Ridiculous Sixers Promotion #2

Hey kids!  You can attend the Sixers' introductory press conference of their first round draft pick! All you have to do is be the first one to find Hip Hop on 2nd and South at 12PM today.

Hip Hop (@hiphop76) just tweeted this to all 113 of his followers on Twitter (probably more now that we linked to him).

Perhaps the tweet should have read more like this:

Hey Kids!  You can attend a press conference with a bunch of stuffy old people asking generic questions to a newly crowned millionaire.  All you have to do is come look for the frightening giant rat wearing a blase Sixers jersey on South Street where all the freaky teenagers hang out, just down the street from Condom Kingdom!

Parents are starting their engines as we speak.

To gauge just how interested people are in the Sixers and their weird mascot, let's compare Hip Hop's Twitter to the Twitter account for Carlos Ruiz's ice cream (@choochsicecream), which has 128 followers. Yes that's right, the ficitional account of a frozen dairy treat for our Panamanian catcher has more followers than the Sixers mascot.

I can't really blame the Sixers marketing people, they're trying to sell the nonsense that management gave them to work with, but come on, enough with the Hip Hop.  And sadly, there is a small part of me that wouldn't be completely shocked if the Sixers didn't draft Evan Turner this month.


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  1. i’ve already decided not to get too attached to evan turner prior to the draft because i don’t think the sixers will draft him. either they’re gonna draft someone else or they’ll (more likely) trade the draft pick. in a draft where there couldn’t be a more clear-cut obvious #1 and #2 pick laid out for you…the sixers will (creatively) find a way to fuck it up.

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