Jen Utley and Rudd at a Phillies game last season

Bromance alert.

Not only did Chase Utley partake in a little Jobu action last night, according to Yahoo Sports he also hung out with Paul Rudd at Ear Inn in SOHO.  Stud.


What did you do last night, Chase?

Oh, I just set up a little voodoo action at my locker, beat the Yankees, then I hung out with Paul Rudd. 

This makes my life of giddily blogging about other grown men seem soo uninteresting.

Apparently the Utley's and Rudd are friends, as referenced by the picture above.  And judging by the time stamp on that tweet, which has the pair entering the bar around 1 AM, it looks like Chasey may have been out deep into the night… good thing today is a night game.