. you know some of your fans are misrepresenting you and thats ashame. they really show no respect for the game or sportmanship. they are total tools. that series was never one sided and they act like it was. technically 5 of 6 games were one goal games that anyone could have won. it was one for the ages. apparently some sore winners are showing their ages….my guess? they are 9 year old little children. aka: immature.

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