Michael Vick Forbes’ Most Hated Athlete

Michal Vick is one of three Philly related stars to make Forbes' Top 10 list of Most Hated Athletes.  He is joined by Allen Iverson and Terrell Owens.  So what do you have to do to get on this list?  Well to start, kill dogs, rape women, cheat excessively on your wife, lie, take PEDS, take steroids, get in a bowling alley brawl, flake out on your contract, brandish a gun in the locker room, mock said gun in pre-game into, and finally, do sit-ups in your driveway.

Hey, it makes DeSean Jackson teaching sportsmanship actually sound like a decent idea.

The list below.

Michael Vick

Al Davis

Ben Roethlisberger

Tiger Woods

Jerry Jones

Mark McGwire

Terrell Owens

Alex Rodriguez

Allen Iverson

Gilbert Arenas

Is it just me, or does T.O. seem like the good guy on this list?

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6 Responses

  1. He is the most hated athlete, and it’s sad that the Eagles even signed him to the team. He is a piece of dog shit who deserves a more severe punishment than what he’s been given; but no instead he gets another contract. Michael Vick deserves to rot in a gutter.

  2. Wow big freakin’ deal he killed dogs, its not like they were humans. Yes i have two dogs, but people take the whole “dogs are living things too”. Animals are on the earth to enjoy, and help us survive, and not starve to death!!!

  3. wow, poor T.O. What did he DO? Besides cry about his quarterbacks?
    Seriously, I am not saying that what Vick did was ok, but I saw this yesterday and it has been bothering me ever since. Raping a HUMAN is FAR worse than anything one can do to to a dog. Big Ben should be considered FAR worse. Tiger? His kids are going to suffer great emotional damage because of his lifestyle- but I guess thats not as bad as dogs? Hate Vick, thats fine- but there is worse out there.

  4. felecia you are rediculous, he served his time, more than enough. what he did was wrong no doubt but he is working to make it better. Get over it. PETA and all those people are so annoying. Atleast he served his time where most professional athletes get away without anytime. Stalworth for example killed a man driving while drunk. I believe he is back playing football already and not on this list

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