Continuing with the trend of giving every tangible public facing item a corporate sponsor, Septa has granted the naming rights of the Broad and Pattison subway station to AT&T.  AT&T will pay Septa $3.4 Million over the five years of the deal, and another $2 Million to its advertising agency.  No word on whether or not trains will unexpectedly miss AT&T Station or be unable to locate it during peak usage, but you can't really blame Septa for taking the money.  In fact, I say why stop there?

Let's start naming other random shit.  How about changing the "Third Base Gate" at CBP to the Susan Finkelstein Rear Entrance or naming the homeless sax player the Brooks Brothers Bum on the Bass?

This has potential.

Heading down to the faux road series this weekend?  Stop by the Bell Canada K lot for some tailgating fun.