As we reported last week, the Tampa Bay Rays traveled to Toronto with hockey jerseys.  Most of them wore a Blackhawks sweater, not out of their support of Chicago, but out of their mutual dislike for Philadelphia.

The ones who didn't wear Blackhawks jerseys?  Penguins, Rangers, Bruins, and Lightening jerseys.

Rays are just the worst.

Speaking of Blackhawks and Penguins… Obama was in Pittsburgh to give a speech today.  He mentioned the Blackhawks' lead in the series:

Seeing how the Blackhawks are headed to Philly tonight with a 2-0
lead in the Stanley Cup Finals, I'm just glad that we're on this side of
the state.

I noticed a couple of people said they were rooting for the Blackhawks,
which tells me something about the rivalry between Pittsburgh and

Where is Joe Biden when you need him?